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Dee BC and Colony Colts Face Off in Top of Table Clash

Dee BC 4

Sim 7, Hanratty 15, 40, Ahmed 53

Colony Colts 2

Tribe 3, McDonald 62
  • Sunday, 09 October 2016
  • Aulton
  • Under 14´s
  • ADJFA League C

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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Dee BC and Colony Colts met for the second time this season, with Dee having claimed a 4-3 win over the Inverurie-based side in their previous encounter. The home side secured another three points with a 4-2 win at Aulton. Their goals were scored by Liam Sim, Belal Ahmed and two by Michael Hanratty while Colony’s goals were scored by Thomas Tribe and Ross McDonald.
Play got underway with Dee exerting pressure early on through Michael Hanratty who put the ball into space for Nathan Martin to run on but Colony goalkeeper, Aidan Galashan, cleared. From the resulting corner, Liam Sim crossed the ball to the edge of the box and Colony rallied their defences to clear the danger.
Colony mounted their first attack of the match from deep in their own half. A team movement drove the ball up the field and Thomas Tribe raced past Dee goalkeeper, Wiktor Lazinski, and tapped it in from close range to open the scoring in the third minute.
The home side searched for a response, and Hanratty, Martin and Belal Ahmed linked up to press forward, with Ahmed driving into the box but Colony cleared. Ahmed took the resulting corner and the ball grazed the crossbar before Ross McDonald ran it clear. 
However soon after, Dee attacked again. Liam Sim broke through the defence and lobbed Galashan from the edge of the box to draw the score level in the seventh minute.
The visitors pressed through McDonald and Max Booth, who linked up but were unable to penetrate Dee’s defence. Keilan Masson showed blistering pace to drive the ball down the wing and crossed it to the edge of the box for Tribe but Lazinski cleared.
Dee exerted pressure once more and Ahmed ran onto the ball and drove into the box. He shot from six yards but Galashan pushed it wide. From the resulting corner, Ahmed crossed the ball into the box and Hanratty sent it in from close range to give his side the lead in the fifteenth minute.
Colony set up some interchanging play through Scott McAdie and Neil Johnston but their attack came to an end when the whistle was blown for offside. Dee countered but Ahmed’s shot from inside the box came off the post, and Hanratty’s shot was pushed wide by Galashan.
Jamie Couch made another break for Colony and put the ball into space for Tribe but Dee held their defence and counterattacked through Nathan Rebecca. His initial break was closed down by Ethan Trail before his shot from the edge of the box was cleared by Galashan.
  • Half Time:
  • Dee BC
  • 2-1
  • Colony Colts
As the second half got underway, the home side were eager to press and newly on, Mark Bresgott, broke down the wing and shot from twenty-five yards but it was pushed wide by Galashan. However Dee quickly rallied and were awarded a free kick at twenty-five yards. Hanratty curved the ball around the defence and the goalkeeper to extend his side’s lead in the fortieth minute.
Colony were eager to respond and Tribe made another fantastic break but was brought down. Ethan Trail stepped up to take the free kick at thirty-five yards but the ball was just wide of the target.
Hanratty was soon on the attack for the home side once more. He put the ball through for Ahmed who ran it to the edge of the box and shot but Galashan juggled for a moment before clearing.
Masson and Tribe linked up to push forward for the visitors before offloading to McDonald. He pressed forward but Lazinski gathered the ball at the post following McDonald’s shot from outside the box.
In the fifty-third minute, Dee were pressing once more and Ahmed lobbed the goalkeeper from thirty yards out, sending the ball into the back of the net.
However Colony refused to give up and in the sixty-second minute, they were rewarded for their efforts. The team moved the ball up the field and McDonald raced into the box and tapped it home from close range to narrow the gap.
The visitors continued to press, with Couch and Jamie Thow linking up. Thow put the ball out wide to McDonald who crossed the ball into the box but Jonathan Buchanan cleared and the final whistle was blown.
  • Full Time:
  • Dee BC
  • 4-2
  • Colony Colts


Dee BC
Colony Colts
1. Wiktor Lazinski
2. Jayden Hood
3. Kyle Forbes
4. Michael Hanratty
5. Jonathon Buchanan
6. Junior Quintal
7. Nathan Martin
8. Nathan Rebecca
9. Belal Ahmed
10. Liam Sim
11. Joshua Rebecca
12. Nathan Thomson
14. Mason Allison
15. Mark Bresgott
16.Kyle Brown
17. Daniel Bain
1. Aidan Galashan
3. Scott McAdie
4. Rory Weetman
7. Finlay Thow
9. Christopher Forbes
11. Thomas Tribe
12. Oliver Zeegers
14. Dan Beattie
17. Neil Johnston
18. Ross McDonald
20. Jamie Couch
24. Keilan Masson
25. Ethan trail
26. Max Booth
Star Player
Dee BC
Colony Colts
Michael Hanratty had a great game, creating chances for himself and his team mates, as well as working hard in defence.
Aidan Galashan had an outstanding game in goals, making some fantastic saves throughout the game.
Magic Moment
Dee BC
Colony Colts
Belal Ahmed's goal was fantastic. He had limited options when he decided to go for a shot at goal but he lobbed the keeper from thirty yards to add his name to the score sheet, having posed a threat in attack throughout the game.
Galashan made some fantastic saves throughout the game and Colony's magic moment had to be one of the most spectacular. Dee looked sure to score as Hanratty shot from inside the box following a great break. Galashan threw himself across the goal to push the ball wide and prevent the home team from extending their lead.
Club Views
Dee BC
Colony Colts
I spoke with Ivan Allan and Lee Brown, both coaches with Dee BC. Allan said, "The boys are starting to gel- they're basically a brand new squad from last season." Brown added, "The guys are working hard in training. They're bonding well, playing well- they were fantastic from start to finish today." On their aims for next season, Brown said, "We want the boys to enjoy their football. Win, lose or draw, it doesn't matter, as long as the guys are happy and as long as they're developing."
I spoke with Roy Johnston, one of the coaches at Colony Colts, who said, "Unfortunately we were missing a few players today but we met a slightly better team today and we have things to work on and fix in training. I'd like to think the boys could still be up there near the top of the league near the end of the season." On their aims for this season, he said, "Last year at U13's, we struggled to win a game at the start of the season but we finished much stronger. We started off this season very well. We've lost two games- both against Dee. We'll look to consolidate against the other teams in the league and hope to finish near the top of the league."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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