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Banks O'Dee Albions Blast into next Round of Colony Park Cup

Banks O'Dee Albion 9

Brand 10' 36' 37' 47', Rivett 30' 67', Peters 34' 39', Lumsden 62', T. Raynard 63'

Westdyke CC 1

Megginson 20'
  • Sunday, 06 March 2016
  • Spain Park
  • Under 13´s
  • Colony Park Cup

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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After the original fixture was postponed, Banks O’Dee Albion and Westdyke CC finally faced each other in the third round of the Colony Park Cup. Banks O’Dee secured their place in the next round with a 10-1 victory. Lewis Brand scored four of the home side’s goals, with Santiago Rivett and Matt Peters achieving two goals each and Struan Lumsden and Travis Raynard also scoring a goal each while Westdyke’s goal was scored by Luca Megginson.

Banks O’Dee pressed early in the game and Matt Peters linked up with Lewis Brand to drive into the box. However Westdyke goalkeeper, Brogan Coates, raced forward and Brand’s shot was wide.

The visitors then pressed forward and Lyle Innes shot from thirty-five yards but it was caught by Banks O’Dee goalkeeper, Murray Burns.

Peters and Brand linked up once more, with Brand striking the ball just inside the box. It was pushed wide by Coates before it was cleared by Kieran Gammie. The home side attacked once more through Jack MacDonald who laid the ball back for Travis Raynard but his shot from twenty-five yards was caught by Coates.

The home side continued to exert pressure and it was rewarded in the tenth minute, when Brand shot from the edge of the box and sent the ball straight into the back of the net.

Westdyke pressed forward through Luca Megginson and Oliver Minshull but neither player could find the opening that they were looking for. The visitors continued to persevere and Robbie Campbell showed some impressive footwork to jink the defence and put the ball through for Megginson who shot from just inside the box and sent it into the net to draw the score level in the twentieth minute.

Banks O’Dee set up interchanging play between Peters and Cameron Jappy. Peters shot from the edge of the box but struck it just wide. 

The visitors were fronting up much more now and Campbell got into space but his shot from wide to the left hit the side of the net.

The home side were awarded a free kick on the right edge of the box. Travis Raynard sent the ball into the box and Santiago Rivett tapped into the net in the thirtieth minute.

Westdyke were awarded a free kick soon after at twenty-five yards. Innes crossed the ball into the box and it slipped through Burns’ hands but Campbell tapped it just wide. The visitors continued to look for chances and Megginson put the ball through for Campbell but Mario Raynard was sharp in defence and cleared the danger.

However the home side looked set to increase their lead and Travis Raynard broke through the defence to put the ball through for Peters, who wasted no time in putting it into the back of the net in the thirty-fourth minute.

  • Half Time:
  • Banks O'Dee Albion
  • 3-1
  • Westdyke CC

Banks O’Dee wasted no time in the second half in showing their intent and in the thirty-sixth minute, Travis Raynard put the ball into space for Brand who ran into the box and slipped the ball into the net.

Straight from the restart, the home side pressed again and Travis Raynard once again put the ball through for Brand who curved the ball over Coates and into the net in the thirty-seventh minute.

The home side continued to look for opportunities to increase their lead and Brand sent the ball across the box for Peters who tapped it in from close range in the thirty-ninth minute.

Westdyke continued to look for chances of their own with Campbell, Minshull and Megginson all pressing forward but Banks O’Dee held their defence well to close down any attacking opportunities for the visitors.

Banks O’Dee were awarded a free kick at thirty-five yards and Brand sent the ball into the box but it was caught by Coates. Moments later, the home side were awarded another free kick, this time at thirty yards which Brand sent into the corner of the net in the forty-seventh minute.

Matthew Poppleton showed some impressive footwork for the visitors and put the ball down the line for Campbell but Banks O’Dee held strong in defence to deny the chance. 

Westdyke continued to press through Minshull who made a great break but Mario Raynard remained close in defence and Banks O’Dee’s substitute goalkeeper, Jack King, cleared.

The home side were awarded a corner which Ben Dalglish sent into the box. It was initially cleared by Westdyke but Dalglish sent the ball into the box a second time and Struan Lumsden headed the ball into the net in the sixty-second minute.

From the restart, Banks O’Dee pressed again through Peters, Travis Raynard and Josh Middler. In the sixty-third minute, Travis Raynard struck the ball from the corner of the box and found the back of the net.

As the home side continued to press, Coates made some fantastic saves under great pressure but Rivett found an opening and tapped the ball in from close range in the sixty-seventh minute.

With their chance of progression beyond reach, Westdyke refused to give up and continued to create chances. Innes put the ball through for Ross Wilson who raced on and shot from twenty-five yards but King kept the ball out.

The visitors continued to press and Poppleton found space and put the ball through for Campbell but Banks O’Dee held their defence to deny the chance and end the game.

  • Full Time:
  • Banks O'Dee Albion
  • 9-1
  • Westdyke CC


Banks O'Dee Albion
Westdyke CC
1. Murray Burns
2. Joseph Otto
3. Leon Forbes
4. Struan Lumsden
5. Ben Dalglish
6. Gary Livingstone
7. Mario Raynard
8. Travis Raynard
10. Santiago Rivett
11. Matt Peters
12. Jack MacDonald
14. Lewis Brand
19. Josh Middler
20. Cameron Jappy
21. Jack King
1. Brogan Coates
2. Paul Levitt
5. Declan Jamieson
6. Owen MacKenzie
8. Nathan Robb
9. Robbie Campbell
10. Oliver Minshull
11. Kieran Gammie
12. Luca Megginson
15. Ross Wilson
16. Mika Askilosen
17. Lyle Innes
20. Matthew Poppleton
Star Player
Banks O'Dee Albion
Westdyke CC
Lewis Brand - He had a great game, claiming four goals for himself as well as assisting in Peters' second half goal. He made several breaks throughout the game and could have had more goals to his name if it weren't for some fantastic saves by Westdyke goalkeeper, Broagan Coates.
Robbie Campbell - He created chances throughout the game for himself and his teammates, with his impressive footwork playing a key part in Luca Megginson's goal. He kept his head up throughout the game and continued trying to create chances for the duration.
Magic Moment
Banks O'Dee Albion
Westdyke CC
The opening five minutes of the second half, Banks O'Dee showed their intent with three goals in quick succession. They showed their intent and continued to create attacking opportunities as the half progressed.
Luca Megginson's goal was well worked, with Robbie Campbell jinking around the defence to create the opening that Megginson needed to make his shot at goal and draw the score level.
Club Views
Banks O'Dee Albion
Westdyke CC
I spoke with Richard Livingstone, one of the coaches of Banks O'Dee Albion, who said, "We got there in the end. Westdyke have got some good players but overall we were a little bit stronger and created some good chances." With a Scottish Cup semi-final coming up, Livingstone insists that it is important to maintain focus on all upcoming fixtures. He said, "We've only got next week to prepare but [the Scottish Cup game] is on the back of our minds but it is all about trying to get games in before then and trying to practice the formation and the team. We're not focusing on it yet- we've got one game before that and then we'll focus on it after that."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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