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Falcons victorious after hectic match against Petersburn

Armadale Falcons Calcio 5

Erskine 11, Dougall 37, 86, Sharp 42, Rooney 54

Petersburn Thistle 2

Kane 15, Andrew 47
  • Saturday, 21 March 2015
  • Watson Park, Armadale
  • Under 14´s
  • League
Omar Malik

Omar Malik | YFS South East Region Journalist
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To say this match was not entertaining at least would most certainly be a lie. From beginning to end, both teams had the spectators and coaches gasping, not knowing who was going to be victorious until that final whistle, where the Falcons won the game with an impressive 5-2 lead.
Almost immediately after the game began it was clear that both teams were eager to do the best they possibly could. Within fifteen minutes there was the first goal, which showed off Armadale’s impressive teamwork and high skill level, after Dougall was asked to do a corner kick, in which he undoubtedly did not expect any of his teammates to even get hold of the ball, never mind score, however this did happen, as despite having players from Petersburn surrounding the goals, and also standing only inches away from him, he was able to pass the ball to Erskine who subsequently scored.
Only minutes later Petersburn evened out the score by performing another skillful and well thought out goal, after Andrew did a corner kick, with Sharp ending up with the ball, however being only a few inches directly in front of the goal, Kane took this opportunity to score Petersburn’s first goal, much to the spectators’ surprise.
Midway through the first half there was impressive teamwork from both sides as Armadale attempted to score, as at first it seemed as though Erskine was definitely about to score a goal, being almost directly in front of the goals and having no opposing players in sight, however the goalkeeper only just managed to block the goal, then moments after this incident Andrew managed to block Sharp from scoring by moving in front of him just as he was about to kick the ball, thereafter getting control of the ball.
Ten minutes before the half time whistle, Armadale once again showed great teamwork after Sharp, who was midfield but surrounded by Petersburn players, passed the ball to Dougall, who cleverly ran close to the goal, and noticing that none of the Petersburn players were going to catch up to him, scored a goal for Armadale, putting them in the lead.
Yet again Armadale scored, this time by Sharp, who along with his teammates was eager to raise his team’s score even more, and did so by getting the opportunity to do a free kick, where the ball was only a number of inches away from the goal, and with no Petersburn players but the goalkeeper defending the goals, he raised Armadale’s lead to 3-1, just as the whistle was blown.
  • Half Time:
  • Armadale Falcons Calcio
  • 3-1
  • Petersburn Thistle
Things were never going to be calm in this game, and this was further proven at the start of the second half, when only minutes in Andrew was able to get hold of the ball and kick it away from the Armadale players, then performed a clean goal, with the goalkeeper unable to get to him in time, then a few minutes later Armadale furthered their lead after Rooney scored, making the score 4-2.
Petersburn were now eager to, if not win the match, at least try their best to do so, and this was shown ten minutes before the final whistle when Kane once again tried to score, as no Armadale players caught up to him, however the ball just scraped the post. Then, only moments after the whistle, Dougall scored yet another goal for Armadale, much to the surprise of all of the spectators, as he was surrounded by four Petersburn players who were trying their hardest to get the ball away from him, yet he scored the goal and brought the score to 5-2. 
Although everybody thought this would be the last dramatic moment of the match, it was not, as Yates was given a red card after repeatedly tripping players up and kicking the ball off of the pitch on purpose, so had to be subbed only two minutes before the final whistle, yet his skills before being sent off were most certainly impressive.
This was possibly one of the most hectic matches of the season so far, yet with it brought incredible teamwork and determination, so despite Armadale being victorious both teams showed real grit to do the best they could, and it could have went any way until that final whistle was blown.
  • Full Time:
  • Armadale Falcons Calcio
  • 5-2
  • Petersburn Thistle


Armadale Falcons Calcio
Petersburn Thistle
1. Kyle Williamson
2. Craig Donald
3. Jack Rooney
4. Lewis Erskine
5. Glen Mason
6. Aaron Landels
7. Robbie Dougall
8. Ory Heggie
9. Adam Fairbairn
11. James Sharp
12. Marcus Gillfillan
13. Cameron Arnott
14. Ryan Waddell
15. Finlay Brownridge
16. Andrew Topping
17. Jack Brown
1. Marc Gracie
2. Alexander Gracie
3. Scott Friend
4. Reid Condie
5. John McFall
6. John McDonald
7. Keaton Kane
8. Greg Bissett
9. Aodhan Berry
10. Sam Rintoul
11. Allan Andrew
14. Ross Gardner
15. Liam Doris
16. Kieran Duffy
17. James Yates
21. Fraser Dunbar
Star Player
Armadale Falcons Calcio
Petersburn Thistle
Although a difficult decision, Robbie Dougall was the Falcons' star player for the match, mostly because of his determination to get his team to victory despite tough opposition, particularly by his use of skill-work, seen clearly when he scored a goal for his team in the last three minutes of the game, despite not having any teammates to aid him and a crowd of Petersburn players trying to tackle him. A much deserved award!
Petersburn also performed extremely well, and for this occasion the star player is Keatan Kane, for his eagerness throughout the match and very clever skills, such as staying in the middle of the pitch when the majority of players were crowded with each other to get the ball, so that when the ball came mid-field he could get hold of it and score a goal. Once a gain a truly deserving star player!
Magic Moment
Armadale Falcons Calcio
Petersburn Thistle
There were so many magic moments for the Falcons, but the most memorable has to be at the beginning of the match, when Dougall performed a corner kick in an attempt to kick the ball to a teammate, however this seemed unlikely with so many Petersburn players, however he managed to do so and Erskine managed to score a clean goal, only minutes into the game!
Similarly, Petersburn performed magnificently throughout the game, and there were so many magic moments to choose from, however in my opinion it must be the moment that Yates came so close to scoring a goal, only for Duffy to attempt to do so only moments later, with both goals only narrowly missing the goals. This shows not only the team's commitment but also their determination to help each other at the time of need! Great teamwork!
Club Views
Armadale Falcons Calcio
Petersburn Thistle
Ross Williamson, Club Secretary: 'It's the best we've played all season'.

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