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Newmachar United return to top of table

Newmachar United 6

Duncan 7', 50', Greig 30', Williams 40+1', 47', 62'

Glentanar CFC 2

Reid 40', Walker 44'
  • Saturday, 09 April 2016
  • Aulton
  • Under 16´s
  • ADJFA League B

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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With the league still wide open, Newmachar United and Glentanar CFC met at Aulton. Newmachar took the vital three points to regain their spot at the top of the league with a 6-2 win. Their goals were scored by Paul Greig, two by Connor Duncan and three by Leon Williams, while Glentanar’s goals were scored by Callum Reid and Jack Walker.
Glentanar put some early pressure on the home side and had the first chance of the match through Jaie Cowie, who broke down the wing and crossed the ball in for David Vaughan. He shot from the edge of the box but the ball went wide.
The home side were looking for their own chances and Reece Masson drove the ball down the wing but crossed the ball wide of the goal. However, in the seventh minute, Connor Duncan ran on to a loose ball and rounded goalkeeper, Lewis Willox, to send the ball into the back of the net and open the scoring.
The visitors pressed forward once more with Cowie controlling the ball well but Masson cleared the danger. Glentanar were then awarded a free kick on halfway. Kiel Findlay sent the ball to the box where Vaughan headed the ball over the crossbar.
Newmachar were awarded a free kick on halfway which was taken by captain, Caleb Wilson. He sent the ball into the box but it was headed clear by Findlay before any of the Newmachar side could make a shot.
Glentanar captain, Dylan Henderson, then broke straight through the centre of the field and shot from ten yards, only for Newmachar goalkeeper, Scott Strachan, to push it wide. The resultant corner for the visitors was taken by Billy Smith who crossed the ball into the box where it was headed by Vaughan but cleared off the line by James Anderson. Smith had run in and shot from the corner of the box but Strachan caught the ball to deny Glentanar the goal.
Joel Gillies then pressed forward for the home side and shot from thirty yards and wide to the right, but it was caught by Willox. Newmachar continued to press with Masson putting the ball through for Leon Williams but Henderson swept in to clear.
With thirty minutes played, Newmachar continued to press and Williams put the ball into the box where it ricocheted off several players before Paul Greig knocked it into the goal to increase their lead.
The visitors pressed back right away and Jack Walker shot from the edge of the box but the ball struck the post and Newmachar were able to clear. The visitors continued to press and Walker this time tried an overhead kick from the edge of the box, but it was caught by Strachan.
However Glentanar’s perseverance paid off, and Vaughan, Cowie and Aidan Milne put some interchanging play together to drive the ball forward before Callum Reid ran onto the ball in the box and chipped it over Strachan to get his side on the score sheet in the fortieth minute.
The home side kept their heads up and responded instantly with Duncan crossing the ball into the box for Williams who ran on and sent it into the back of the net in added time to close the half.
  • Half Time:
  • Newmachar United
  • 3-1
  • Glentanar CFC
Glentanar opened the second half as they had opened the first, putting pressure on the home side. Reid drove the ball down the wing but as he ran it into the box, Strachan smothered the ball. However, the visitors continued to press and Walker weaved around the defence to slip it past Strachan in the forty-fourth minute.
The home side were awarded a corner which was taken by Masson. He crossed the ball into the box which was cleared by Milne. However Williams followed up and struck the ball into the net from twenty-five yards in the forty-seventh minute.
Masson made another break for the home side, driving the ball down the wing and crossing it into the box for Duncan who curved the ball over Willox and into the net in the fiftieth minute.
Newmachar continued to exert pressure, with Jacob Drummond putting the ball through for Duncan who used his blistering pace to press forward but Milne swept in and cleared the ball before Duncan could make a shot at goal. Williams then had a chance with a volley on the edge of the box but Willox just got a hand to it to push it wide.
The visitors bounced back with Walker breaking through  the defence but Robert Clements raced back to clear. Walker drove it forward again and laid the ball back for Findlay who shot from twenty-five yards but sent the ball just wide.
The home side pressed back and Duncan put the ball to Masson who jinked around the defence before Milne cleared the ball. Gillies and Drummond set up some interchanging play to press forward but Gillies’ shot from the edge of the box went just wide.
Newmachar made another break through Drummond who put the ball inside to Williams. He shot from the edge of the box and put the ball into the back of the net to claim his hat trick in sixty-second minute.
Glentanar continued to press, with Vaughan and Reid setting up interchanging play before Vaughan made a shot from the edge of the box but Strachan pushed the ball wide. Henderson, Findlay, Milne and Reid all drove the ball forward for Glentanar but Newmachar held their defence well through Wilson, Gillies and Clements
Paul Constable pressed forward for the visitors but could not find an opening with Wilson holding his defence. Constable put the ball through for Kieran Pratt but Gillies cleared the ball to deny the chance.
  • Full Time:
  • Newmachar United
  • 6-2
  • Glentanar CFC


Newmachar United
Glentanar CFC
1. Scott Strachan
2. Caleb Wilson
3. James Anderson
4. Joel Gillies
5. Robert Clements
6. Declan Robb
7. Connor Duncan
8. Jacob Drummond
9. Paul Greig
10. Reece Masson
11. Leon Williams
12. Calum Allan
14. Sean Stalker
16. Jordon Baillie
18. Cole Morrison
1. Lewis Willox
2. Callum Reid
3. Connor Nicol
5. Dylan Henderson
6. Billy Smith
7. Caie Rust
8. Jaie Cowie
10. Jack Walker
11. Kiel Findlay
12. Aidan Milne
14. Kieran Pratt
15. Ross Robertson
16. Paul Constable
17. Ethan Smith
19. David Vaughan
Star Player
Newmachar United
Glentanar CFC
Joel Gillies had a fantastic game, putting in a great defensive shift as well as making some breaks to create chances throughout the game.
Callum Reid was a prominent attacking force for Glentanar throughout the game, chasing every ball and making some fantastic breaks.
Magic Moment
Newmachar United
Glentanar CFC
Scott Strachan made a great save early on in the match. Vaughan put the ball through into space for Reid who only had Strachan to beat, but the keeper held his nerve to deny the visitors the chance that they had created.
Glentanar's first goal was well worked, with Callum Reid running onto a through ball from David Vaughan and sending it over the keeper. The side looked more confident after their goal and it allowed them to settle into the game.
Club Views
Newmachar United
Glentanar CFC
I spoke with Paul Greig, the head coach of Newmachar United, who said, "It was a brilliant performance from the boys today. The team spirit was high against a tough and resilient Glentanar side. We needed to get back to winning ways and this result puts us back to the top of the league with one game left to go. At the start of the season, we said our aim was to get to the A league so we just have to maintain our winning performances and there's still a chance of doing that."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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