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Newmachar United take vital points in league challenge

Newmachar United 6

Anderon 2' 35', Miller 26' 64', McAllister 45', Gray 63'

Mintlaw BC 2

Milne 15', Whyte 55'
  • Sunday, 21 February 2016
  • Charles Gordon Park
  • Under 13´s
  • ADJFA League C

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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Newmachar United hosted Mintlaw BC at Charles Gordon Park for the home side’s first match since November. The home side secured the three points for with a 6-2 win. Newmachar’s goals were scored by Bradley McAllister, John Gray, two by Brian Anderson and two by Nathan Miller, while Mintlaw’s goals were scored by Ryan Milne and Reegan Whyte.

The home side opened the scoring early on as Nathan Miller broke through the defence and sent the ball to Brian Anderson in the box who lured Mintlaw goalkeeper, Eddie Zevalds, out from the goal before sending it into the back of the net in the second minute.

Mintlaw pressed for territory but Newmachar looked strong in defence. However Ryan Milne made a break from deep in his own half and put in a great pass to Ross Chalmers. Newmachar held strong in defence and goalkeeper, Jordan Cruikshank, smothered the ball in the box as Owen Johnston ran on.

Newmachar pressed forward again through Daniel Owen who shot from twenty-five yards and wide to the right but it was wide of the goal. The hosts continued to press with some interchanging play from Owen and Owen Cowling but Mintlaw held their defence and cleared the danger.

The visitors put a great series of passes together and the ball was put into space for Milne, who ran on. He raced past the defence and slipped it past Cruikshank from inside the box to draw the score level in the fifteenth minute. 

Mintlaw were awarded a free kick at twenty-five yards. Milne sent the ball into the box but Newmachar scrambled to clear.

The hosts were soon pressing again, looking to regain their lead, and Anderson shot from the edge of the box but Zevalds caught the ball to keep it out. Miller then raced forward and tapped the ball from inside the box only to hit the post. However he followed on and sent it past Zevalds in the twenty-sixth minute.

John Gray made a great break from his own half for the hosts but Mintlaw’s Ben Dickie closed in. Anderson and Owen then set up interchanging play and reached the box but Owen hit the post.

The visitors continued to look for chances, and Johnston put the ball into space for Milne to run onto but Newmachar were able to clear.

Owen then broke down the wing and crossed into the box for Anderson who sent it past Zevalds to increase his side’s lead in the thirty-fifth minute and close the half.

  • Half Time:
  • Newmachar United
  • 3-1
  • Mintlaw BC

The visitors pressed early in the second half, with Owen Cruikshank putting the ball through for Reegan Whyte but Struan Sinclair swept in to clear.

Newmachar then counterattacked through Miller who put the ball into space for Gray. He jinked Zevalds and looked set to score but Chalmers looked sharp in in defence. Gray looked for another chance but struck it wide.

The hosts were then awarded a corner. Anderson crossed the ball into the box where captain, Bradley McAllister, sent the ball into the back of the net in the forty-fifth minute.

Mintlaw pressed forward as Johnston raced forward and put the ball to Milne but Sinclair put the ball out of play. Soon after, the visitors were awarded a free kick at thirty-five yards. Macaulay Finnie sent the ball into the box but Jordan Cruikshank caught the ball to keep it out.

The home side were awarded another corner. Anderson crossed the ball into the box again but this time Mintlaw scrambled to clear. However Sinclair continued to look for an opening and sent the ball to Flynn McLennan but he hit the ball wide.

The visitors broke again with Milne putting the ball into space. Jordan Cruikshank swept out to smother the ball but it slipped through his hands and Whyte ran on to slip it into the net in the fifty-fifth minute.

Mintlaw continued trying to create chances and Milne made another break down the wing. Jordan Cruikshank palmed the ball high and though Whyte followed on once more, he struck it just wide.

Newmachar drove the ball forward with a nice series of passes before Gray broke and jinked Zevalds once again and this time sent it into the back of the net uncontested in the sixty-third minute.

From the restart, the host pressed forward again through some interchanging play by Anderson and Miller. They drove the ball into the box where Miller struck it into the back of the net in the sixty-fourth minute.

Mintlaw continued to look for openings and were awarded a corner but Finnie hit the side of the net.

The hosts pressed forward through Anderson and Owen to reach the edge of the box but Anderson’s shot was palmed wide by Zevalds and the final whistle was blown.

  • Full Time:
  • Newmachar United
  • 6-2
  • Mintlaw BC


Newmachar United
Mintlaw BC
1. Jordan Cruikshank
2. Bradley McAllister
3. John Gray
4. Struan Sinclair
5. Jayden Sutherland
6. Flynn McLennan
7. Kieran Brown
8. Kieran Smith
9. Brian Anderson
10. Daniel Owen
12. Zach Cunningham
14. Jamie Barclay
15. Owen Cowling
16. Marc Bresgott
17. Nathan Miller
1. Eddie Zevalds
2. Cameron Whyte
3. Marley Warrender
5. Ross Chalmers
6. Macaulay Finnie
8. Ben Dickie
9. Craig Buchan
10. Ryan Milne
11. Owen Johnston
12. Patrick Jamieson
14. Reegan Whyte
15. Nicholas Elrick
16. Danny Boyle
18. Adam Findlay
19. Owen Cruikshank
21. Jamie Summers
Star Player
Newmachar United
Mintlaw BC
Struan Sinclair - He played well for the home side being a key figure in their defence but also trying to create chances for his teammates.
Ryan Milne - He was a prominent figure in attack for the visitors, using his blistering pace to make a number of breaks and create chances throughout the game.
Magic Moment
Newmachar United
Mintlaw BC
John Gray’s goal was well worked as he broke from halfway and then showed some impressive footwork to jink Mintlaw’s goalkeeper before sending it into the net.
Mintlaw’s second half goal showed some great teamwork between Milne and Whyte who followed on for each other several times in the game, on this occasion resulting in Whyte’s goal.
Club Views
Newmachar United
Mintlaw BC
I spoke with Michael Brown, the manager of Newmachar United, who said, “It’s only our second game in three months so the guys are a bit rusty but we asked them to put the effort in. We’ve played Mintlaw before and we know they always put one hundred per cent effort in so we knew we had to match them for effort. We battled through as hard as they did but we were able to create more chances.” On their aims for next season, he said, “We’re sitting joint top of the league so it would be great to get promotion but the main thing is player development. We like to see the players develop and enjoy themselves. If the results come, that’s great but as long the players enjoy what they’re doing.”
I spoke with Malcolm Whyte, coach of Mintlaw BC, who said, “We started slow today before we had a nice spell. I was disappointed in our second half performance. We want to do the simple things well- we want emphasis on communication so that they can organise and do the simple things well.”
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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