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CLUB PROFILE: City Youth FC off to a great start

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City Youth FC have been inaugurated into the Aberdeen and District Juvenile Leagues this season and there is a lot to look forward to for the football club. Their Under 14s team (2004s) are currently playing in the C League Section 1 and currently sit in 3rd place behind Deveronvale and Ellon Meadows.

The club currently play their home games at Aulton and most of the players came from an A league capacity last season however the switch down to the C league has been a breath of fresh air for the football club as they seek to develop the players.

The coaching staff which consists of Graham Doherty, Jim Buchan and Mason Robertson don’t put out a team on a Sunday in search of a win, they like to give all their players in the squad at least a half each. Mason currently plays for Scottish Division 2 side Peterhead FC.

Former Aberdeen, Rangers and Leeds United player David Robertson is also an ambassador for the club. Robertson has also managed at Elgin City, Montrose, Phoenix FC in America and is currently coach with Real Kashmir FC in India.

City Youth Coach Graham Doherty spoke about the season so far when he said, “The boys have done exceptionally well this year, I had the boys at a different team last year in the A league and never fared really well there however we kept them all together and took them to a new club which is City Youth and the boys are scoring goals and playing good football.

“Going down a few divisions has been beneficial for the boys, the players are seeing more of the ball now and they have a chance to do stuff that they wouldn’t be able to do against so called better opposition, all the boys try hard and I try and give them all game time, I don’t leave the weaker boys off, I give them all shots at it.

“It’s about developing the players as opposed to trying to wins leagues and trophies which is part of competitive football however at the end of the day we just want to develop the boys and look towards next year as we are a new club.

“The under 14s A league is phenomenal, the B league is strong and even in the C league there is three or four teams that give you hard games.”

Doherty said that there is an opportunity to expand the football club in the future and also spoke about Mason and David Robertson when he added, “We are open to people coming on board saying that they would like to coach a 2006 team for example, we are certainly open to those options, there is nothing in the pipeline yet however it’s something we would consider.

“Mason and David have been absolutely superb, when David is here he makes himself available for the boys, Mason is obviously making a name for himself in football just now so it’s good having him as well.”

Mason Robertson spoke about his journey so far as coach by saying, “I have had the opportunity to watch the guys 4/5 times this season with one game getting called off at half time and Graham is going to put me through my coaching badges soon, I have been impressed by the team this season, they are hardworking and they improve every day.”

(Pictured Above: Mason Robertson)

David Robertson, the ambassador for the club said, “I have seen a couple of games, I seen one at Aulton where it was early in the morning and it was windy and the rain was going sideways and it shows the commitment from Graham and Jim and the time they take up to do this for the kids and obviously the commitment of the kids and it’s a start up club and there is a long way to go.

“The ambition is to add one or two more teams to the club to make it a real club however it’s a great start and a good group of boys and I have taken a couple of training sessions with them as well, the attitude is good and there is a bit of hunger as well.

“There is a lot of talk about the pro youth sort of stuff just now and at the moment and here they are allowed to express themselves and later on in their youth career they might get picked up by other clubs.

“In the league that City Youth are involved in, the league is competitive, they are very close and I think the main aim is to make the players better and get them to develop, yes they want to win games however when the games are close then they will learn more.

“I think if you can get that experience of up and down then you’ve got to fight and work hard when things are going against you, I see too many teams who try and get the best players they can and win by big scorelines and it doesn’t do anybody any good.

“If you find a good fit at a club like these guys have then they should see it through and express themselves and everyone’s ambition at this age group is to be a professional player and I think a club like City Youth gives you a good start.”

(Pictured Above: David Robertson)

David Reid | YFS North Region Journalist
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