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Middlefield Wasps accepted for YFS club journalism programme

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Middlefield Wasps were one of the most successful football clubs in Aberdeen for youngsters from the founding of the club in 1968 through to the 1990s, and they have created a number of players who have had good footballing careers. After financial problems, the club went bust and stopped playing, but they were back up and running in 2012. This was due to current President of the club, Mark McCready.
Andrew Parke, a coach at the club said: “Mark set up the club with two age groups. I then came on board at the end of last year, and I set up another age group. We’ve now taken two teams over from another club, which has joined our ranks. We’re now sitting with nine teams which is a lot of hard work, but it is paying off.”
The club runs many different age groups, all the way from 4v4, through the ranks up to amateur football. Mr Parke said on the development different age groups of the club that it is “knowing a boy of 7 can play through the ranks until he’s 30-40”.  
Speaking about the future Mr Parke said: “Our ambitions within the next ten years is to have a clear set pathway with the development of amateur teams. Creating a pathway outside youth development is something that we’re really proud of.” He also added that “it’s the pathway for kids that is our goal” and “coaching a good standard and developing our young talent.”
Speaking of Youth Football Scotland’s Club Journalist program, Mr Parke said: “It’s excellent for the profile of the club, it’s fantastic for the parents, and it’s fantastic for the children involved to see their name written up on a team sheet and on a match report. Any publicity that can help us raise the profile of our club we’re all for that and we do what we can for that.”
The club found out about Youth Football Scotland’s Club Journalist program via Facebook, and Mr Parke is hoping that the scheme can promote the good work that the club are doing, he said: “I suppose the support to get the quality that we’re putting on the field out there so that people can take note that Middlefield is back. We are back as a boys club and we are going to fight and be competitive with all the games that we play.”
It is great for football in the North East that the Middlefield Wasps are back, thanks to the hard work of all of the dedicated individuals at the club. I look forward to covering Middlefield’s successes in the 2014-15 season and also hope to give the club the publicity that they deserve.

Chris Cromar | YFS North Region Journalist
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