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Colony Park v Banks O'Dee Albion talking points

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There was a bit of rain and a bit of sunshine at Glenury Park, Stonehaven, for the Castle Trophies Cup final between Colony Park and Banks O’Dee Albion Under 16's. The punters were treated to goals and it was a one-sided encounter with Albion coming out on top 9-1.

Once again, North region reporter David Reid was put on the spot by young man Charlie Imrie and we certainly had a lot to talk about.


Charlie Imrie: How are you looking forward to the game today David?

David Reid: Like the game two weeks ago, Albion will be favourites to come out and win the game today. For Colony Park they have to go out here and enjoy it, Albion will make a bit of history with a victory today.

CI: How do you think Colony will approach the game today?

DR: Colony will look to compete with Albion and they won’t be there to make up the numbers, they will go out here today and try to win the game. They have had a couple of good games with Albion in the season and Colony are a good side.

CI: Albion will win the treble with a victory today, talk to us a bit about the season overall?

DR: It’s been a good season for Banks O’Dee Albion. There were a lot of questions raised at the start of the season regarding if they would be able to deliver. However, it wasn’t questions Charlie, like you know, and it was a case of people trying to write them off because they have won things in the past. They lost the likes of Jevan Anderson, Logan Johnstone and Gregor Thom and people expected Albion to fade away after that, however, the Albion coaching staff recruited well in the summer.

These lads have responded brilliantly to what Bruce McGregor, Stevie Hill and Pat Ritchie have put in front of them. They took in players such as Lewis Duffy, Greg Pirie and Connor Wood came back from Aberdeen.

They have had a very good season. They went to the semi-finals of the Scottish Cup last season and went a stage further this season. Everyone associated with Banks O’Dee Albion can be proud of these guys’ achievements this season. However, they still have one task and that is to beat Colony.

CI: Starting line-up for Colony is as follows: Dylan Faskin, Callum Jones, Stuart Simond, Callum Seymour, Rian Wilson, Lewis Buxton, Lewis Beattie, Sam Hunter, Harrison Hinks, Euan Dalmon, Alex Cheyne with subs being: Aaron McKenzie, Kieran Gilbert, Alex Duncan and Ross Davidson.

DR: That’s probably the strongest possible 11 for Colony. It’s a cup final so they had to put out their strongest 11 who would give them a chance. They are not here to make up the numbers Charlie.

CI: Banks O’Dee Albion line-up is as follows: Vitali Sahhalevtis, Jason Ritchie, Cameron Imrie, Lewis Duffy, Jo Bisset, Calum Beattie, Ben Ross, Greg Pirie, Connor Wood, Calum McKenzie, Mark Reid with subs being: Andy Wood, Cameron Ross, Alasdair Shrive, Shaun Cameron and Hamish MacLeod.

DR: Good line-up from Albion and more than capable of winning the game this afternoon. A deserved starting place for Jo Bisset, travelled a long way from Turriff to play in the game today and he will be aiming to put in a good performance ahead of next season. It tells you a lot about the strength and depth when you are seeing Hamish on the bench.

CI: Prediction for the game today?

DR: 4-0 Albion

CI: Vitali will be aiming for a clean sheet here today will he?

DR: Vitali is a goalkeeper I very much like and have worked with him as well. He came from Dee in the C league a couple of years ago, that’s what a lot of people don’t notice, Vitalis transition from being a C league goalie into probably the best goalie in the A league has been a very good one. I have high hopes in the future for Vitali under goalkeeping coach Ross Milne who works him hard every week, and we are starting to see the benefits of that now Charlie. Vitali gives the defenders confidence, a good goalkeeper wins you things and that is exactly what happens here. However, we can’t single out Vitali as everyone has played their part this season.

Half time

CI: Your thoughts on the first half Davie?

DR: Colony started the game well and frustrated Albion. However, it wasn’t going to be long before Albion would get the goal and Colony's game plan was to frustrate Albion and that’s what they did. Banks O’Dee are deservedly home and dry, though, with some great football and some good goals. Greg Pirie, I thought, has had a good game as has Connor Wood, however, it’s been a team effort. 4-0 has been a little bit harsh on Colony but Albion have done very well.

CI: Anything you can single out from the first half?

DR: I think it was, firstly, the way that Colony set up and frustrated Albion. Secondly, Albion's goals, which have been well taken, and they look home and dry now. 

Full Time

CI: What did you think of the game today?

DR: Colony started well but it was game over once Albion got their noses in front. They were 4-0 up at half time and, in the second half, it was all Albion and they deserved to take the cup back to Spain Park.

CI: What did Albion do well to get the victory?

DR: It was a frustrating start to the game, from an Albion perspective, however, they got the opener. Cameron Imrie told me in the interview that they aimed to put on a show today and that is exactly what they did - good football from start to finish, which is exactly how Albion want to play their football. They got the job done so well done to each and every one of you at Banks O’Dee Albion. Terrific achievement and that is not just the players. That is yourself, Charlie, the coaches and the parents. 12 trophies in four years and I don’t think that has been done by any other team yet. There were players that departed for various reasons but, as a team, they moved on and went forward. The players who have come in have been even stronger.

CI: Like you say, 12 trophies in four years and Calum Beattie, Cameron Imrie and Jason Ritchie have been through them all.

DR: They are top boys Charlie, they have been through all the highs and through all the lows, although the majority has been all highs. These lads have won all the silverware where other players have no longer been part of this successful team and, next season, they will aim to win 15/16 trophies in five years. If they do that you can’t ask for more Charlie. Bruce and Stevie have worked with sides who have won Scottish Cups but haven’t had the clean sweep locally.

David Reid | YFS North Region Journalist
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