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Thistle Youth FC have ambitious plans for new facilities

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Thistle Youth FC have ambitious plans to build new facilities at their base in Newburgh. The club have plans to get a full sized enclosed grass pitch, full sized astroturf and a five-a-side multi-use court which would enable us to give all year round coaching in a safe environment.

The planning Application was submitted in December and they will know by the 22nd February if they have been successful. If they are successful it will not only provide a great facility for Thistle Youth FC but also Newburgh Amateurs and the other Clubs in the surrounding areas of Ellon, Balmedie and Pitmedden.

If the club are successful come the 22nd February, the club say that the astroturf pitch is the next stage of growing the club in conjunction with the Gallowshill Sports Hub at Newburgh.

Thistle Youth was set up in May 2015 as a new club due to the demand for football in the area. The club has quickly grown to over 160 children and over 40 coaches. The growth has been far quicker than the club had first imagined and now have a waiting list for players. As a result, this has highlighted a problem for facilities to cater for all the teams. Thistle have the SFA Quality award and with like-minded coaches aims to give quality coaching

With the ever increasing wet weather, this facility would be an asset to the area and without it the club would not be able to expand locally, Thistle Youth are an expanding club with a focused pathway on player development. The new facility would enable the Newburgh club the chance to increase the size of the club and introduce a girls’ section also, Thistle state that the quicker the facility is built the quicker that they are able to accommodate the needs of the children and wider community.

The club currently has a range of non-competitive teams & also an Under 14s team who are currently 4th in the ADJFA A league with 4 wins, 2 draws & 1 defeat which was to last years A league champions Westdyke.


Members of the public are being urged to lend their support towards the Newburgh club. All you have to do is go onto - https://upa.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=P15PFZCAL5B00 before scrolling onto the comments section & making a comment showing your support, once you have done that, toggle your support before leaving a wee note of support towards the club. 

David Reid | YFS North Region Journalist
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