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Speyside and Kyran are on a mission

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Speyside Youth Development was only formed in January 2016 however it’s a club going places and will only continue to grow in the months and years ahead. Speysides man at the helm Kyran Dyer is a very enthusiastic football man and is also involved behind the scenes with Dufftown JFC and is also coaching the youngsters every Tuesday at Elgin City. Kyran is only 16 and has a bright future ahead of him.
Dyer spoke about his plans for the future and how the idea came about by saying, “We started up Speyside Youth Development FC in January this year and then we had trials in April and 24 kids turned up and we have trained once a week since April.
“We have had 3 games winning one and losing two and the whole idea is just to get kids playing football as there is a big gap from Primary 7 into S1 so we are just trying to bridge that gap.
“When I was in S1 it was quite hard to get into the school team and I thought because I am old enough now I set this up to see if we can bridge the gap so that is how the idea came about.
“We played our first game against Elgin City and a player got scouted for Elgin so I was happy with that, a few more players have also had offers however they have decided to stay which are good.
“Things have been since good we have formed it,  we had been partnered with a youth café in Dufftown called Speyside Youth however I have separated from that and I aim to start a parent committee so I am currently in the process of doing that.
“I see the game as it should be played in the proper manner and it should be right and not all long ball rubbish like what old management styles have been like, people are trying to play football now which is a lot better than just punting the ball.
“We are looking to enter the Highland Youth League however it’s a lot of hard work with SFA permits required however we are getting there and hope to apply soon.
“We have a Facebook page called Speyside Youth Development FC (click here) and if anyone is interested in joining the club either on or off the park then just send us a message. We take in players from P7-S2.
“Just now we currently only have one age group, we are trying to open up more age groups so we have a good youth system running however we are just trying to focus just now on getting into a league with one age group just now.”

David Reid | YFS North Region Journalist
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