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ALC Athletic v Banks O'Dee Albion talking points

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After a 1-0 win for Dyce over Banks O’Dee Albion at the Under 13s age group it was onto the under 16s where ALC Athletic tackled Albion.

Young man Charlie Imrie (brother of Banks O’Dee Albion captain Cameron Imrie) put North region reporter David Reid on the spot ahead of this one and there were plenty of talking points.


Charlie Imrie: How are you looking forward to the game today David?

David Reid: Well Albion are going to be favourites going into the game today as they have won trophies and that is their objective, as of ALC the coaches will be in the changing rooms just now getting their guys fired up for the game and they will be keen to give Albion a good game this afternoon.

CI: How do you think ALC will approach the game?

DR: Good questions, ALC are inexperienced compared to Albion when it comes to cup finals and the ALC coaches will be keen to give Albion a good game here today, on an Albion perspective they can’t underestimate ALC, if they do so there is a chance for Athletic.

Team line ups were as follows: Taylor McBain, Matthew Clark, Logan Paterson, Sean McHardy, Scott Fraser, Alan Oldroyd, Lewis Ifi, Jay Murphy, Connor Towler, Greig Rennie, Cameron Fraser, Keith Robertshaw and Connor Masson with the subs Logan and Jay.

DR: A depleted team for ALC this afternoon however if they put in the effort then they will be content. I'm surprised to see Jay Murphy not starting.

Albion was: Vitali Sahhalevtis, Jason Ritchie, Cameron Imrie, Ben Ross, Andrew Wood, Alastair Shrive, Hamish McLeod, Mark Reid, Calum McKenzie, Shaun Cameron and Cameron Ross. Subs are: Calum Beattie, Lewis Duffy, Joseph Bisset, Greg Pirie and Connor Wood

DR: Strong team there, more than capable of winning the game, a couple of surprises in there, however it’s up to the coaches and not me. They got a good result on Tuesday night, just a couple of days after a Scottish Cup final, and they’ll be aiming for the same today.

CI: 6-0 win for Albion away to Colony on Tuesday, great win wasn’t it?

DR: Absolutely, the big question for Albion was going to be would they win first and foremost and then, if so, how much would they win by as they had a Scottish Cup final two days before hand and probably the biggest game of their career so far for some of the players.

Jason missed a penalty on Sunday which would have been devastating for him. However, he scored a penalty on Tuesday, and hats off to Jason for taking a penalty, but most importantly hats off to the rest of the team for handing over the ball to the right back and it shows what a team is all about.

CI: Predictions?

DR: 5-0 Albion and ALC to give Albion a good game.

Half time

CI: Your thoughts on the first half Davie? 

DR: As expected, Albion would start well and over the piece they deserve to be in front at this point. A good goal from Hamish McLeod, after some good play in the lead-up to it, and I was expecting Albion to kick on from there. However, I have to praise ALC for the effort they put in so far. They’ve been positive in their play, not just in certain areas but all over the park and the Albion coaching staff will be in the dressing room keen to ask the players for more goals so they can be in a more comfortable position.

ALC will see a glimmer of hope going into the second half.  I think Albion need to make a couple of changes as it’s a good pitch and playing well but haven’t added to their tally. I am going to single out Cameron Ross, who has been excellent at left back, and a great replacement for Calum Beattie. I think if Albion step it up a little they’ll be home and dry.

Full time

CI: 3-0 win for Banks O’Dee Albion against ALC Athletic today, your thoughts on the game Davie?

DR: Deserved win for Albion in the end. At half time I felt Albion had to change it a little bit and that’s exactly what they did, they brought on some players and got two quick goals to go 3-0 ahead and a more comfortable position for Albion compared to what they had at half time.

Overall for Albion it was a deserved win, however full credit to ALC who had a depleted squad and had to play some players who weren’t match fit, Jay Murphy in particular was only 50% fit.

CI: What did Albion do well to win today?

DR: I think it was the overall attacking play and I don’t think some players were getting the ball enough to test ALC. However, in the second half we saw a different Banks O’Dee team and they should have scored more in the end. Greg and Connor came on, who are two creative players for Albion, and those two, along with Calum McKenzie, did well. A superb strike from Calum and he was unlucky with an overhead kick. It’s another trophy for Albion, and deservedly so. These lads now have to head up to Fraserburgh on Tuesday and cement their ADJFA undefeated record before they go onto Colony Park.

There’s been a lot said over the past week about Albion not winning the Scottish Cup this season. Some people have to remember that youth football is not about winning things in the first instance, it has to be earned. Albion crashed at the semi-final stage last time, they have gone a stage further this season and were, in the end, unlucky. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end. I think if they keep their squad they can go and lift it next season. People come to Banks O’Dee Albion with one target only and that isn’t just to win local leagues and cups. It’s also to get into the latter stages of the Scottish Cup and the 16's would have been disappointed with last Sunday, however they’ll want to be back at Airdrie and I have every belief they’ll do so.

CI: Outstanding effort from both teams today Davie?

DR: Yeah well Albion, like I mentioned, were always going to be favourites going into the game today and ALC were expected to turn up and compete, which they did and both teams put in the effort like you say Charlie.

CI: Better team came out victorious?

DR: Absolutely, there were a lot of questions raised after the Scottish Cup defeat for Albion last week, however the Albion players have paid back the Albion coaches andparents with two great performances, firstly against Colony then here against ALC.

David Reid | YFS North Region Journalist
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