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Banks O'Dee Albion consolidate top spot with win over Dyce

Dyce BC 1

Park 24

Banks O'Dee Albion 5

Holod 8, 40, 54, Fraser 56, Douglas 62
  • Sunday, 05 March 2017
  • Dyce Astro
  • Under 13´s
  • ADJFA League A

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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Wet conditions saw many North-region games postponed this weekend but Dyce Boys Club and Banks O’Dee Albion were still able to meet for their A-league match. Banks O’Dee secured a 5-1 win, with their goals scored by Kyle Douglas, Ryan Fraser and Sebastan Holod, who claimed a hat trick, while Dyce’s goal was scored by Ryan Park.

Both teams showed clear attacking intent early on but the first chance of the game fell for Dyce. James Whyte shot from twenty yards and to the right but sent the ball into the hands of Banks O’Dee goalkeeper, Kris Abernethy.

Banks O’Dee pressed forward through Jack Booth and Keiron Wood who linked well but Dyce held their defence to deny the chance. However the visitors were soon on the attack again and Wood put the ball into the box for Bailey Milne. Milne drew Dyce goalkeeper, Jamie Shingler, and crossed the ball to Sebastain Holod who sent it home from close range to open the scoring in the eighth minute.

The home side threatened through Zane Laird. Callum Nicol and Sam Milne-Emslie linked well to set Laird up for a blistering run from his own half but Banks O’Dee held in defence. 

Dyce were then awarded a free kick at thirty-five yards. Ryan Park sent the ball over the defensive wall and the goalkeeper to equalise in the twenty-fourth minute.

The home side looked dangerous, and Laird crossed the ball for Park who shot from thirty-five yards with an impressive strike which saw the ball clip the post.

Booth and Holod linked for the visitors to press forward but Holod sent his shot from the edge of the box just over the crossbar.

Dyce had one last chance of the half through Laird, who broke through Banks O’Dee’s defence but Abernethy smothered the ball before Laird could make his shot at goal.


  • Half Time:
  • Dyce BC
  • 1-1
  • Banks O'Dee Albion

As the second half got underway, Banks O’Dee exerted early pressure and were awarded a corner. Jay Goldie crossed the ball into the box and Holod headed it into the back of the net to extend his side’s lead in the fortieth minute.

The visitors continued to press and Aryia Abolfathi shot from twenty-two yards but Shingler pushed the shot wide. Andrew Buchan followed up but Ariel Blanksby cleared the danger.

Dyce had a chance of their own from a free kick at thirty-five yards. Park sent the ball into the box but it was headed clear by Kyle Douglas.

Banks O’Dee were awarded a free kick at twelve yards, and Goldie sent the ball into the box and tapped it home to claim his hat trick in the fifty-fourth minute.

Soon after, the visitors were awarded a penalty for a trip in the box. Ryan Fraser sent the ball to the right of Shingler to extend his side’s lead in the fifty-sixth minute.

Dyce continued to create chances of their own, and Ariel Blanksby put the ball into space for Laird. He shot from twenty-five yards but Douglas headed it clear.

Banks O’Dee were awarded a corner, and Goldie crossed the ball into the box. The ball bounced about the box before Douglas headed it into the net to further extend his side’s lead in the sixty-second minute.

The home side continued to press, and Milne-Emslie drove the ball into the box but it was smothered by Abernethy. Jos McLaren then shot from the edge of the box but it was just wide.

Dyce had a free kick from thirty-five yards. Park sent the ball into the box but it was cleared by Abolfathi.

The last chance of the game fell for Banks O’Dee. Ben Krukowski shot from thirty-five yards but it was pushed around the post by Shingler at full stretch to deny the visitors a final goal.


  • Full Time:
  • Dyce BC
  • 1-5
  • Banks O'Dee Albion


Dyce BC
Banks O'Dee Albion
1. Jamie Shingler
3. Callum Nicol
5. Rio Collie
6. James Whyte
8. Ryan Park
12. Archie Mackay
13. Sam Milne-Emslie
14. Zane Laird
15. Ryan McShea
16. Ariel Blanksby
17. Jos McLaren
18. Aiden Campbell
20. Stuart Pirie
1. Kris Abernethy
2. Kieron Wood
3. Aryia Abolfathi
6. Elliot Brodie
7. Kyle Douglas
8. Ryan Fraser
9. Sebastian Holod
. 10. Bailey Milne
11. Ben Krukowski
12. Dominic Love
14. Jay Goldie
16. Drew McDermid
17. Andrew Buchan
18. Jack McGeough
20. Jack Booth
Star Player
Dyce BC
Banks O'Dee Albion
Zane Laird was a prominent figure in attack and was unfortunate not to score. He showed impressive pace and footwork but Banks O’Dee held their defence well.
Kyle Douglas had a fantastic game in defence, particularly in the second half, closing down several Dyce attacks and heading the ball clear from a number of set piece plays.
Magic Moment
Dyce BC
Banks O'Dee Albion
Ryan Park’s shot from thirty-five yards was an impressive strike and he was unfortunate to clip the post. Shingler’s last save was also fantastic, pushing the ball around the post at full stretch after Krukowski’s strike from thirty-five yards.
Banks O’Dee’s first goal was well worked. Kieron Wood and Bailey Milne linked well to set up Hodol who was clinical in finishing.
Club Views
Dyce BC
Banks O'Dee Albion
I spoke with Jim Wiseman, one of the coaches from Dyce BC, who said, "It was a good game of football, a good battle- it's one of the toughest games we've played this season. We just didn't defend the set pieces properly." Earlier in the season, I spoke with Ronnie Cromar, manager of Dyce BC, who said that the main aim is the season was the development of the players. Wiseman said that this was still the aim but added, "We're in a cup final and a cup semi-final, so we've got those to look forward to. We'll still battle away in the league and still help the players to improve for next season."
I spoke with Barry Moir, one of the coaches at Banks O'Dee Albion, who said, "The boys did really well. I was very happy with the positions that we all took up, we looked very solid from the back and built from there. A 5-1 win over Dyce, they're the old enemy, so we're very pleased with that." On their aims for the rest of the season, Moir said, "We want to consolidate really. We have to win every game in the league. We also have a cup quarter-final, so simply put we want to win every game for the rest of the season."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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