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Mid Calder Colts take victory after eventful match

Armadale SC Colts 1

Cairns, 78

Mid Calder Colts 4

MacNaughton 17, Dobias 70, 81, Smith 87
  • Sunday, 15 February 2015
  • Armadale Academy
  • Under 17´s
  • WLAYFC League
Omar Malik

Omar Malik | YFS South East Region Journalist
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It was an eventful match at Armadale Academy with the final outcome of the match decided late on as Mid Calder claimed victory with an impressive 4-1 win.
From the off was hectic with Mikey Hunter of Mid Calder trying for a header to avoid conceding an early goal to Armadale. The move caused him to be injured and subbed only minutes into the game.
Throughout the game, and particularly in the first half, there was great teamwork for both Armadale and Mid Calder. In particuar, Dylan Pringle, Darren Barkhouse, and Shaun Thomson of Armadale were great to watch.
After multiple near goal opportunities for both teams, Scott MacNaughton of Calder grabbed a goal only minutes before the half time whistle.
Armadale were keen to equalise before half-time and Sean Cairns was only just denied doing so as the ball hit the post.
  • Half Time:
  • Armadale SC Colts
  • 0-1
  • Mid Calder Colts
Just like the beginning of the first half of the game, there were chances. Daniel Mathews of Mid Calder was seemingly tripped up by Callum Corrigan just as he was about the score a goal for his team. Mate Dobias though, soon after, scored for Mid Calder to double their advantage. 
Armadale weren't to be held back though and they finally scored thanks to Sean Cairns shortly after.
However, they were two goals down only a minute later. Dobias grabbing Mid Calder’s third goal and his second of the match.
Armadale almost scored on a number of occassions before the final whistle and eve stuck the post. It just wasn't their day.
It looked set to be a 3-1 win for Mid Calder, however only 20 seconds before the final whistle, Callum Smith scored for the visitors to seal their victory. 
  • Full Time:
  • Armadale SC Colts
  • 1-4
  • Mid Calder Colts


Armadale SC Colts
Mid Calder Colts
1. Andrew Jeffrey
2. Darren Barkhouse
3. Jamie MacDonald
4. Shaun Thomson
5. Gavin Heggie
6. Sean Cairns
7. Luke Nolan
8. Dylan Pringle
9. Callum Corrigan
12. Alex Graham
14. Stuart Forrest
15. Kieran Kilpatrick
16. Fraser Scott
17. Reece Lumsden
21. Dean Colquhon
1. Jack Buchanan
2. Jack Hart
3. Robbie Rogers
5. Nicky Perry
6. Callum Smith
7. John Cairns
9. Mate Dobias
11. Sean Alexander
12. Jake Fyfe
14. Nathan Beestone
15. Paul Davidson
16. Scott MacNaughton
17. Daniel Mathews
18. Brandon Laird
19. Calum Dick
20. Mikey Hunter
Star Player
Armadale SC Colts
Mid Calder Colts
The star player from the home side has to be Sean Cairns, for his grit and determination through-out.
The away team were impressive as a whole, but the star player of the match for Mid Calder is Mate Dobias for his double.
Magic Moment
Armadale SC Colts
Mid Calder Colts
Armadale's magic moment has to be their refusal to admit defeat in the last few minutes of the game and their team work almost got them the draw.
For Mid Calder, their magic moment was the goal by Callum Smith only moments before the final whistle was blown. A wonderful goal.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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