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Culter Colts continue to press on in SYFA Cup campaign

Culter Colts FC 5

Thomson 6' Martin 7' 27' 55' Collin 32'

East Stirlingshire Galaxy FC 1

Griffin 50'
  • Sunday, 29 November 2015
  • Corbie Park
  • Under 14´s
  • SYFA Scottish Cup

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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After the match was postponed the previous week, Culter Colts and East Stirlingshire Galaxy finally met in the fourth round of the Scottish Cup. It was Culter who were to secure progression with a 5-1 win. Their goals were scored by Jamie Thomson, Orin Collin and three by Scott Martin, while Galaxy’s goal was scored by Christian Griffin. 

As play got underway, it was clear that both teams were eager to remain in the competition as they challenged for the ball. However it was the home side who were to have the first real chance, with Orin Collin driving down the wing, but Galaxy’s Charlie Smith closed in and tapped the ball out to relieve the pressure on his side.
Culter continued to press through Scott Martin, who shot from wide to the left but failed to find his target. From the ensuing corner, Andrew MacPherson crossed the ball into the box where it was palmed away by Galaxy goalkeeper, William MacKenzie. The ball landed at the feet of Culter’s Jamie Thomson, who tapped it in to put his side in the lead with six minutes played.
Play was taken to the other end with Galaxy exchanging some strong passes and from wide to the right, Christian Griffin crossed the ball into the box but it was kept out by Culter goalkeeper, Balint Demus.
The home side then took play back to the other end and as East Stirlingshire made to clear, MacKenzie’s kick was charged down by Martin who slipped it past the visiting keeper to add his name to the score sheet in the seventh minute.
The visitors were eager to narrow the gap and Griffin, Smith and Rory MacGregor set up some interchanging play to press forward. However Smith’s shot from twenty yards and wide to the right was kept out by Demus.
Galaxy had another chance as Griffin broke down the wing before passing inside for Nathan Whyte whose shot from twenty-five yards was denied by Demus.
Culter put together a great series of passes to gradually work their way up the pitch before MacPherson put the ball into space for Martin. However MacKenzie swept in to smother the ball and deny the well created chance for the home side.
Smith made another break before putting the ball wide to Finlay Mackay but his cross found the side of the net. From the corner which followed, Smith crossed the ball into the box but Demus caught it before Galaxy could make the most of their chance.
Using his blistering pace, Griffin made another break down the wing. He shot from the edge of the box but it was deflected by Demus, and cleared by Jack Fiddes.
Orin Collin drove the ball forward for the home side, with Galaxy’s Jacob Hill closing in. Collin shot from the corner of the box but the ball went wide. Culter continued to press, but Harcus’ volleying shot went over the crossbar.
The home side were not to be denied and MacPherson put the ball into space for Martin, who beat several defenders and sent the ball into the back of the net in the twenty-seventh minute.
As Galaxy rallied to try and get their side on the score sheet, Griffin was brought down in the box by Conan Kennedy and the visitors were awarded a penalty in the thirtieth minute. Smith’s shot was deflected onto the crossbar by Demus and from the rebound, Culter cleared.
Immediately on the counterattack, Collin drove the ball forward and crossed the ball from wide on the right. The ball went in off the post to add a fourth goal in the thirty-second minute.
Collin tried the same attack only moments later but this time, MacKenzie was able to smother the ball before the Culter player could shoot.
Determined to score before the half-time whistle, Galaxy exchanged some great passes before Griffin broke through the defence. He lured the goalkeeper out but his shot was wide.
  • Half Time:
  • Culter Colts FC
  • 4-0
  • East Stirlingshire Galaxy FC
As the second half got underway, Culter looked dangerous but Collin’s shot from inside the box was kept out by MacKenzie and Galaxy rallied their defences.
The visitors began mounting their own attack, with Whyte challenging for the ball and passing to Mackay who broke down the wing but Culter held their defence to deny the scoring chance. However Griffin found space and shot from twenty-five yards but the ball went just wide.
Culter were soon on the counterattack with Collin and Kalvin O’Hare setting up interchanging play before laying the ball back for Harcus, whose shot from thirty yards was caught by MacKenzie.
As the home side set up some more interchanging play, Griffin intercepted a pass to penetrate the defence and lured Demus out to slip it past him and get his side on the score sheet in the fiftieth minute.
Eager to draw closer to the home side, Mackay pressed forward but Culter’s Cameron Maxwell put in a great tackle to prevent him making a shot at goal.
The home side were soon challenging for another goal, Harcus drove forward and passed to Collin who offloaded to Martin. Martin got to the edge of the box and claimed his hat trick by putting the ball into the corner of the net in the fifty-fifth minute.
Galaxy had another chance in the sixty-first minute with a corner which was taken by Hill. He curved the ball into the box where Griffin tried an overhead kick but the ball was smothered on the line by Demus to deny the chance.
Both teams continued to push for one more goal but neither Demus nor Galaxy’s substitute goalkeeper, Dylan Cramb, were letting anything slip past them and the game ended with no more goals.
  • Full Time:
  • Culter Colts FC
  • 5-1
  • East Stirlingshire Galaxy FC


Culter Colts FC
East Stirlingshire Galaxy FC
1. Balint Demus
2. Jack Marr
3. Scott Martin
4. Jamie Thomson
5. Finlay Harcus
6. Cameron Maxwell
8. Alfie Chalmers
9. Conan Kennedy
12. Jack Fiddes
13. Struan Kirk
14. Orin Collin
15. Yasser Bennadji
16. Kalvin O'Hare
17. Andrew MacPherson
01. Dylan Cramb
1. William MacKenzie
5. Nathan Whyte
8. Christian Griffin
10. Ryan McPhee
11. Reiss Connor
12. Matthew McPhail
14. Lee Ferguson
15. Gary Mochrie
17. Jacob Hill
18. Rory MacGregor
20. Kieran Daly
21. Finlay Mackay
22. Charlie Smith
Star Player
Culter Colts FC
East Stirlingshire Galaxy FC
Conan Kennedy - Had a fantastic game for his side. He was sharp in defence to deny the chances that the Galaxy players created and to limit their opportunities to shoot.
Christian Griffin - Was a key figure in the East Stirlingshire attack. He made some fantastic breaks and created chances for himself and his team mates, shown by his well worked goal.
Magic Moment
Culter Colts FC
East Stirlingshire Galaxy FC
Martin's second goal was well worked, with a strong series of passes before MacPherson put the ball into space for Martin, who was quick to take advantage of the opportunity.
The visitors' goal was a great piece of play by Griffin, who read the opposition's play well to intercept the pass and change the run of play.
Club Views
Culter Colts FC
East Stirlingshire Galaxy FC

I spoke with Kenny MacPherson, one of the coaches of Culter Colts, who described his side's performance as 'absolutely excellent'. He said, "We took control of the game right from the start. The boys played with a lot of confidence, and just all across the pitch the boys competed and played absolutely fantastically."

On being the last North region team, MacPherson said, "It's a great achievement for the squad. There's no doubt, it's a bit of pressure going into next week's game but we'll enjoy it and if we play like that, I'm sure we'll give a really good account of ourselves."

I spoke with James Callaghan, secretary of East Stirlinshire Galaxy, who said, "I thought today was one of the poorest games we've played. That's our first loss of the season and the boys just didn't perform on the day. They didn't want it as hard as Culter wanted- they played really well today."

On their aims for the rest of the season, he said, "Next week, we've got a semi-final in a league cup. We're still doing well in the league- we've got six games behind everybody else. We're in the quarter-final of the open cup so we've just got to keep pushing for the next sessions and go for these other titles that we want to try and get this season."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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