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Glasgow City FC v Rangers Girls 17's - analysis article by Matthew Sigsworth

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At first glance it would appear that this was a game won by the finest of margins. The only goal of the game came from a wonderful Dana Baird free kick, right on the postage stamp that left City goalkeeper Gill Foyle with no chance.
And the stats certainly seem to back up the notion that this was indeed a game fought out between two very evenly matched teams. Both had the same number of shots on goal, with City just shading it with efforts on target, and there wasn’t a million miles between the two sides in any of the other major statistics, but it was the way that City tried to get forward when they won the ball back that was ultimately their downfall.
In a game that was as close as this one, it was no surprise that set pieces would end up playing a major part in the outcome. Rangers could arguably boast the better players, but they were helped by a City team that in their hurry to get the ball forward, lost possession too easily too  many times, and in their desperation to win the ball back conceded too many fouls in dangerous positions. 
The official fouls count shows us that City conceded seven fouls to Rangers’ six, but it was the area those fouls were in that would eventually prove decisive.
Whenever they won the ball, City’s first option was to hit it long to a striker who could then hold up play and link up wuith runners from midfield; but Rangers were always first to the ball, and on almost each occasion that City looked to break the ball was coming back at them at an alarming rate.
The panic this caused led to fouls being committed, giving Rangers the opportunity to pile forward. It was this type of foul in trying to win back possession that led to Baird’s moment of magic. In fact, City’s most dangerous spell in the dying moments of the first half came from a move that started with the ball being won high up the pitch from a Rangers goal kick.  But it did not happen enough and they would eventually end up paying the ultimate price. 
Rangers on the other hand, conceded the majority of their free kicks well inside their own half and in positions of no immediate danger to themselves. As City grew into the game and began to use the pace they clearly had at their disposal, Rangers were clever in breaking up the play and never allowed their opponents to get up a real head of steam. 
There is no doubt that the best side won on the day, but with a little less speed and a bit more haste from the City girls, it could have been a very different story.
Rangers Girls Statistics 
Glasgow City FC Statistics
Free kicks won: 6 Free kicks won: 7
Fouls conceded: 7 Fouls conceded: 6
Corners: 4 Corners: 3
Shots off target: 5 Shots off target: 4
Shots on target: 4 Shots on target: 6

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