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Vale win final against Buchan but plenty to work on

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Deveronvale won the league cup on Saturday thanks to a 4-0 win over Buchan Girls to add to what has been a good season for the Banff outfit so far this season. Vale are top of the league and also play Hibernian in the quarter-finals of the Scottish Cup alongside winning the league cup. Nadia Sopel got a hat-trick along with a good strike from Laura Grant.

Coach Amanda Allan said, "League positions don't have a reflection on cup finals and anything can happen, we played Buchan last week in a league game which was a completely different game in which we dominated from the start to the finish, but today Buchan turned up and Buchan had nothing to prove to anyone and they gave it absolutely everything and Buchan kept themselves right in the game.

"Buchan made it a physical game for the girls, that was a physical challenge and I think the occasion got the better of some of our players, the nerves took the better of them, when Nadia secured the third goal, things settled and we had been on top more in the last 10 minutes than we were the whole game and Laura Grant also got a well deserved goal at the end for her efforts in midfield.

"It was nice to come away with a 4-0 win and a clean sheet for our keeper but a lot to learn from, the conditions learned how we played today and the goals came from when we played the ball on the ground, the wind interfered a little bit and the ball was taking nasty bounces so for the girls to get the ball down and get the well worked goals was good to see.

"The season isn't over yet and this is just a small part of it as the girls are also aiming to have the league trophy as well but after this performance we like to say we'll keep on going and see out the season as undefeated league champions but you never know, the competition is there for any team to have a go at us and the girls welcome the challenge and we hope the other teams in the league have a good second part to the season.

"We are a relatively young team, the majority of these players can stay again next year and this a completely different team from last years, we have some technical players that can make a difference to us, our goalkeeper wasn't challenged, decision making is something that we will work on as in when to play it long and short."

David Reid | YFS North Region Journalist
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