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The split debate: The NFL-style draft for Scotland's youth system

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The proposed plans for the Scottish FA’s Performance Strategy have been shared to the Chairpersons and Chief Executives of the 30 Club Academy Scotland (CAS) participants. The big talking point in particular, is the "Consultation with clubs regarding a Draft Loan system between the SPFL Premiership and Championship to improve first-team game time for young Scottish players."
Yesterday we broke down what the actual idea consists of and asked you for your opinions via our twitter poll. After 657 votes in 24 hours, the voting was split 50/50, with those in favour of the idea just pipping those against. So far, it seems the whole of Scottish football is split on the idea, even at the highest level. 
One Scottish Premiership chairman when speaking to BBC Scotland, described the proposals as "innovative and interesting" and said all ideas on the table should be listened to. 
Celtic manager Ronny Delia also spoke positively about the principle, but admitted, "It is the first time I have heard about it, so it is hard for me to say something about it, but in general it is important the youngsters get experience and a chance.
"That is why we loan out a lot of our younger players when they come to a stage that they have trained with the first-team, played in the under-20s and then need a new step between playing under-20s and playing for Celtic."
"It is always positive to cooperate with different clubs and do the best for Scottish football.”
However, a number of people involved in the pro-youth or elite system have hit back at the plans. One former member, who wished to remain anonymous told Youth Football Scotland, “(It’s an) impossible system. What if the player does not want to play for a certain club?
“What if the club that has ‘the right’ to ask for a player is playing a completely different philosophy than the club than owns the player?”
Inverness Caledonian Thistle manager John Hughes has also hit back at the plans. He told BBC Scotland, "I think that's a lot of rubbish. It was never on the agenda. I don't where that's come from.
"We need to be coaching technical ability - forget tactics. Every footballer should be double step-overs drag backs left foot right foot, technical right up to they're 12 years old.
"I don't think it's about elite academies. I don't think it works. Play for Boys' Brigade, play for the boys clubs, play for your school.
"Do you know why school football's great? Because you never got coached - you just went and enjoyed yourself and played football.
"Kids getting too much football? You're having a laugh. Should be playing football every night and every day.
"Whole society's changed. Need to get back to that, need to encourage them. But most important, you need to teach technique."
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