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Currie Star 2004s look to build from last season

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Currie Star 2004s may not have been competing for titles or promotion spots last season, but it did not stand in the way of them displaying fantastic football throughout the campaign.

Youth Football Scotland spoke exclusively to Star coach, Ed Hutchinson, regarding the 2014/15 season: “We performed superbly! Well, I’ve got to say that haven’t I?! But seriously, the boys made great strides over the last season – both individually and in some of the team play.” he said.

“Our Beckham team and Zidane teams played a large number of matches against opposition of varying standards and it was useful for us coaches to see where and when the boys excelled and where they struggled.”

One game that will stick long in the memory of the Currie Star coach occurred one day in Newtongrange: “The high point for me was a Zidane game where the boys found themselves 6-1 down at half-time. They realised they’d not played well and in the second half turned it around to earn a creditable 6-6 draw.” He told us.

It doesn’t always go perfectly to plan, however: “As for the low points, well there was the odd occasion setting up pitches at 8am on a Sunday morning in the pouring rain...”

Hutchinson, whose side resume training again next Monday, pointed out the positive mentality of his players, and his desire for that to continue: “We’ll just be looking for the same attitude from our boys no matter who the opposition is, and if they play to the best of their abilities then job done!”

“Of course the boys want to win, as do the coaches, but everyone gets far more enjoyment and benefit from winning (or losing) a close & competitive match than they would if they had won or lost 12-0.”, he added.

Whilst a new coach may have joined the ranks, Hutchinson is not looking for too much change from the team. “More of the same! Increasing the confidence of the boys, using their team mates and playing passing football. It is not rocket science by any stretch of the imagination”.

They may have not added any new signings to the squad sheet, but Currie Star are opting to bring player’s through their youth academy instead. With that, Hutchinson hopes it can help them to make a step up next season. “This year we’ll be playing at Beckham, Zidane and Maradona levels so we can start to challenge the boys a bit more and give them opportunities to progress.”

“We also have to start thinking about moving up to 11-a-side, so we’d like to spend this year getting the boys ready for that.”

Good luck to Currie Star 2004s in the 2015/16 season!

Gregor Kerr | YFS South East Region Journalist
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