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The appeal for sports apps has been on the rise for quite some amount of time, and football lovers have been especially delighted by the service of such online sports website. These are not only some of the most reliable platforms to get news and reports regarding football matches, but these also provide a stable platform to the bookmakers. The public perception is excellent, and many such online sports platforms are considered as safest websites for betting. Please read the complete Skybet review to know about it in details.
Trustworthiness and Safety
Applications like these have recognized backing of corporate and it is officially licensed. These apps have been provided to those who are not particularly fond of online working, and most of the general public seems to be assured while dealing in bets. However, the terms and conditions should be thoroughly read before proceeding.
Withdrawals and Deposits
The money transactions are SSL encrypted. Unless the user wants, there are no such limitations. In football, payouts or fine can be highest at 500k Pounds, and other sports may incur 250k pounds. The withdrawal feature is excellent, where customers could get real-time info on Barclays. VISA cardholders and bank customers can also use the same withdrawal method.
Having these applications in the laptop, tablet, and especially in mobile is a blessing. With the app in Android or iOS, it becomes very easy for betting in the click of a button. Prominent betting operators in the UK are all such app users. These apps are excellent in many aspects, and markets regarding football have been immensely popular. Games and fixtures are well displayed. Most of these apps are entirely free to download.
Betting Offers
A new user usually gets some rewards in Free Bets promotion. With a single bet of 10 Pounds, a new user will get two 20 Pounds tokens in his or her playing account. When it comes to the betting markets and the odds quality, users will get the opportunity to keep an eye on their favourite matches. Live updates and almost instant reports will be provided, as the betting odds will change every second.
When it comes to in-play bets, the live betting consoles are excellent as well. The users are well connected in the betting process, and every step has been made as clear as possible. The live betting of football matches is extensively covered, with incredibly competitive odds.
For most of the best football sites for such purposes, support is mainly UK based, and users can contact them by emails or calls, which are generally active from 8 A.M. to midnight. Apart from these, 24x7 live chat is also available. These applications also provide FAQs and common questions which answer the general doubts of most of the users. With the assistance and support being high, the users are delighted with the services. This, on the other hand, has helped to make such apps even popular.
At present, Skybet can be safely said as the number in broadcaster of sports and especially football in the UK. With the entry in the betting market online, Skybet can be stated as an excellent platform for betting safe online, and the bookmakers are well assured of the services. With a history of fifteen years, Skybet is gradually becoming a premium platform for online sports betting.
Head injuries have always been part and parcel of the professional game; however, mid-air collisions and the impact thereof have quite rightly become a major discussion point over the last decade. Plenty of research has been carried out, and the latest study by the Glasgow University has prompted the Scottish Youth Football Association to make a monumental ruling. In October 2019, it was announced that they will seek to ban the practice of heading the ball in training, whilst they've also advised youth coaches to make every effort to reduce head-to-ball contact during competitive fixtures. It's a landmark decision which will only be applicable to under-11s teams for the time being; however, it's a huge step forward for the game and it's good to see the SYFA acting as trailblazers in this sphere.

The SYFA became the first body in world football to issue such advice, although it's highly likely that many others will follow suit. They issued a statement reiterating that they are "committed to ensuring the safest environment possible for children and young people to play football" and confirmed that they will also continue to work closely with the Scottish FA over the coming months. It isn't the first time that this subject has been raised, with brain injury specialist Dr Bennett Omalu calling for a ban back in 2018. He told the BBC that "no player under the age of 18 should be heading the ball". He went on to suggest that it should be also be heavily restricted in the professional game as well. 

He went on to suggest that it should be also be heavily restricted in the professional game as well. Jeff Astle's family have tirelessly campaigned for a change in the law after the former West Brom and England striker passed away as a result of a specific type of dementia which has been strongly linked to repeated head trauma. Their hard work is starting to pay-off and the authorities are beginning to sit up and take notice.

There have been plenty of recent examples which highlight the need for change, including Gary Mackay-Steven's blow to the head in last year's League Cup final which left the Aberdeen winger unconscious. In September 2019, Rangers' Joe Aribo required stitches following a nasty-looking incident in the game against Livingston. Whilst the primary concern will always be the welfare of the player, supporters don't enjoy seeing their players on the sidelines as a result of an innocuous and avoidable collision. The Gers are 31/20 in the football betting at Space Casino to finish top of the Scottish Premiership, and they can't afford to lose any of their key men to head injuries as they bid to overthrow Celtic this season.

Player safety is absolutely paramount, and this is a significant step in the right direction. The increased awareness around head injuries is extremely positive and these latest guidelines are likely to lead to plenty more discussions around the subject. Although the landmark ruling will not be enforced on all clubs, the majority of youth sides are likely to adhere to this notable change and the SYFA have been widely praised for setting a precedent in the modern game. Scottish youth football is leading the way and the parents of those players involved have unanimously welcomed the move. It is likely to be a long time before we see any significant changes at the very highest level, but it's a major step in helping protect the welfare of younger players in Scotland.
Likely scorers for next week’s Premier League fixtures
With the international break over, it’s time to get back to the Premier League. And with a number of interesting fixtures coming up, it’s worth thinking about who is likely to score. Goal scorers make a such a huge difference in big games, and they can really alter the season for teams, turning things around completely for those with a slower start. We’ve taken a look at likely scorers for the upcoming games and the players to watch. If you ever ask yourself how to bet on football matches, this is exactly the way to win big money.
Harry Kane (Tottenham vs West Ham)
Harry Kane had a very effective showing over the international break with a hattrick against Montenegro and a goal against Kosovo. Being on that kind of form for England is always a boost, and Kane is rarely one to go many weeks without scoring. Better yet, Kane’s Tottenham Hotspur are playing West Ham, whose defence (and specifically their reserve goalkeeper Roberto) has been in extremely poor form. Look for Kane to make the most of the week. Some other players that might score could include Son, who has been in an excellent run of form, and even Harry Winks, who looked good in a slightly more attacking role for England against Kosovo.
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal vs Southampton)
Aubameyang has been on sparkling form for the Gunners to start off the season. The Gabonese striker has been using his blistering pace and his brilliant eye for goal, to be one of the highest scorers so far. Arsenal are playing Southampton – the same Southampton that conceded nine goals last month.
Arsenal are looking to press on with their season and make a push towards the top four, and it has to start with making a statement against a team like Southampton. Of course, there are plenty of other options for Arsenal including Lacazette and Nicholas Pepe. When Arsenal play well offensively, they can do a lot of damage.
Jamie Vardy (Brighton vs Leicester City)
Brighton’s defending has hardly been in the upper echelon this year, and Leicester are a team on form. None more so than veteran striker Vardy who has been notching up goals on a regular basis. Brighton’s back pair of Dunk and Duffy are big bruisers with plenty of talent and skill at matching up with powerful forwards, but the slick and elusive Vardy is the kind of player that gives them nightmares. Expect James Maddison to have a big game against Brighton too, perhaps continuing his goalscoring run.
Gylfi Sigurdsson (Everton vs Norwich)
Everton look like they may have to face a relegation battle this year, and undoubtedly one of their major rivals will be Norwich, currently the bottom club in the Premier League. Fortunately for Everton, however, they have more in the way of talent. And this is likely to be the difference in their game at the weekend. Gylfi Sigurdsson was on form over the international break for Iceland and could continue that form against Norwich.
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How to Choose a Good Football Helmet

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When the doctor told Joseph Mason Reeves, a US Naval Academy midshipman, to quit playing football after getting a series of head injuries or else, he’d end up having his brain permanently damaged leading to insanity or even death, the ending was almost clear to the onlookers: that it’s sure enough that Reeves had to give up the sport he was so passionate about. After all, the decision he was about to make was already a matter between life and death.
But like a typical Hollywood movie, a surprising twist happened. Reeves loved the sport so much that for him, quitting was never an option. So, did he take the risk? Did he end up brain-damaged after the match? History says he thought of a much better approach to protect his head during the game.
He asked a local shoemaker to make a padded, mushroom-shaped rain cap—a head protector he wore during the 1893 Army-Navy match. And that was one of the first ever worn football helmets in the entire history of the sport.
Of course, it didn’t look like the standard football helmets you’re seeing today. It was a good start though since it kindled a realization among the many football enthusiasts—that football is not a very safe sport, so a set of protective gear is needed to avoid both minor and serious injuries. That said, you’ll choose to be a bit pickier than you actually are, when selecting the right football helmet. It is a crucial component of the protective gear so you wouldn’t want to compromise the quality of protection it can provide for anything else, not even for a cheaper price.
Factors You Should Consider
No expert will tell you that wearing a helmet guarantees a hundred percent protection from possible risks and injuries common in football matches. Untoward incidents can still happen despite wearing a full set of protective gear. What a football helmet can do, however, is to reduce the risk of serious injuries such as brain hemorrhage, skull and facial fractures as well as penetration and eye injuries.
The good news is that this kind of head protector is pretty successful in shielding a player from all of these hazards. So, you’d surely want to know the factors you should consider when choosing one. After all, who wants to choose the wrong helmet? Read on to learn how you can pick the best one for you. You can also check this reference.
American Football, Athlete, Ball, Football, Helmet, Man
Does it have the NOCSAE seal?
Don’t buy a helmet that has not been approved or certified by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). The NOCSAE is the U.S. body that has been in charge for carefully inspecting and reviewing helmets and other athletic gears as based on their given set of standards to ensure the safety and quality of the items.
Passing this certification means that the manufacturer had seriously strived to meet the conditions and standards of the body during the design and creation process of their sports products. Thus, the athlete wearing a helmet that’s NOCSAE-approved can be quite confident that they’re using a high-quality protective gear.
So, the next time you’re choosing among the options available, find that “Meets NOCSAE standards” stamp at the back of the helmet you wish to buy. It’s just wise not to consider anything that doesn’t possess this stamp because it only means that the gear has not been reviewed and certified by the rightful authority that has been appointed for this task. And if we spell it out, it only shows that it is not as safe as you expect it to be.
Pro tip: Never alter a NOCSAE-certified helmet in any way. Otherwise, it could invalidate the certification given by the body.
Know the right head circumference
Before purchasing one, measure your head circumference. Measure by placing the cloth tape just an inch above your eyebrows. Then, select the appropriate helmet size as based on your head circumference from the brand’s sizing chart to make sure that it fits just right, not too tight, not too loose.
Pro tip: If your head circumference falls somewhere between the brand’s sizes, opt for the smaller one. Also, take a look at this useful review that features top 5 options you may want to consider.
American Football, Sport, Competition, Super Bowl
Know how to fit the helmet properly.
How tight is a perfectly snug football helmet? The basic rule of thumb is that it should be tight and secure but comfortable. The fit should be snugger than a helmet used for biking or batting. The pads for both cheeks should not slide loosely. However, the forehead skin should move along with the helmet.
Do a little bit of test as well by applying hand pressure on top of it. The pressure shouldn’t feel concentrated on just one side of the helmet, either front or back. Rather, it should feel evenly distributed. There are many brands and styles to choose from and they have obvious differences. What might be good for somebody else might not be good for you. Pick the one that fits just right and most comfortable on your head.
Also, teen athletes shouldn’t try to use adult helmets since these could be too heavy for them. Instead of providing utmost protection, it could even pose serious hazards. And so, teen players should use the ones appropriate for their age.
If you’re going to wear a used helmet, make sure it is reconditioned already.
It is not advisable to wear a used helmet unless it has been recertified already by a NOCSAE-licensed reconditioner. So, if you plan on buying a secondhand, look for the recertification seal inside the helmet to make sure it has been reconditioned already.
Follow these tips and you can surely find the best one for you. Better yet, ask someone who’s well-experienced on choosing good football helmets to accompany you while you’re shopping around and comparing options.
Thursday, 31 October 2019 10:00

Scottish Youth FA releases guidelines on heading

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The Scottish Youth Football Association (SYFA) has released a new guidance in relation to the use of heading within training drills and matches, at the development age groups.
Florence Witherow, National Secretary of the SYFA, stated: “The SYFA has previously recommended against training drills that encourage repetitive heading of the ball. However, in light of Dr Willie Stewart’s recent study into dementia risks in former professional footballers, we have updated and strengthened the advice to our clubs. Any drills which involve heading the ball should be removed from all training sessions for age groups up to, and including, under 11s (7 v 7 teams). As far as possible, heading the ball during games at this age group should also be avoided. We would also take this opportunity to remind all of our coaches and officials that if any player, at any age group, is suspected of having a concussion they must immediately cease playing in the game and should not re-join the match."
Witherow continued: "Coaches and officials are reminded of NHS advice on concussion and head injury, and should seek immediate medical advice if symptoms continue or worsen, or if a player is suspected of having lost consciousness. As well as the continuation of our own work in this area, we are keen to engage in further discussions with Dr Stewart around his findings and will continue to work closely with the Scottish FA to make any additional recommendations. The SYFA is committed to ensuring the safest environment possible for children and young people to play football. Although there is not yet a definitive link between heading the ball and brain injury, it is essential that we take the relevant precautions to best protect our players.”

Betting on soccer can be an exciting and innovative way to root for your favorite team. Many players are excited to bet on their favorite team this season, if you’re a big football fan, you should check out the latest footy offers. This article compiles the absolute best sites for football betting as of 2019. There are countless ways to root for your favorite team and betting on the game is a favorite for many. Soccer is known as football in most parts of the world, including the UK. Football betting sites help fans to get involved in their favorite teams. 


Bet365 is one of the most popular and commonly used sites for soccer betting. The site has been top rated as it offers millions of fans the perfect place for their football bets. The site offers bets for leagues both located domestically and abroad. They offer an attractive welcome bonus for brand new sign ups. Therefore Bet365 allows players access to the best range of bets with other fans. A deposit of £5 is required to begin betting. However, users are able to receive up to £100 in bet credits. This is very important as bet credits can be used on all areas of the site. Football betting sites such as Bet365 are an interactive and unique platform for all types of soccer fans.

Unibet Football 

Unibet Football is another popular and highly rated site for soccer betting. They offer a welcome bonus to all new users. The benefits includes £40 cash back. Unibet has been one of the most popular sites for soccer betting as of recent. The site also allows users to bet on other leagues outside of the UK. This helps to make the process interesting as it provides a unique way to experience international soccer. This also helps to build an international fan base of a variety of different teams. Unibet football can be used at any time during the season. This helps as it enables more fans to connect and interact with one another. Encouraging healthy competition is a fun aspect of league bets. 

Coral Sports

Coral sports is another top site for soccer betting in the UK. The website offers incentives to new users that can be used as soon as the sign up process is complete. The site features an interactive platform for fans to bet on their favorite teams in the league. If fans want to bet on other leagues, they can easily do so through Coral Sports. Coral Sports offers versatility for existing customers as well. Coral Sports offers benefits for tournaments as well. This is a popular incentive that allows fans to place bets on their favorite tournaments. Tournaments are exciting matches for teams in the league. Coral Sports offers benefits and incentives for playoff games as well. As teams get closer to the finals, the bets typically increase as well. 

Ladbrokes Football

Ladbrokes Football is another popular website for bets in the United Kingdom. The benefit of Ladbrokes Football is in their versatility. The site offers all different bets, even for international leagues. International leagues are growing in popularity, especially in the UK. Some of the most popular bets placed on Ladbrokes Football include World Cup and championship bets. The World Cup often encourages many bets for the winning team. This is very important as it connects soccer fans with each other. There may be certain restrictions that apply to bet incentives. Therefore it is important to confirm which rules may apply to you before beginning a bet with the site. The site offers user-friendly set up and streaming for matches. They allow users to bet on the match as it streamed. This is a very unique feature not commonly offered. 

MansionBet Football 

MansionBet Football is a reputable betting site in the UK. They have been featured for their exciting bonuses such as £50 welcome voucher. This is very important as it allows new fans and users to experience all MansionBet has to offer. MansionBet has been able to support both local and international league bets. International bets feature a unique range of teams such as German leagues. The UK league also encourages fun bets for fan's favorite teams. Many loyal online users bet with MansionBets for their favorite teams. The latest matches are available on the official site. 

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Top tips for youth football managers

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Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com / License
CAPTION: The matches might be early in the morning, but managing youth football is often worth waking up for.
Managing youth football can be challenging for a number of reasons, as coaching the game at this level is very different from doing so with older players. However, there are some ways to make managing at the youth level easier, while also making it more beneficial for the players that are under a manager’s watch. These tips are especially useful, as they can make the game both competitive and fun, while maximizing the chances of a player improving.
Go back to the basics 
In the youth football ranks, the most important thing that should be taken out of a player’s experience with a manager is that the manager aids in the development of that player. Wins and losses are important for developing competitiveness and helping players get used to different situations on the pitch, but the results of youth football are never going to be remembered by players who are good enough to go onto bigger and better competition. For this reason, going back to the basics and helping a player become the best they can be is the most important move that can be made. 
Going back to the basics consists of drilling the fundamentals of the game into players. Proper form when striking the ball, getting into position to block shots, and helping goalkeepers identify ball movements early are far more valuable than teaching players how to win in the short term. The primary fundamental skills will make youth footballers better players over the course of their entire lives, and are just a few of the building blocks that should be emphasized to make sure that players will remember their youth manager as the reason for their long-term improvement. 
Photo by Pixabay / License
CAPTION: Proper ball striking technique is one of many things youth football managers should focus on over wins and losses.
Remember your audience 
When coaching youth football, the most important thing that a manager can do is to remember who you are working with. These are young people, who may not be as equipped to handle varying management styles as professionals are. This means that a youth football manager needs to work a little bit harder to understand the needs of each player individually to find out what type of leadership is needed for each person on the squad. Additionally, this means keeping a calm demeanor and avoiding the volume raising tactics that many senior managers utilize.
While it is often appealing to try and get the message across in a similar way to the ranting and raving professional football managers, a little perspective is warranted. Managers should remember that there are plenty of stranger things that might happen before their youth footballers become professionals. As a result, it's worth stepping back and remembering that making the game a positive experience is often more valuable in the long run than looking like a manager to the stars.
Put in the time 
Youth football managers likely have other things going on in their lives, with jobs and families to go along with their managerial duties. But choosing to be a manager means that a manager needs to put in the time to help make their players better, whether those players have youth national team aspirations or are just looking to have some fun playing the game they love. 
This is the least that a manager can do for their players, all of whom are looking to get better at their football, but are also hoping to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. That feeling is aided by camaraderie among teammates, but also from managers who take a personal interest in them both as players and as people. Even taking the time to find out what a player’s interests are off the pitch can have a lasting impact in their minds. 
There are, of course, many other things to consider for youth football managers. But these pieces of advice are particularly powerful in that they apply to all levels of the game. Managers at the youth level who can at least emphasize these ideas will put themselves in a position to have a team that both enjoys playing for them and can improve on a season by season basis. 

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7 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Club Trials

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If you’re serious about becoming a rising star in the competitive sport that is football, then you need to make sure that you make a good impression at a club trial. They’re effectively your job interview, so you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd and show yourself to be a viable option for your chosen club. Each club is different and has its own unique requirements, so be prepared to put a lot of hours in to researching the club and learning more about the way they work. Every trial is different, and coaches are looking for various skills and attributes from their team players, so it can take many trials and a lot of hard work before you finally achieve your place on the perfect team and are able to make your mark on the youth football scene.
In Scotland there is lots of emerging football talent, so you need to be prepared to work harder than anyone else in order to make a real name for yourself. It might seem like a lot of hard work, but the rewards will be worth it when you finally find a team that is practically family and are able to gain valuable experience that will help you to achieve your dreams and succeed in this glorious sport. Here are some tips on how you can show yourself to be an exemplary player and earn yourself a place on your favourite team.
Train Hard Before The Trial
Make sure that you put in the time and effort to get yourself to peak physical fitness before your trial. Working with a nutritionist and personal trainer will help you to really improve your performance and learn new habits that will ensure lasting results. Professionals will also know the exercises and techniques you need to practice in order to improve your football playing, not just your general fitness. Practice your game as well as exercising and improving your health so that you can really make your mark when you attend a trial. Don’t tire yourself out the night before your trial, but make sure that you are fit and healthy when you arrive so that you will be able to make a really good impression and perform to the best of your abilities.
Do Your Research Before You Attend
Every club has its own unique coaching and playing style, so make sure you find out more about the way the club works before your trial. Attend a few games and see how the players and coaches behave, how they react to certain situations and what tactics they use regularly. Speak to former players, fans and opponents so that you can learn any hints or tips on how to impress coaches and really fit in with the current team members.
Study Hard
Football is more than just a physical sport; you need to make sure that you know the latest rules, regulations and strategies. Governing bodies such as the Scottish Youth Football Association have resources that will allow you to keep yourself informed and make sure that you make the most out of every event, document and update out there currently. Use your knowledge to impress the coach at your trial and show them that you are committed to a career in football, rather than just a passionate player.
Consider Private Lessons
It can be easy to think that you know everything there is to know about football, but a private teacher could help you to improve your performance and really make a difference to your game. When trying out for a specific position, you need to understand the factors that the coaches are looking for and then hone those skills so that you are able to stand out from other players. Make sure that you find the perfect person who can really develop your potential and will understand the way you play and learn, so that you can improve quickly and get yourself ready to make your mark at your try-out. You can use Superprof to find a teacher you can trust to support you and drive you to play the best game you’ve ever played.
Kit Yourself Out
When attending a football trial, you need to make sure that you are comfortable, smart and safe. There’s no need to wear the team’s strip until you have been offered a place, so make sure that you simply wear comfortable clothes that are sweat-proof, stretchy and not too restrictive. Be prepared and carry a water bottle, waterproof clothing just in case the Scottish weather lets you down, and warm outfits that will keep you snug whilst you wait to be seen. Branded products can be expensive, so consider whether you are paying for quality or if you are merely paying for the label and make your choice accordingly. One important area to focus on when considering your outfit is your boots, as a quality pair will ensure that you are able to perform properly and won’t slip in the mud or damp grass. You should look at a selection of boots before making your choice so that you find the perfect pair to suit your position, style and requirements.
Have A Good Attitude
Coaches understand that fitness and skills can be enhanced with a little perseverance and hard work, but attitude is something that a player needs to have, so make sure that you show yourself to be a good team player who will be an asset to their team. If you show that you are passionate about football and enjoy your time playing, then you will make the coaches notice you and really see your potential. Should you make any mistakes, rectify it and then laugh it off, rather than getting upset and making a fuss, as this will show you to have a poor attitude and make coaches wary. Be respectful to other players and those also attending a trial at the same time so that you can prove that you will be a great member of your new team.
Take On Board To Any Feedback
Even if your trial does not go to plan and doesn’t lead to an offer of a place, make sure that you show a good attitude and ask for feedback so that you can make the most of the experience of attending a trial. After all, the coach has the experience to know where you could improve your game, and therefore you should take this feedback on board and use it for future reference. Remember not to be rude or stressed if you do not get offered a place on a team, as you may attend another trial in the future and you do not want to have burned your bridges simply because you are disappointed. The youth football scene in Scotland is close-knit and connected, so if you are rude to one person, they will tell others who may later come into contact with you. Also, many coaches and players move clubs, so you could encounter them later in a different position. Be positive and polite, so that if you do ever meet anyone from that club again they will have a positive memory of their time with you.

If you were trying to pick a Premier League team made up of all Scottish players you’d probably find it quite a challenge. The recent struggles of the Scottish national team have brought into sharp focus the need to get more players from Scotland playing in top European leagues or at least dominating at the top of the domestic game.

There is no reason why Scotland cannot be a more competitive nation given the examples of Northern Ireland and Wales over recent years yet something has prevented that success, or at least relative success, materialising at national level.

Looking at the players available, it is hard to see why the team has struggled quite as much as it has. Of course, Scotland does not have the number of superstars the likes of Germany, France and England can call upon but there is enough to at least have hope of qualification to a major tournament.

The goalkeepers

Given his performances last season, Sunderland’s Jon McLaughlin is a good choice. Playing for Sunderland, he will be used to the pressure of needing to perform every week and he has outstanding ability. Craig Gordon is experienced but not a long-term option and Craig MacGillivray at Portsmouth is improving all the time, so they can provide strong competition for the starting role.

The defence

The clear star in this Scotland team is Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson. He is a popular player in most fantasy sides regardless of nationality. Similar to the approach taken by many fans who play fantasy sports games with Paddy Power Fantasy - where you can choose from NFL, golf and football amongst others - building from the back is important, so having Robertson as one of the first picks is a good shout.
Greg Taylor is another up and coming youngster who has a bright future. His deadline day move to Celtic appears to be smart business by the Glasgow club with the Kilmarnock youngster also attracting interest from Sunderland, although he may have to play out of position considering the strength at left-back and the lack of it in the right-back role.
Charlie Mulgrew adds experience and a danger from set-pieces while Grant Hanley adds solidity. Kieran Tierney is the next star to head south after signing for Arsenal and he has to be in there somewhere, which suggests they need five at the back to make the most of their defensive talent.

The midfield

John McGinn is a class act and has to be the first name on the list for midfielders. He has been one of Aston Villa’s top performers since joining at the start of the 2018/19 season and played a key role in getting Villa into the Premier League.
Alongside him would be Scott McTominay. The Manchester United youngster still has to prove his ability at the very top but he has shown glimpses of his class. Ryan Fraser is one of the best wingers in the Premier League and is a must-have while Robert Snodgrass has a lot of experience so he is another potential option for either the wing or an attacking midfield role.

In attack

The standout choices here are pretty simple. James Forrest of Celtic alongside teammate Leigh Griffiths are very good players both technically and in terms of finishing. The other shoo-in striker has to be Sheffield United’s Oliver McBurnie who oozes talent and could be a class act for Scotland after Sheffield United paid £20m for the Swansea striker.

Great Tips that Competitive Football Youths can use

Whether an aspiring top flight footballer or an enthusiastic weekend player, every young footballer is keen to improve their skills. With the UK International Cup 2020 featuring 100 teams vying for victory, the youth game has never been more competitive. Here are some tips for both off and on the pitch to help sharpen up your performance.

Train Hard – but don’t overdo It

Image result for football training

If you’re serious about getting better then basic physical conditioning is a key area to work on. This is broadly in two areas: cardiovascular endurance, and strength. Although your average football match is 90 minutes, they can be longer due to injury and extra time. But there’s more to it than that.
You don’t want to be dead on your feet when the clock strikes 90 minutes, because you’ll be much less use to your team for the minutes preceding that. On the attacking side, if you’re still running at 95% and your opponent’s tank is empty in the last five minutes, that can be a great opportunity to seize the advantage and score because they’re out of it.

Strength training is a bit different, as this is about not getting muscled off the ball. It’s useful less often than aerobic fitness, but still important. Even going back to Roman legions, men trained with heavier weapons than their actual swords, so that they’d be better prepared for prolonged battles. And if they knew that two thousand years ago, there’s no excuse for not knowing the advantages of training hard today.

There is one major caveat I’d urge you to take seriously: don’t train too much. If you do this, you risk injuring yourself. When you’re injured, you can’t play and even your training will be severely curtailed, so you’ll go backwards instead of forwards. Don’t let macho nonsense drive you too hard, because it’ll just set you back.

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Mental Strength

It’s sometimes said, the strongest muscle in the human body is the heart. Football results can sometimes go a surprising way, and mental strength, whether that’s dealing with a match that’s turning out to be more difficult than expected or with a result that was against you, is important. A great man once wrote: how much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes?

If you’re dwelling on a dodgy refereeing decision, or when you feel you let the team down (or vice versa) your head isn’t where it should be. Focus on the things that are within your power to change, and work hard on improving them. Whether that means letting go of a past result, whilst still learning the lessons from it, or being patient getting back from injury and not rushing things (and making matters worse), a cool head will help you a lot, both on and off the pitch.

You can’t play if you’ve got a red card, or if you keep injuring yourself.

Be Age Aware

From small children to young adults, the youth game covers a wide range. Be aware of what’s appropriate for your age group so you don’t end up overdoing things, or aiming so high you’re going to fail and end up frustrated. The Scottish FA has put together a youth player pathway, which is a fancy way of saying it’s provided some advice for the various age groups, for both boys and girls.


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For a sport whose greats include Cristiano Ronaldo, this might seem a counter-intuitive point. But as pro Neill Collins advises (specifically when going for a trial, but it applies more broadly), humility is a good thing.

Forget football for a moment and think about a normal job. You’re hiring a secretary. Two candidates come in. Same experience and skill level, nothing to differentiate them. Except that one’s arrogant, and one’s respectful and humble. Who’s going to annoy the office more? Who’s going to create more of a workload, smoothing ruffled feathers? A harmonious office, like a happy dressing room, is a lot less work than one full of egos and bust ups.


You’re going to have setbacks, sooner or later. Nobody goes through football without making the odd mistake, or suffering injury. What matters is that you learn from errors, and keep going. Grit and determination can carry you a long way. It can be the difference between chasing down a late equaliser or just feeling too tired to put in enough effort. Just remember that results last a lot longer than the effort required to get them. A match is 90 minutes. But that winning feeling will stick around for a lot longer.

Pitch Points

Be there for your team mates, and if they make a small mistake, don’t go ballistic. You’ll make mistakes too sooner or later, and having someone scream at you isn’t going to make you feel any better.

You should show respect to the officials (even if you don’t feel it). If a decision’s 50/50 and you’ve rubbed the ref up the wrong way, that could alter the way the decision goes.

When you lose the ball, chase it back straight away. Even if you don’t win it back, you’ll keep the pressure on your opponent and stop him having time to think.

There’s plenty of competition in youth football, and a lot of emerging talent in Scotland. Great for spectators, and a stern test for younger players aiming to rise through the ranks. Just remember to try and have fun at the same time. Everything’s easier when you’re enjoying it.


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