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Thursday, 13 June 2013 12:19

Tynecastle bag points after Windsor shut out

Written by  Ian Mackay
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Musselburgh Windsor
Tynecastle FC
Daryl Hanna 44



U15 SERYFL Division 1
Pinkie 3G

Ian Mackay

By Ian Mackay
YFS South East Region Reporter

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The match between Musselburgh Windsor and Tynecastle was a mixture of the ‘good’, the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’! On a personal level, I was left famished again from the lack of food (sausage rolls)! The person to blame for that, is glamorous grannie Gail Swanson. I have now gone all season long, without a sausage roll from Gail, despite many, many promises. But, as the Bishop said to the actress: “I won’t hold that against you!” And here I come to Gail’s son, Sonny who played in right midfeild for Tynecastle. Sonny started off in wonderful form and he looked quite brilliant in the opening stages. Windsor, however, looked the better team as the game progressed. In fact, Windsor created several good chances to score - AND MISSED THEM ALL! Team boss, John Cullen, summed up his thoughts succinctly when he said: “We should have scored seven. I can’t believe we did not score!”

Well, seeing is believing, John and what I saw at the beautiful pitch at Pinkie was a ‘comedy of errors’! OK, no one was laughing except Tynecastle goalkeeper Kieran Green. My God, did he lead a charmed life! On one occasion, a wonderful shot smacked off the face of the Tynecastle cross-bar, battered on to the hapless keeper and then rebound off him - WIDE OF THE POST! Yes, Sir, it was that kind of game, indeed! It does not require me to say ‘Windsor were firing blanks’! The scoreline says it all, I think. Sean Gilroy looked in good form for Musselburgh, as well as No 4, Euan Tarry and his partner in central defence, the excellent No 15, Adrian Shala. Jack Gilchrist deserved much better luck when he fired shots at big Kieran in the Tynecastle goal, and a good corner delivered in to the Tynecastle goalmouth was headed wide by Windsor No 8, Sean Ballard. But I have to say, never at any time did Tynecastle panic. They looked quite composed so maybe they knew more about the opposing side than I did. Big Jack Lansborough strolled about and did little to enhance the view I had of him last week in an under-15 final against Hutchison Vale at Olive Bank. I thought he had a good game then, but I have to be honest and say big Jack was not in the same form at Pinkie.

Tynecastle No 8, Dan Hanna, combined with Portguese man-of-war, Sonny Swanson, in what I thought looked a promising move. How wrong could I be? Tynecastle No 12, Lloyd Fiddler, was a stand-out in this game. In another raid on Green’s goal, the big goalie was caught off his line and it took a goal-line clearance from Swanston to deny Windsor an opening goal. That was followed by the aforementioned shot off the bar; on to Green and behind for a corner. It was Sean Gilroy who delivered that shot. Certainly, it could be claimed big Kieron was lucky, but I know for a fact, he is not illegitimate despite comments to my right! I love to ‘write-up’ games and make every player on the pitch a hero one way or another. But even I found that beyond me at this game at Pinkie Playing Fields.

What is it they say, Kieran: “If you don’t score goals, you do not win games!” Lloyd Fiddler, what effort from the Tynecastle No 12, was also unlucky when a real cutie of a shot at the Musselburgh goal came back off the crossbar. It was then I had that sinking feeling about this game. Gail Swanson did not come over to give me a sausage roll or two! And the bugger is going over to the family’s holiday house in Portugal for A MONTH!

Daniel Headspeath, No 3, in the Tynecastle side, broke down the right and that too looked as if it might produce a goal, but it all ended when Daniel was brought down and referee, Tam Carter, awarded a free kick, in what looked to be a good position. Swanson, you know, the no-sausage rolls lady’s son, hammered a useless shot away over the bar.

Now hold on there old man! Tynecastle again on the move and they lifted my spirits that a goal was in the offing! Huh, it ended with a throw-in to Tynecastle. Free-kicks galore for silly fouls from and to both teams. The game had flopped by that time. Promising play from both teams was spoiled by poor final passes. Be honest, Ian! OK, crap passes! Lansborough made a contribution to the game and he sent in an excellent shot but, damn, it went just outside Kieran’s right-hand post. Currie was denied a goal when Green palmed another thumping effort over the bar. Well done, Kieran! Currie took the corner himself and it was a good one at that, but Ballard headed wide of the target and it was 0-0 at the break.

Half Time: Musselburgh Windsor 0-0 Tynecastle FC

Tynecastle were, I thought anyway, in much better form in the second half. All their subs appeared to get time on the pitch but what on earth was wrong with Windsor. John Cullen roared at them to ‘wake up’! And he had every right to! I thought Tynecastle No 11, Dylan Fagan, looked much sharper on the left and he it was who posed problems for the right side of the Windsor defence.

In the 3rd minute of the second half, Tynecastle No 7, Daryl Hanna, was given all the time he required to hammer a tremendous shot from 25 yards out and the ball slammed in at the right-hand post to put Tynecastle 1-0 in the lead. No 15, Lloyd Livingstone, emerged as one of the best players in the Tynecastle side in the second half while Daryl Hanna looked as if he could score again. Sean Gilroy combined well with Jack Gilchrist, what great commitment, but the shot at Green’s goal was wild.

I'm glad John Cullen has no hair on his head. If he had, he would possibly have ripped it all out in frustration. All his pleas for Windsor to ‘wake up’ went for nothing. But Adrian Shala was one player who responded. He broke through the centre and set up Lansborough to fire in a low shot that Green saved well. I also have to admit, some of big Kieran’s saves in the second half defied description. His luck was in!

Gary Howie (No 2) for Windsor, also woke up and he too went on the charge in a move with Gilchrist. No equaliser though! Green was in action again to save a lofted shot from Gilchrist and, hallelujah, the game livened up. Well, just a wee bit. 'Come on, gie the bairns some praise you moaning lot!'

Lansborough and Gilchrist again, and the ball was laid back to Sean Gilroy. Oh, my God, what the hell was that?

Daryl Hanna thundered a great effort just wide of the Windsor right-hand post. Darren Drever had a great chance to score the equaliser from close in, but he shot wide! How could you do that to John Cullen and the other Windsor coaches, Darren? OK, yi’ didnae’ mean it! Adrian Shala then produced the tackle of the game to halt Chris Robertson in full flight.

Next, Tynecastle were lucky to get away with some poor defending and it took a marvellous block from Green to stop Windsor scoring the equaliser. I think it was a game in which Musselburgh would never score, not even if they played all night. Chances galore, yes GALORE, but no goals. Green had several outstanding saves/blocks in the second half, but really, he should not have been given the chance to block these shots.

Tynecastle won 1-0! It does not require me to say any more, does it? 

I don’t know what state John Cullen and the other Windsor coaches were in at the end of the game at Pinkie Playing Fields. They were certainly put through the mill. Well done, however, to Tyncastle.

Full Time: Musselburgh Windsor 0-1 Tynecastle FC

Musselburgh Windsor Tynecastle FC
Jack Campbell
Gary Howie
Adrian Shala
Aaran Currie
Euan Tarry
Jamie Strachan
Kieron Johnstone
Darren Drever
Sean Gilroy
Blair Millar
Sam Ballard
Jack Gilchrist
Cameron Wilson
Jack Lansborough
Chris Robertson
Jack Stewart
Kieran Green
Daniel Mathews
Daniel Headspeath
Aaron Nugent
Scott Cameron
Robbie Renwick
Daryl Hanna
Dan Hanna
Lloyd Livingstone
Dylan Fagan
Lloyd Fiddler
Mark Mathieson
Sonny Swanson
Lewis Mackay
Kacper Korpalski
Jack Gilchrist was involved constantly in Windsor's search for a goal, never hiding and constantly trying to make things happen.
Lloyd Fiddler was outstanding for Tynecastle. A couple of good early efforts on goal were followed by a strong all round display.

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