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What Kind of Socks for Football Players are Best?

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The need for football socks is to ensure that they are comfortable and players can wear them for long in comfort and without having blisters. In most cases, football clubs are known to have affiliation with certain brands but players can also choose as per their individual preferences. There are several sports brands out there along with the kind of accessories they offer; hence, one can make a choice to get quality protection in the kind of budget they have in mind.
Football socks are as breathable and of comfortable fabric and design as any good quality sock; however, there are certain qualities that are incorporated in socks for sports like football which helps to soak up sweat, prevent the build-up of microbial bacteria and ensures comfort for long hours of play or practice.
Features to Look for
If one is out to buy football socks here are some points to keep in mind:
  • Moisture Wicking or Breathability
This is the first factor to look into. Most sports socks ensure that this quality is inbuilt in them; since football involves considerable sweat build-up, this quality is the first aspect to look for when one is buying sportswear. It also prevents the buildup of odors.
  • Anti Microbial Properties
This aspect is also important for which certain quality cotton or special blends are used in such sportswear. With sweat and dirt the buildup of antimicrobial bodies is easy; however with the right kind of fabrics sports socks are usually kept germ free as well as risks of bacterial infections reduced considerably.
  • Resistant to Abrasion
Leather boots that are usually the footwear for such sports can be tough; hence, the feet need to have adequate cushioning. For such reasons, most high-quality footwear for sports like football comes in comfort fabrics as well as with inbuilt resistant liners.
  • Protection from Blisters
This is important, especially when a player opts for new boots. These are usually of leather and if the inner liners are not adequate, they can form blisters on the feet of the players. A certain thickness of the sock fabric can help protect the feet skin from blisters and forming of the same. The best football socks are of a certain thickness that also lends comfort while one walks or runs around in them.
  • Elasticity
Stretchability is another important quality to look for; this also enables a sock to provide a comfortable fit. Spandex that is used in the products of top brands ensures a seamless fit, especially around the heel as well as around the toes.
It is important to check the above features when one is shopping for sports socks.
Different Sock Designs
If you are part of a football club, chances are that your gear is already provided for. However, if you are shopping for yourself or stocking up on quality sportswear, here are some options to consider among the products made available among several sports brands in the market.
  • Football Socks with Vapour Cushioning
This is one category of socks from Nike Men’s range. The socks are designed for comfort and come at reasonable prices. The features include 100% nylon which ensures the durability of the socks. They are of a seamless design that makes them a perfect fit. A special characteristic is zonal cushioning that is found across the whole design. It helps to relieve clear pressure on joints and on feet. There is Achilles protection so that one’s ankles are protected, especially if one steps on the back of one’s shoes. Dri-Fit technology is another patent technology that is found in most of Nike products. This also helps in sweat drying up fast. It prevents any mushy feel and keeps the feet cool. One will also find support for the arch of the foot as well as allowing one to slide their foot into boots easily.
These are designs that work for intermediate and junior players as they are of affordable price. They are also great for new shoes as blisters are formed easily on the feet.
  • Crew Socks
This is another category that is often marketed by several sports brands. These are of the athletic range of many brands and are of different color combinations. That makes it possible for players to choose as per uniform designs and colors. Socks feature acrylic cushioning that offer protection to the feet and are also of a thicker design. There are added bars at the back which are great for preventing blisters. The bars help to provide a comfortable fit on the heels. The fit is also great on ankles and provides arch support. This in turn helps reduce strain on ankle joints as well as bridge of foot. The crew sock design works great for other sports as well. These are usually more common in larger sizes while small sizes remain limited. One should check the brand and feature details to ensure that moisture-wicking features are incorporated. This would also ensure decent ventilation.
  • Over the Calf Socks
This is another category of socks that is common in football. These are usually polyester and ensure adequate ventilation. The socks come of high cut design and can be used for different sports as well. Socks are usually of lighter fabrics and are thinner. They are designed to provide greater comfort and absorb sweat from feet and legs. These are great for wearing during long hours of play or practice sessions. The socks come of diverse colors and are often designed as per uniform design details of different clubs. There are some that are knee-high as well which are designed with a mix of spandex, polyester, and cotton, making them fit for long hours on the field.
Every premier sports brand, from Nike, Adidas, Under Armor and several others have different categories of football socks on offer. It is important to check the length, material and comfort aspects or review the same before making a purchase. In certain cases football coaches or trainers will provide specifications that make it easier to choose or make a purchase.
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