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Hutchison secure trophy with three goals in five minutes

Hutchison Vale FC 4

Swaney 17, 18 , Fox 20, 63

Tynecastle FC 0

  • Friday, 10 April 2015
  • Spartans Academy
  • Under 17´s
  • Craig Gowan Memorial Trophy
Robin Haskins

Robin Haskins | YFS South East Region Journalist
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The two teams at the top of the South East Region Youth Football League division one went head-to-head at Spartans Academy in the final of the Craig Gowans Memorial Trophy. Despite being second to their rivals in the league, Hutchison Vale came away comfortable winners with three goals in the space on four minutes in the first half, adding icing to the cake with half an hour to go. 

The sun set on a warm evening as the teams came out of the clubhouse astride each other geared up for an early opportunity to win a trophy in this, an increasingly recognised and significant competition, in memory of the inspirational young man, Craig Gowan.

The game kicked off with an upbeat tempo and the sides probed for early weaknesses with stretched forays into attacking positions. After nearly ten minutes, Kieran Young swung in a good corner and it came in towards goal on an angle, Stewart Johnston caning his neck to get a forehead on the ball and possibly getting a slight touch to direct it inwards. Amazingly, no-one else nudged it either way and it sped past the far post.

With quarter of an hour passed, Tynecastle were showing increasingly incisive forward play. Hutchie on the other hand were taking their opportunities to be direct and were passing the ball around the pitch well, getting in width and finding good positions for attempts into the area, as Kieran Young put in a cross and nearly found the head he was aiming for.

A couple of minutes later and a free kick was called for Hutchison just a few metres outside the box and Lewis Swaney took a look. He fired a left foot curler in past the wall and swerving right, fast and low the keeper dived but it crept into the near side post and Hutchison had broken the deadlock to take the lead. Swaney was ecstatic and he had right to be, it was a quality set piece.

Only moments after the restart Hutchison were bearing down on the Tynecastle back line. The passing into the area was accurate and clever, moving the ball on as the attackers timed their runs well on the outside. Two passes across the face of the area and Swaney was there waiting at the back stick to pass the ball low into the near corner of the goal. Suddenly he had found two goals in quick succession and earned an important advantage with less than twenty minutes on the clock.

Again Hutchison swarmed forward straight from the restart, the bit firmly between their teeth but tempered, this was a team that knew when to strike. Young drove through the middle, leaving the ball nicely for Thomas Prior to put in a mean cross as they looked for a critical third goal.

It came via a quality lofted ball on the twentieth minute, Johnston looking up to see the run from Ryan Fox into the area from deep. The run deserved the ball but the spot deserved the finish, if only because the execution let it drop perfectly onto Fox’s pacing. He showed incredible technique to follow the ball onto his instep and deftly touch it in to the goal to the left of the onrushing keeper. It was three-nil to Hutchison Vale and the game had changed entirely in the space of four minutes.

Tynecastle did not look flustered at all though, and they continued to play their game, adeptly pressing on knowing that they had it within them to turn this around. Some of that was curtailed by a hard challenge on the assist provider Johnston which eventually resulted in a break in play for attention.

The play lengthened and became very much end-to-end whilst Tynecasle managed to find deep crosses now as Hutchison’s three man defence naturally dropped deep as the attacking energy in the wing backs kept them pinned higher up the pitch.

Tynecastle’s traction rose and Matthew McKenzie produced an incredible spun-flick around his man that he received himself and knocked a ball into the chest of Sonny Swanson. He brought it down, rolled a foot over it and laid it off to the oncoming Thomas Patterson who was able to look for a shot.

The pair continued to demonstrate a tacit understanding of each other’s movement off the ball, interchanging passes and positions to work a move deep into the left wing, and earning a free kick. The ball was whipped in and Arran Currie pulled off an incredible diving header clearance for Hutchison getting it high and clear from a foot off the ground next to the goalline.

At the half hour point, Hutchison were attacking with Reyce Kay who got it on to Young in between the centre backs when Tynecastle’s Kacper Korpalski showed how to deal with a high bounce under pressure, getting it well cleared, so well it landed on the roof of the stand and caused a booming metal echo that got some laughs!

By now Lewis Swaney was seemingly roaming the field picking the ball up everywhere and demanding attack after attack for Hutchie, with Currie assisting him readily and bursting in between the centre backs before the keeper Kieran Ross came out quickly and smothered the chance.

With five minutes of the first half remaining, Swanson for Tynie cleverly left a cross from Patterson out on the left and had his head in his hands as the whole crowd joined him in thinking it had crept in. It carried on past the back stick.

For Hutchison, Thomas Priors shepherds the ball out well before his teammates upfield repeat a previous approach by getting between the defenders at pace but one of them got a toe and hooked the ball clear.

Good play by Luke Dwyer of Tynecastle finds space for a ball to Daryl Henderson down in the right hand corner area but as Aaron Nugent comes in to support him, Hutchison Vale did well to close in the space and they forced the ball out.

Soon after, the whistle went for the end of the half and Hutchison had a three goal advantage. They deserved their three goals for the quality of their attack and persistence. Tynecastle would have felt the recovery was possible and that such a margin was hardly reflective of the comparable quality of the sides. They were possibly wondering though, what the conditions could be that would allow them to break down a well-structured and fluid Hutchison side.

  • Half Time:
  • Hutchison Vale FC
  • 3-0
  • Tynecastle FC

The second half started with Hutchison continuing their enthusiastic offence, with an excellent move after two minutes into the area and the attempt to send it around the keeper also took it past the post.

For Tynecastle, Dwyer instigated a sharp move deep down the right wing using the formation as a team, they controlled possession around the back unit and were able to rapidly shift the play forward where a number of attacking options were waiting. From the corner that followed, Hutchie broke away and eventually Cal Sheridan was coming inside from the corner with purpose.

With 15 minutes gone, a good cross in from Prior, flat and fast, found the touch of Swaney, the man with the brace in two minutes, who shimmied the ball past the horizontal legs coming in and got a good side foot shot in, but the keeper Ross was able to parry well.

Then Swanson went inside and out through the centre with a stop, a turn and a purposeful look to curl it into the far corner ending with a shot rasping by the goal. It was determined play that re-appeared on a few occasions over the preceding minutes, soon he was bursting past the inside centre back and nearly created a good angle for a shot but the defender held his block and forced the attacker wider.

Hutchie’s Tommy Simpson burst into the centre breaking the back line of midfield and with the wing back Cameron Milne screaming for the on ball out wide right, he pulled the defence out with him opening a space for Ryan Fox to run diagonally into, coming onto the ball, continuing to work the angle in on goal and calmly slotting it home for a second, the second brace of the game, and the clincher, in all likelihood for confirmation of the result.

They had struck from nowhere after a solid resilience to a period of Tynecastle pressure and this spoke volumes about the professional mentality that Hutchison had carried into this performance.

Still though, Tynecastle were not overawed, if they showed their opponents a little too much respect for their clinical game, they shook it off with a bone crunching challenge, bordering on surprise, more than frustration, but nonetheless not in keeping with their diligent application to sustaining a complex tactical performance.

Hutchison reacted with their play and Young came in onto the box with a neat one two and then Kay got a stinging shot into the keepers hands. It remained four-nil even though Tynecastle had three perfect openings for a consolation goal, still playing their structure well they can take many positives out of the game in respect of that and if they could take their quality and incisiveness into the area and behind the lines of defence they could open up a lesser side regularly.

Hutchison Vale though had emerged as resounding victors tonight with a performance that many will have felt epitomised their attitude and quality and came together in every sense for the ultimate reward, a trophy in the cabinet and an achievement to savour.

Youth Football Scotland: Website Photos &emdash; Photo courtesy of Mark McIntyre
  • Full Time:
  • Hutchison Vale FC
  • 4-0
  • Tynecastle FC


Hutchison Vale FC
Tynecastle FC
1. Byron Gibb
2. Cameron Milne
3. Sam Birch
4. Stewart Johnston
5. Cameron Begbie
6. Thomas Prior
7. Arran Currie
8. Cal Sheridan
9. Ryan Fox
11. Keiran Young
12. Jack Cowan
14. Tommy Simpson
15. Elliot Taylor
16. Andrew McDonald
17. Murray Sutherland
18. Lewis Swaney
19. Reyce Kay
20. Adrian Shala
21. Jordan Mungell
22. Lee Thomson
1. Kieron Ross
2. Aaron Nugent
3. Jake Hughes
4. Alexander Hutchison
5. Kacper Korpalski
6. Lee Dillon
7. Daryl Henderson
8. Luke Dwyer
9. Ben Gardiner
10. Sonny Swanson
11. Dominic Foulkes
14. Richard Kerr
15. Matthew McKenzie
16. Ryan Ritchie
17. Daniel Headspeath
18. Hamish Levein
19. Thomas Patterson
Star Player
Hutchison Vale FC
Tynecastle FC
Lewis Swaney - Showed exceptional touch and technique throughout the game and crucially during the burst of goals, himself bagging a quality brace.
Luke Dwyer - Added grit and energy to the intricate and incisive offensive play from his team-mates.
Magic Moment
Hutchison Vale FC
Tynecastle FC
The fourth goal and the timing of it. In spite of the three goal lead, showing an obvious respect for their opponents, was clearly felt by the Hutchie side to be the final clincher of the game. They had full confidence to go on and win from there, whatever Tynecastle could throw at them, and they celebrated like it too!
Honestly, down solely to the scoreline, probably the final whistle. However, if they were to watch a video back of some of their play and passing, I'm sure they'd take some minor tweaks on an intricate and fluid tactical system, they could be proud of many moments in this game. Unfortunately it was just one of those days!
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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