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Blackwood secures Scottish cup glory for Harmony Row

Harmony Row FC 1

Blackwood 22'

St Peters Juveniles Giffnock North FC 0

  • Sunday, 03 May 2015
  • Airdrie Excelsior Stadium
  • Under 21´s
  • TWS Scottish Youth FA Cup final

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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Photos courtesy of Craig Halkett / Harmony Row's winning goal (via Facebook) / 
In the sleety conditions, play got underway in Airdrie for the Under 21’s Trans World Soccer SYFA Cup final between Harmony Row and St Peter’s Juveniles Griffnock North. The physical and competitive game saw Harmony Row claim the title, winning 1-0 with Kieran Blackwood claiming the only goal of the game.
The game got off to a scrappy start, with a number of throw ins for both teams in the early play. The first real chance came for St Peter’s with a free kick 10 yards in from the halfway line. The ball reached the box but Harmony Row were able to clear the danger. From their clearance, Harmony Row pressed forward but St Peter’s held their defence.
Then it was St Peter’s on the attack as Liam McGonigle drove the ball down the wing and crossed the shot into the box from 35 yards but Harmony Row goalkeeper, Calum Easton , caught the ball to deny the score.
Harmony Row’s Mark Burbridge demonstrated some great footwork to jink round the St Peter’s defence only to give possession away. However, he was soon on the attack again, passing into the box for Cameron Haddow and Ross McEntee to link up but neither could find the space to shoot.
St Peter’s were going forward once again and looking dangerous but Luke Whelan swept in to make the tackle and deny them any chance and change the momentum. The ball went to McEntee and he pressed forward but St Peter’s exerted their pressure in defence to deny him any chances.
Burbridge again controlled the ball and passed it in to Haddow who passed it out wide but it was just too far for MacKinnon to run onto.  However St Peter’s throw in was won back by Harmony Row, and Grant Bolton crossed it in from the corner of the pitch but it was sent into the arms of St Peter’s goalkeeper, Daniel McLean.
There was some interchanging play between Burbridge and Haddow, with Burbridge getting into space. He did well to keep the ball in play near the edge of the pitch but he couldn’t get the shot that he was looking for.
There was another near chance for St Peter’s taken by McGonigle. His shot found the box and was flicked back by Anthony Quinn to Michael McDonald, but McDonald slipped before he could take a shot to relieve the pressure on Harmony Row. However they were soon pressing again, with Harmony Row defending well and McGonigle’s shot from 30 yards sailed over the top of the goal.
Harmony Row were looking dangerous and pressing forward through Haddow. He put the ball through for Kieran Blackwood but they were called for offside before he could take a shot at goal.
St Peter’s were then pressing forward again, with Quinn putting the ball into the box from out wide. However Liam Crichton came in too late to make a shot, colliding with Easton as the ball went wide.
Harmony Row soon responded to this near danger with Burbridge taking the ball down the right hand side and sending it inside the box to Blackwood who chipped the ball into the net but also colliding with the post as the ball sailed right of McLean.
Delighted with their lead but disappointed with losing Blackwood so early in the game, Harmony Row pressed on with McEntee taking the ball down the left wing only to become pressured by the defence of Bohme and Cunningham.
St Peter’s tried to press forward but were stuck in their own half, eventually moving forward through a throw in by Liam O’Kane. His ball found Hewitt who crossed the ball only for his shot to go wide of the net. McGonigle tried to send a high ball in but his shot went wide of the goal. His corner was then cleared by Harmony Row.
Harmony Row were able to drive forward and as the ball was crossed in from the wing, Haddow ran in but McLean dived over the ball to deny the scoring chance they had created.
As the rain and wind became even heavier, McEntee drove the ball forward but McLean cleared the danger. From the corner that followed, the ball was headed over the goal.
St Peter’s had another near chance, with Murney crossing from the left wing but Harmony Row were able to clear the danger. 
The last play of the half came from a Harmony Row corner. Haddow’s shot reached the box and Bolton headed the ball but Quinn was able to clear the danger to prevent any further scores.
  • Half Time:
  • Harmony Row FC
  • 1-0
  • St Peters Juveniles Giffnock North FC
St Peter’s came into the second half looking confident. O’Kane put the ball through for Murney but he became isolated in the corner. McGonigle’s corner reached the box but Murney’s shot was cleared by Harmony Row’s defence.
Harmony Row responded with McEntee driving the ball down the wing. His attempted pass to Haddow was intercepted by the strong defence to St Peter’s who were able to clear the danger.
From a corner, Haddow sent the ball into the box and the side looked set to score but the ball was deflected by a huddle of bodies in the box.
McGonigle stepped up for a free kick from around 40 yards. With the ball in the box, St Peter’s looked like scoring but Easton palmed the ball out.
Harmony Row pressed, with Steven Young controlling the ball well amidst tough defence. He tried to put it through for Haddow but the pass didn’t come off.
St Peter’s McGonigle tried to drive through and the side were awarded a free kick. His shot from 30 yards were pushed away by Easton and the defenders cleared the danger.
Scott Jackson gained territory for Harmony Row and passed out wide to McEntee, who tried to shoot from the edge of the box, but he was unable to get a clear shot. However the side continued to press, but the ball sent into the box was headed wide by Young.
Bohme drove the ball down the wing and passed it in. Harmony Row tried to clear but the ball landed with McGonigle who shot from just outside the box. His shot slipped through Easton’s hands but he managed to control it with a second touch.
The side had another near chance with McGonigle and Cunningham linking up. However Cunningham’s shot from the corner of the box came off the knee of Hewitt and slipped wide.
Then came the side’s most agonising miss as McGonigle’s free kick from about 35 yards reached the box, where O’Donnell shot but hit the post.
Harmony Row had a free kick on the halfway line. Greg McBride took the kick and sent it to Young. Young teamed up with Burbridge on the wing, and the ball was passed back to Daniel MacKinnon. He crossed the ball in but St Peter’s cleared the danger.
St Peter’s exerted pressure on the Harmony Row defence, with many of the players linking up. McGonigle took it forward and sent the ball through but Easton dived over the ball to deny the score.
There was another chance for Harmony Row through Bolton but St Peter’s held their defence to deny the chance.
Play continued with possession going back and forth between the two sides and the game ended with nor further score, Harmony Row having done enough to secure their victory and the silverware in the first half.
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  • Full Time:
  • Harmony Row FC
  • 1-0
  • St Peters Juveniles Giffnock North FC


Harmony Row FC
St Peters Juveniles Giffnock North FC
1. Calum Easton
2. Daniel McKinnon
3. Luke Whelan
4. Steven Greer
5. Ian Paterson
6. Scott Jackson
7. Mark Burbidge
8. Grant Bolton
9. Kieran Blackwood
10. Cameron Haddow
11. Ross McEntee
12. Steven Young
14. Grant Gaddi
15. Gary Nuget
16. Greg McBride
17. Kyle Fitzpatrick
1. Daniel McLean
2. Hal Bohme
3. Liam O'Kane
4. Michael McDonald
5. Christopher McFadyen
6. Daniel Birrell
7. Liam Crchton
8. Jamie Cunningham
9. Paul Hewitt
10. Liam McGonigle
11. Anthony Quinn
12. Martin Paul
15. Michael Murney
17. Neil McCallum
19. Dean O'Donnell
20. Gordon Wynne
Star Player
Harmony Row FC
St Peters Juveniles Giffnock North FC
Cameron Haddow - Had a fantastic game for Harmony Row, delivering great ball at the set piece to create chances throughout the game. He made a number of great runs to support his teammates.
Jamie Cunningham - Had a great game, particularly in the second half. He was involved in a number of the chances that his side had and was strong in attack and defence.
Magic Moment
Harmony Row FC
St Peters Juveniles Giffnock North FC
Harmony Row’s magic moment was their goal which gave them the lead in the final. The goal was well worked between Burbridge and Blackwood, and Blackwood’s injury was really unfortunate.
St Peter’s Juveniles Griffnock North had a fantastic second half which saw many chances for them. In particular, the chance created from McGonigle’s free kick where O’Donnell hit the post showed what the team were capable of and was a gripping moment.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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