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Banks O'Dee Albion 19s reflect on successful season

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Banks O’Dee Albion don’t normally enter an Under 19s team into the ADJFA leagues however took the gamble to enter a team this season.

This decision paid off with the team winning the A league championship and also winning the Sunnybank Shield.

Albion won the league by 5 clear points ahead of Inverurie in 2nd with 12 wins and 4 draws with no defeats. The Sunnybank Shield was also claimed after a 2-0 win over Locos a couple of weeks ago.

A Mitch McPherson penalty & Lachie McLeod goal was the difference between the two sides.

Banks O’Dee Albion under 19s coach Jake Hay gave his thoughts on the season when he said: “Albion normally don’t enter an ADJFA Under 19s team."

"I knew if we kept our squad and signed 4-5 players then we would be favourites for the league and it’s easy to say on paper that you will win the league however it was one of the most competitive leagues that we have played in.

“There was 5/6 teams that could take points off each other so I am pleased to have crossed the line and we had to huff & puff a little bit for a while and there was also a couple of draws although we got there in the end so I am delighted for the boys.

“We drew with Stonehaven and we were 2-0 up and then they scored a worldy which got their tails up and it finished 3-3."

"It was one of them games that we needed to have a few stern words with the players after the game to lift it for the following game.

“Most of the guys are leaving school and just finished advanced highers and waiting to back from universities so a lot of things are up in the air at the minute. Hopefully the core of the team will still be here for next season."

"We look forward to doing an under 19s next season if that is the route Banks O’Dee want to go.“If we keep on going then it will be hard to retain the league as you don’t know who is signing who at Under 19s and it will be another competitive league. Personally for me and the lads I would love one last crack at the Scottish Cup.”



David Reid | YFS North Region Journalist
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