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Hutchison Vale blitz Tynecastle FC to win trophy

Hutchison Vale 4

Swaney, 17,18, Fox, 20, 63

Tynecastle FC 0

  • Friday, 10 April 2015
  • Spartans Academy
  • Under 17´s
  • Craig Gowan Memorial Trophy
Louis Moorehead

Louis Moorehead | YFS South East Region Journalist
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On Friday night at Spartans academy, the top two teams in the South East Region youth football league faced off for the Craig Gowan Memorial Trophy, an increasingly high profile trophy in memory of an inspirational young man. On paper it was expected to be a closely fought game, but a 5 minute blitz from Hutchison Vale settled the game and secured them the trophy. 
When the bumper crowd settled down in the stands and clubhouse, and with both teams ready on the pitch, the game got underway.
Straight from kick off Hutchison Vale set the tempo and looked to gain the advantage as early as possible, leading to a series of fouls that allowed Vale to progressively move closer and closer to the Tynecastle goal.
The deadlock was broken from of these very set pieces in the 17th minute, as Tynecastle conceded a free kick just outside their area. Lewis Swaney stepped up confidently for Vale and curled the ball into the bottom corner, leaving the keeper for dead. A fantastic free kick, more than fitting to open the scoring in a game of this importance, and Swaney was understandably ecstatic with the result.
In football at any level it is always said that a team is most likely to concede just after scoring, but Vale emphatically ripped up this script tonight; Scoring three goals in less than five minutes to leave Tynecastle shell-shocked.
Straight from the resulting kick off, Vale scored again. This time cutting swatches across the pitch after winning the ball back, passing neatly down their right before the ball was played into the Tynecaslte box and squared to Swaney again, lurking on the left of the box. Finishing coolly, he passed it into the bottom corner.
The third goal of the game from Vale came from a different approach, this time a long ball into the box in the 20th minute. Tynecastle failed to clear their lines, and the result was that Ryan Fox calmly volleyed home from close range. A fantastic finish in a high pressure environment, this third goal effectively killed the game off and allowed them to control the pace of the game from this point to the end of the game.
Tynecastle persevered though, and admirably fought on after what must have been a nightmare few minutes. They grew into the game, and after some wonderful wing play from Mathew McKenzie in the 27th minute, clipping the leg over the outstretched leg of the Vale defender and passing to Thomas Patterson who narrowly shot over from distance.
From here on in Tynecaslte applied more pressure, winning a series of corners and free kicks in dangerous positions. The Vale defence though, as it did throughout the majority of the game, kept its composure and cleared effectively, playing the ball out smartly more often than simply clearing into space.
The increased pressure meant Tynecastle were susceptible to being hit on the break, and this is exactly what happened in the 40th minute. The ball was played long, with Arran Currie using his pace to drive at the Tynecastle defence. With the goal in sight, it took a vital last ditch tackle from Kacper Korpalski to prevent conceding another goal.
This was the template for the remainder of the first half; Tynecastle would threaten only for Vale to hit them from deep on the break. Their closest chance to get on the scoresheet in the first 45 came from a fantastic whipped cross from Thomas Patterson, which teased the Tynecastle forwards as no one could get the final touch, much to the disappointment of the crowd who let out a collective gasp.
 The half finished with a tough decision for the referee, as Curries pace proved a thorn in the Tynecastle defence again as he burst through into the box, only to be stopped by two defenders and go down to ground. The referee decided no foul play took place, and the half finished. A 5 minute flurry from Vale had stunned everyone, but Tynecastle had certainly grown into the game.
  • Half Time:
  • Hutchison Vale
  • 3-0
  • Tynecastle FC
A tentative start to the second half resulted in both teams testing the water, wary of conceding so close to kick off. It wasn’t until the 59th minute that the action broke out, Vale again using the ball intelligently; a low cross from Thomas Prior into the path of Swaney, on a hatrick, whose shot drew a vital low save from Kieron Ross in the Tynecastle goal.
From here on in, Sonny Swanson started to run the game for Tynecastle, getting on the ball whenever possible and driving at the Vale defence. In the 65th minute he shot narrowly wide with a curling effort from the edge of the area, then a few minutes later he again beat several defenders with a smart run and made his way into the box, only for his cross to be cut out and Vale to counter through Young. End to end in seconds, a breathless section of play.
Sensing a chance to get back into the game, and with time running out, Tynecastle started to up the tempo and again it was Swanson, shooting wide on the 77th minute and then minutes later linking up smartly to create another chance, but again the Vale defence kept its shape, providing the bedrock for their teams victory. 
Just as Tynecastle were getting close, Vale countered and settled the game. From another break away, this time through the middle of the pitch, Tommy Simpson toed the ball through smartly, cutting out the Tynecastle defence, and Fox advanced on the keeper, slotting the ball into the bottom left corner for his second goal of the game. 
With the game drawing to its conclusion, a slight moment of controversy arose as Daniel Headspeath proved a little too commited for the referees liking, picking up a yellow card for a tough challenge on Vales Elliot Taylor.
The last real chance fell to Tynecastles Daryl Henderson, who found himself one on one with the keeper after the ball was rebounded into the box from a free kick. Byron Gibb, in goals, sensed the danger though and rushed out to meet the player and saved well, ensuring a clean sheet and overall impressive defensive performance from the Vale side.
The final whistle blew; a very mature performance from Hutchison Vale and a trophy to put in the cabinet. Tynecastle helped to make it a very entertaining final, but ultimately failed to capitalise on their chances, something which Vale excelled in during the game. 
  • Full Time:
  • Hutchison Vale
  • 4-0
  • Tynecastle FC


Hutchison Vale
Tynecastle FC
1. Byron Gibb
2. Cameron Milne
3. Sam Birch
4. Stewart Johnston
5. Cameron Begbie
6. Thomas Prior
7. Arran Currie
8. Cal Sheridan
9. Ryan Fox
11. Keiran Young
12. Jack Cowan
14. Tommy Simpson
15. Elliot Taylor
16. Andrew McDonald
17. Murray Sutherland
18. Lewis Swaney
19. Reyce Kay
20. Adrian Shala
21. Jordan Mungell
22. Lee Thomson
1. Kieron Ross
2. Aaron Nugent
3. Jake Hughes
4. Alexander Hutchison
5. Kacper Korpalski
6. Lee Dillon
7. Daryl Henderson
8. Luke Dwyer
9. Ben Gardiner
10. Sonny Swanson
11. Dominic Foulkes
14. Richard Kerr
15. Matthew McKenzie
16. Ryan Ritchie
17. Daniel Headspeath
18. Hamish Levein
19. Thomas Patterson
Star Player
Hutchison Vale
Tynecastle FC
Ryan Fox- A disciplined performance which saw him play in several positions, topped off with two vital goals, each one taken with aplomb showcasing the skills that his young man has.
Sonny Swanson- Added the extra spark to Tynecastles play, especially in the second half. Always looked a threat on the ball, and was unlucky to not get on the scoresheet for his side.
Magic Moment
Hutchison Vale
Tynecastle FC
The fourth goal, and the play leading up to it. Tynecaslte had looked threatening, but the steadfast defence from Vale allowed them to counter with ease and kill the game off. It really highlighted their match performance, solid at the back and quick going forward.
Very few clear cut chances, so probably the defensive intervention from Korpalski in the first half, a hugely important slide tackle inside the box that prevented a clear goal.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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