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Newmachar United top ADJFA C League

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Newmachar United U14s finished top of the Aberdeen & District Juvenile Football Association (ADJFA) C League. They ended up on 51 points followed by the second place Dee Boys Club on 39 points. A comfortable finish for Newmachar United, and we got the chance to catch up with the manager, Michael Brown, to find out how they did it.
Winning the league is a huge accomplishment and one of the biggest in football. Training and playing games all season, all leads up to the big moment of a league clinching match. Michael said, "We are all absolutely ecstatic to have won the league. We came so close to winning last year that to finally get over the winning line this year is special. It makes up for the dissappointment of last year. I am very proud of the players for this great achievement." Newmachar United fell 6 points short of the league title last season, so to finish comfortably at the top of the table this season must have been an added relief.
Michael's favourite moment of the season was an obvious and easy choice. He declared, "My favourite moment is the night we clinched the league title. It was far from our best performance but we dug in and got the result we needed. There was a lot of hard work carried throughout the season from my players and coaches (Colin Miller and Mike Cordiner). Without their hard work we could not have got to a position where we could end up league winners." Winning the league in a comfortable fashion made it more of an achievement and showed their dominance throughout the league.
Despite their cushion at the top of the league, Newmachar still came across some challenges during their climb to the top. Michael said, "Our biggest challenge was without a doubt playing catch up with the other teams. Due to the weather, our home pitch was called off more than we would have liked. We had to play 4 games in 7 days at the end of the season. This was against teams at the top of the league who were our biggest competitiors so it was far from easy opponents. Credit to the boys as we won all 4 of these games." Having a number of games to play in a short amount of time shows the dedication and passion for the game that the boys have. 
Having a successful season doesn't come from luck or chance, it requires hard work, dedication and a plan. Michael thinks that the reason for their success this season comes down to chemistry and atmosphere. He commented, "The boys have been great since we started with them. They all get on great together and have a great chemistry with each other. They fight for each other and always believe in each other. That coupled with the dissapointment of last season gave them the drive and motivation to fight for the league title this season." Having great team spirit and chemistry helps to build a winning team. It sounds like the boys all got along and strived to win this season. 
Now that the boys have won their league, they are looking to continue the winning streak and bring it into the next division. Michael said this about his plans for the future, "Our plans are to first enjoy this league success. League titles do not come around every day. Once we have enjoyed some celebrating, we will then sit down and plan for next season. We certainly want to be competitive in the B league. Winning is a good habit to keep!" Planning and preparing for the next season should help the squad to compose themselves and bring themselves into the next division with the intention to win.
Michael has a real sense of pride for this achievement, he said in his final comments. "On the first morning of coaching I had 50 children turn up, which was a bit daunting. Off the back of that first session we managed to get 3 teams across different age groups up and running. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Colin Miller who joined me after a couple of training sessions and Mike Cordiner who has joined our coaching set up this season. Without their help, we could never have achieved what we have done." Having a good support structure helps to give the team motivation and training and in the end provides them the success that every team looks for. 
We wish Newmachar United good luck for the B League next season and hope they can continue their success.
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