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Newmachar United take vital points in impressive showing

Newmachar United 6

Creswell 17, 22, 35+3, 46, Tetzner 39, Stuart 64

Mintlaw BC 1

Park 31
  • Sunday, 13 November 2016
  • Charles Gordon Park
  • Under 13´s
  • ADJFA League C Section One

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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In a match far more competitive than the score suggests, Newmachar United and Mintlaw BC met at Charlie Gordon Park. Newmachar claimed the three points with a 6-1 win. Four of their goals were scored by Ben Creswell, with Alan Tetzner and Ben Stuart also scoring one each, while Mintlaw’s goal was scored by Leon Park.
Mintlaw pressed straight from the kick-off, with Ross Davidson driving the ball forward. He linked with Matthew Richardson who offloaded to Josh Cruickshank. Cruickshank shot from twenty-five yards but Newmachar goalkeeper, Konrad Gorczynski pushed the ball wide.
The visitors were awarded the corner which Leon Park crossed into the box. Davidson shot from close range but Gorczynski smothered the ball.
Newmachar had their first chance through Ben Creswell. He drove up the wing and shot from the edge of the box but Mintlaw goalkeeper, Jamie Dobbie, pushed it wide.
Creswell continued to be a prominent figure in the home side’s attack, shooting from thirty yards and wide to the right but his shot clipped the post. However the striker continued to look for openings and shot from twenty-five yards out in the seventeenth minute. Dobbie got his fingertips to the ball but not enough to prevent it going into the back of the net to give Newmachar the lead.
Taking confidence from their goal, Newmachar continued to create chances and Creswell made another break. He broke through the defence and shot from twenty-five yards, curving it in to extend his side’s lead in the twenty-second minute.
Mintlaw pressed forward with a team movement, and Ryan McRobbie crossed the ball for Richardson but his shot from the edge of the box was saved by Gorczynski. The visitors continued to press with Cruickshank making a fantastic shot from forty yards but it was just wide.
Matthew Brown and Creswell linked well and Creswell drove forward. However Jamie Lee Annan stayed close in defence, exerting enough pressure to force Creswell to shoot wide from ten yards.
Mintlaw’s Davidson broke down the wing and crossed the ball in for Kyle Gray but it was just too wide. However amidst the pressure in the box, Newmachar conceded a penalty. Park stepped up and sent the ball into the top right corner past Gorczynski in the thirty-first minute to get his side on the score sheet.
However Newmachar were determined to end the half with a bang, with Brown and Creswell exerting pressure. Creswell eventually tapped the ball home from close range three minutes into added time to bring the first half to a close.
  • Half Time:
  • Newmachar United
  • 3-1
  • Mintlaw BC
Newmachar started the second half with the same drive and determination with which they’d seen out the first, Creswell crossed the ball in for Brown but it was smothered by Mintlaw’s substitute goalkeeper, Scott Robertson.
Davidson drove down the wing and crossed the ball into the box for Jamie Smith but Smith’s shot was saved by Gorczynski. Smith followed up but Gorczynski smothered the ball to deny the chance.
In the thirty-ninth minute, the home side were pressing again. Creswell looked dangerous with the ball at his feet and duped the defence, laying the ball back for Alan Tetzner who curved the ball in over Robertson from twenty-five yards.
The visitors continued to create chances of their own and Richardson showed blistering pace with a run from his own half but Newmachar held their defence. However he linked with Davidson soon after, driving forward before Davidson shot from twenty yards but Gorczynski denied the chance.
The home side were looking dangerous again, with Creswell making yet another break. He shot from ten yards and wide to the right, sending the ball straight into the back of the net in the forty-sixth minute.
Mintlaw were creating chances but unable to take them. Davidson and Cruickshank were creating chances and making ground but Newmachar held their defence. Rhys Anderson shot from thirty yards but Gorczynski made yet another crucial save for the home side.
Creswell made another break for Newmachar and crossed the ball into the box for Liam Bowman but he was unable to send it in from close range as Mintlaw maintained their pressure in defence.
However in the sixty-fourth minute, the home side added to their tally as Tetzner fed Ben Stuart from wide to the right. Stuart took the ball inside the box and tapped it in from close range to further extend his side’s lead.
Mintlaw continued to look for openings and Park pressed forward but could not penetrate Newmachar’s defence. Park fed Matthew Stearman, and he linked with Josh Jamieson with Jamieson shooting from inside the box but Gorczynski smothered the ball and the visitors were unable to create any more chances.
  • Full Time:
  • Newmachar United
  • 6-1
  • Mintlaw BC


Newmachar United
Mintlaw BC
1. Konrad Gorczynski
2. Caitlin Garner
3. Drew Murray
4. Matthew Moir
5. Caiden Thom
6. Noah Burns
7. Logan Ward
8. Matthew Brown
9. Liam Bowman
10. Ben Stuart
11. Ewan Sinclair
12. James Coull
13. Alan Tetzner
14. Ben Creswell
15. Ashton Smith
16. Shaun Gauld
1. Jamie Dobbie
2. Rhys Anderson
5. Josh Cruickshank
6. Jamie Smith
7. Leon Park
9. Ross Davidson
11. Jamie Lee Annan
12. Kyle Gray
15. Ross Brown
18. Josh Jamieson
19. Ben Meredith
20. Matthew Richardson
21. Craig McDonald
22. Matthew Stearman
23. Ryan McRobbie
25. Scott Robertson
Star Player
Newmachar United
Mintlaw BC
Ben Creswell had an outstanding game and was a prominent figure in attack for Newmachar, scoring four goals during the match showing his clinical finishing. Konrad Gorczynski also had a great game, showing impressive form to make some great saves and deny Mintlaw the chances that they created.
Ross Davidson and Matthew Richardson were both impressive and showed their play-making skill throughout, creating chances and looking for openings throughout the game. Jamie Lee Annan also had a great game in defence, reading the play well to limit the chances for Newmachar.
Magic Moment
Newmachar United
Mintlaw BC
Newmachar's final goal was well worked. Tetzner and Stuart supported each other, with Tetzner feeding the ball across for Stuart who took his chance from close range to add his name to the score sheet.
Mintlaw created some brilliant chances throughout the game, particularly in the first half. Richardson, Davidson and Cruickshank showed strong interplay in the first half at 2-0 down. Cruickshank struck the ball at forty yards but sent it just wide and Richardson's follow up was also wide. However it showed the spirit and determination of the visiting side.
Club Views
Newmachar United
Mintlaw BC
I spoke with Scott Garner, the coach for Newmachar United, who said, "Both teams played very well and from Newmachar's perspective, we took our chances so it made it a very nice win for Newmachar. I thought Mintlaw played really well as well. It was quite an even game apart from the clinical goal scoring of Newmachar." On their aims for the season, he said. "If the kids keep playing good football, I'd like to think we'd be near the top of the league but time will tell. It's a very tight league and very enjoyable for the kids."
I spoke with James Gregor, one of the coaches at Mintlaw BC, who said, "The performance was good. We had changed the formation a bit today and it seemed to work. I thought it was a good performance but the score line was disappointing for us. It was a good game though." On their aims for the season, he said, "We want to end the season on a high. If we can get a couple more points on the table and score a few more goals, we'd be happy with that."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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