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Lewis United Youth lift Castles Trophy after well fought final

Lewis United Youth 3

Young 24, 40, Spence 56

Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC 1

Grant 41
  • Sunday, 14 May 2017
  • Colony Park
  • Under 16´s
  • Castles Trophy

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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In a well fought Castles Trophy final, Lewis United Youth lifted the silverware with a 3-1 win over Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC. Ross Grant scored Fraserburgh’s goal while Ross Young scored two of Lewis’s goals with Shaun Spence adding the third.

Lewis United pressed from the kick-off and Ben Marr put the ball into the box for Ross Young who shot at goal but the ball was headed clear by Ben Harvey.

The Bridge of Don-based team then had a chance from a free kick at thirty yards. Robert Ward sent the ball into the box but it was caught by Fraserburgh goalkeeper, Jack Kennedy.

Fraserburgh looked just as dangerous when they had possession, and Ewan Milne broke through the defence but Cameron Heslop swept in to clear the danger before Milne could make his shot at goal.

However Fraserburgh set up some great link-up play through Andrew Hannah and Adam Taylor. Taylor then put the ball into the box for Ross Grant but his shot was denied by Lewis goalkeeper, Matthew Buckham.

Both teams were attacking the game and Lewis were awarded a free kick five yards into their own half. Murray Esson’s impressive strike sent the ball into the box but it was headed clear by Thomas Hall before Ward could run on.

Lewis United continued to exert pressure and Ward shot from twenty-five yards. He was only denied by Kennedy who pushed the ball wide but Young was there and he tapped it in from close range to open the scoring in the twenty-fourth minute.

Ward looked set to extend his side’s lead through a free kick from thirty-five yards but he fired his shot just over the crossbar.

Grant then drove forward for Fraserburgh and he crossed the ball into the box for Billy Bruce but Bruce’s shot went wide.

Fraserburgh continued to press, and Hall put the ball through for Milne. Milne laid the ball back for Grant but Esson swept in to clear the danger. 

However Fraserburgh continued to create chances and Grant put the ball into space for Milne just outside the box but Lewis held their defence to deny a scoring chance and Heslop cleared.

Ward and Young linked once again for Lewis and Ward sent the ball to the edge of the box. Young slipped past the defence to run onto it and sent it home from close range to extend his side’s lead in the fortieth minute.

Fraserburgh tried to create one last chance before half-time with Bruce pressing forward but he was tripped. Hannah stepped up to take the free kick just outside the box but sent the ball over the crossbar.

  • Half Time:
  • Lewis United Youth
  • 2-0
  • Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC

The second half got underway and Fraserburgh wasted no time in showing their attacking intent. Taylor sent the ball through and Buckham was unable to clear before Grant ran on and found the back of the net from inside the box to get his side on the scoresheet in the forty-first minute.

Lewis United looked to respond but Ward was unable to find the target from the edge of the box after a great ball through from Ben Marr.

Hannah made a fantastic break from his own half. With Ryan Lawrence chasing, Hannah made his shot from thirty yards but Buckham caught the ball to deny the score.

End-to-end play ensued, with Ward once again looking for the back of the net with his shot from thirty-five yards. However he sent the ball straight into the arms of Kennedy.  

Moments later, Buckham made a similar save at the other end after Hall stepped up to take a free kick at forty yards.

Ward was once again pressing forward for Lewis and sent the ball out wide for Marr who pressed down the wing. He jinked the goalkeeper and raced into the box but Dainius Armanavicius swept in to clear the danger.

However Lewis were soon rewarded for their efforts when Young linked with Shaun Spence to drive forward. Young put the ball into space and Spence sent the ball into the back of the net from twenty yards in the fifty-sixth minute to extend his side’s lead once again.

Fraserburgh looked set to respond almost instantly as a team movement drove play to the other end but Hannah’s shot from twenty-two yards went just over the crossbar.

They continued to play some great interchanging football with Taylor and Grant prominent in attack and were awarded a free kick at twenty-three yards. Bruce sent the ball over the defensive wall but it was caught by Buckham.

Fraserburgh continued to exert pressure but Lewis held their defence. From a free kick at twenty-four yards, Hannah struck the post, and then sent the ball just wide from another free kick in the same area moments later.

With time running out, Fraserburgh mounted one last attack with John Murray putting the ball out wide to Milne but he was unable to penetrate Lewis’ defence.


  • Full Time:
  • Lewis United Youth
  • 3-1
  • Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC


Lewis United Youth
Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC
1. Matthew Buckham
2. Lucas Murray
3. Ryan Lawrence
5. Harley Stewart
6. Ben Marr
7. Murray Esson
8. Blair McKenzie
9. Robert Ward
10. Ross Young
11. Kai Morrison
14. Gregor Whyte
15. Cameron Heslop
16. Jamie Massie
17. Shaun Spence
19. Rory Brown
23. Reece Cormack
1. Jack Kennedy
2. Ryan Bray
3. Adam Taylor
5. Gregor Robertson
6. Dainius Armanavicius
7. Billy Bruce
8. Ross Grant
9. Andrew Hannah
11. Ben Harvey
12. John Murray
14. Bryce Fraser
15. Thomas Hall
16. Luke Geddes
18. Ewan Milne
21. Fraser Ross
--. Kyuss Cardno
Star Player
Lewis United Youth
Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC
Gregor Whyte had a strong game defensively and made several breaks to gain ground for his side, putting in a good shift to help his team lift the trophy.
Ewan Milne made several breaks for his team, helping to create several chances and testing Lewis' defence.
Magic Moment
Lewis United Youth
Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC
Lewis's final goal was well worked with great linking play from Ross Young and Shaun Spence, with Spence taking his chance and securing the victory for his team. Lifting the trophy was also a great moment for the team who have had a fantastic season.
Fraserburgh's goal early in the second half showed their intent to come back into the game. Ross Grant read the play well to run onto Adam Taylor's through ball and give his team the lift that they needed.
Club Views
Lewis United Youth
Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC
I spoke with Lewis United Youth coaches Neil Esson and Graham Taylor after the game to get their thoughts on the performance. Taylor said, "Having played three or four games a week for the last four or five weeks, it has been a big ask. They did enough to win the game but I think they've played better in other games this season. I'm proud of them and I'm glad they've won something to show for their season." Esson added, "Well done to the Fraserburgh boys. They played well today. As Graham said, I'm pleased for the boys because they've done really well this season. They should be proud of themselves." Looking ahead to next season, Esson said, "Hopefully this will give them a lift for next season." Taylor added, "At this stage in their development, it's important that you keep them enthused and keep them motivated to play. We want to make sure that they come back refreshed and ready to play next season."
I spoke to Matthew West, one of the coaches from Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC, who said, "We're bitterly disappointed with the result. We competed and played well- it was very, very close. It was frustrating to come in 2-0 down at half-time but a couple of errors cost us. I'm immensely proud of the team's performance- it was a battle of two good teams out there today, two good sides competing toe-to-toe and it's unfortunate that we couldn't come out on top today." Reflecting on their season, he said, "We've had a great season. We're a local team full of local players to the catchment area and we've represented Fraserburgh very well throughout the year. We've seen continuous improvement from the players and the guys have really enjoyed their football. It's been a great team to be a part of. The group as a whole have really improved and they've matured together."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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