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Portlethen seeking upgrade to facilities

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Portlethen Sports Club is currently in a plea to the Aberdeenshire Council with regards to getting either a 3G or 4G surface to the football pitch based at Portlethen Academy. This follows a proposal to replace the current facility at the school which is more suited to hockey than football.

Portlethen, which is located in South Aberdeenshire, was founded in 1992 and has proudly had many teams of many varieties, age groups, genders and with many different successes. It can be said though that every team has been successful in developing players from the local area and further afield, with some proud moments in the history of the club.

With cup honours and league championships in many age groups, the club built up a great reputation and has over 200 kids on their books. There are also plans for an Under 19s team & an amateur team for season 2018/2019 which will maximise the numbers at the football club.

Portlethen say that they have had 42 training sessions cancelled this year because of waterlogged pitches, at the weekend the facility that is in place is used once every so often for hockey in the afternoon while football games which takes place on grass get called off due to the pitches being unplayable.

These are games for primary school and boys club football, the club say that if the pitch was upgraded to 3G then the surface can be used for football far more than any other sport alongside the hockey who can use the facility for training.

Alongside Portlethen Sports Club, a range of other teams in the local area use the facility, these include Fishermoss Primary, Portlethen Primary, Newtonhill BC and some Cove BC teams and there is also other let’s that are getting asked for.

The club need to get the upgrade in order for the club and the players to keep on progressing, the club have so many young talents nd they don’t want to waste them away. Portlethen have a range of clubs who compete in the ADJFA B and C leagues at competitive level.

Portlethen Sports Club secretary Craig Mcmorrin said, “We could be using the facility at Portlethen Academy every weekend if it was to be upgraded, they haven’t asked the community at all with this, what about the 200+ kids that want to play football every week?

“The grass pitches at Portlethen aren’t the best either and a bit of rain and the games are getting called off, it’s not adults we are speaking about here it’s kids, if you get a 3/4G pitch in then the kids are playing and there is no call offs.

“They keep saying that we need to get kids more active but we need good facilities to do that and we will get the kids more active, the council are holding this back for 15 games of hockey a year, I don’t know an 3/4G pitch in Aberdeenshire that isn’t used, the astro pitches are used all the time at Spain Park (Home of Banks O’Dee) and Central Park (in Dyce) which are both in Aberdeen, I have parents saying to me that they are taking their players away because of the facility currently.”

Portlethen SC United currently participate in the ADJFA League C Section Two and are currently 4th in that respective league. Coach Cameron Jarvie spoke about the situation when he said, “I think on the football side of things, the AstroTurf is poor. There is only so much that the kids can do, for goalkeepers, diving on that is their worst nightmare. I think we need a 3/4G surface and we need it now.”

David Reid | YFS North Region Journalist
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