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Banks O'Dee Albion bag three vital points against Vale

Banks O'Dee Albion FC 4

Raynard 16', 26', 66', Peters 42'

Deveronvale FC 0

  • Sunday, 24 January 2016
  • Spain Park
  • Under 13´s
  • ADJFA League A

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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The A league battle between Banks O’Dee Albion and Deveronvale took place at Spain Park, and saw the home side claim a 4-0 victory. Matt Peters claimed one goal while Travis Raynard scored a hat trick to secure the three points for his side.

Both teams fronted up well in the opening phases of play but it was Deveronvale who had the first real chance of the game. After a series of passes allowed the side to press up field, Campbell McDermott shot from thirty yards but goalkeeper, Jack King, kept the ball out and the home side were able to clear the danger.

The visitors continued to press and Josh Buchan struck the ball from the edge of the box but it skimmed the outside of the post.

Banks O’Dee began to mount their attack and looked dangerous as Santiago Rivett broke down the right wing. He crossed the ball into the box for Matt Peters who gave a short pass to Joseph Otto but Deveronvale held their defence to force the shot wide.

Soon after, Gary Livingstone broke through with Buchan chasing but Deveronvale goalkeeper, Jamie Williamson swept in to block the shot.

A series of corners tested Deveronvale’s defense and Williamson made some great saves but it was third time lucky for Banks O’Dee, as Leon Forbes crossed the ball into the box where Travis Raynard tapped it into the net in the sixteenth minute to open the scoring.

The home side looked set to score again as Peters slipped past Joe Mair but Williamson raced out of the goal mouth to smother the ball before Peters could make his shot.

Deveronvale then pressed forward and Kyle Buxton shot from inside the box but it was deflected by Mario Raynard to deny the chance.

Banks O’Dee were soon on the attack again and in the twenty-sixth minute, Lewis Brand crossed the ball into the box for Travis Raynard who lobbed the ball over the keeper to claim his second goal.

The home side were then awarded a corner, taken by Forbes who crossed the ball into the box. It was tapped away by Daniel McKay but Rivett and Jack MacDonald continued to press and look for a gap in the defence before Williamson was able to clear.

Deveronvale drew play to the other end and Joel Davidson crossed the ball into the box but Banks O’Dee held their defence to clear the danger, and the half came to an end.

  • Half Time:
  • Banks O'Dee Albion FC
  • 2-0
  • Deveronvale FC

The home side were looking dangerous early on in the second half as Josh Middler beat the defence but his shot from just inside the box was marginally wide. However in the forty-second minute, Middler penetrated the defence again before crossing to Peters who jinked around Williamson to slip it into the net and increase his side’s lead.

The visitors kept their heads up and put together some great interchanging play but were unable to penetrate Banks O’Dee’s defence.

Deveronvale continued to press as Buxton broke down the right wing but he pushed the ball just too far and Banks O’Dee’s new goalkeeper, Murray Burns, was able to clear.

However the visitors continued trying to create chances, and Davidson broke through the defence before lobbing the ball and finding the top of the net.

Banks O’Dee drove play to the other end and were awarded a corner. Forbes crossed it into the box but Deveronvale scrambled their defence to clear it. However Rivett was soon racing down the wing and put a pass into the box for Otto whose shot was denied by Williamson.

The visitors responded with Dylan Moeller putting the ball into space for McKay who raced down the wing and crossed the ball to McDermott but he was unable to get a clear shot at goal and Banks O’Dee cleared the danger.

Deveronvale were then awarded a free kick five yards into the half which was taken by Davidson. He sent the ball into the box but as his teammates ran on, Burns got there first to deny the scoring chance.

The home side soon had another chance as Josh Middler shot from the edge of the box but it went wide. However in the sixty-sixth minute, another corner saw Brand send the ball into the box where Travis Raynard headed the ball into the net to secure his side’s victory.

  • Full Time:
  • Banks O'Dee Albion FC
  • 4-0
  • Deveronvale FC


Banks O'Dee Albion FC
Deveronvale FC
1. Murray Burns
2. Joseph Otto
3. Leon Forbes
4. Struan Lumsden
6. Gary Livingstone
7. Mario Raynard
8. Travis Raynard
9. Charlie Stewart
10. Santiago Rivett
11. Matt Peters
12. Jack MacDonald
14. Lewis Brand
16. Jason Anderson
17. Charlie Milne
19. Josh Middler
21. Jack King
1. Jamie Williamson
2. Josh Andrew
3. Kai Inglis
5. Campbell McDermott
6. Joel Davidson
7. Josh Buchan
8. Kyle Buxton
9. Daniel McKay
10. Dylan Moeller
11. Max Stewart
12. Grant Gordon
14. Ross Fulton
15. Joe Mair
16. Nadia Sopel
17. Glen Morrison
18. Haydn Mottram
Star Player
Banks O'Dee Albion FC
Deveronvale FC
Travis Raynard - He had an outstanding game, taking chances when they came and was rewarded with his hat trick. Santiago Rivett also had a great game, making some stunning breaks and creating chances throughout.
Jamie Williamson - The keeper made some fantastic saves throughout the game and was not afraid to come out of the goal mouth and put his body on the line to exert pressure on Banks O'Dee.
Magic Moment
Banks O'Dee Albion FC
Deveronvale FC
Matt Peters' goal was well executed. Josh Middler weaved through the defence to create the opening for Peters who put his own pace to use in order to take the goal.
Jamie Williamson made a particularly great save early on in the match, racing out from the goal mouth and smothering the ball as Gary Livingstone tried to make a shot at goal. Williamson showed at this early stage that he was not afraid to put his body on the line.
Club Views
Banks O'Dee Albion FC
Deveronvale FC
I spoke with Norbert Irimescu, head coach of Banks O'Dee Albion, who said, "These kind of games show us what sort of things we need to work on. This week in training, we'll be working on our finishing so that in future we can put in a better all-round performance. Deveronvale defended well and were well set up to deal with our game plan. In future, I hope we can put in a better performance."
I spoke with Kevin Stewart, coach and chairman at Deveronvale U13's, who said, "I thought the boys put in a great effort today. They had great energy, great passion and played some decent football at the same time. Banks O'Dee Albion played really well and deserved the result."

On their aims for this season, Stewart said, "We want to continue developing the kids, to push on and remain in the A League for next season, and to focus on player development."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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