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Lewis United sail through to second round of President's Cup

Lewis United Youth 9

A. Smith 23' 42' 61' 63' 80+1' Duncan 25' 35' 67' 73' Foy 32' 58' Leiper 54' K. Smith 66' 76' Edwards 71'

Newmachar United 0

  • Saturday, 24 October 2015
  • Uniconn Park
  • Under 16´s
  • President's Cup

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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With wet conditions underfoot, Lewis Untied Youth and Newmachar United met in the first round of the President’s Cup at Uniconn Park. Lewis United claimed the victory with a 15-0 win. Jay Leiper and David Edwards each had a goal to their name, Kyle Smith and Mitchell Foy claimed two goals each, while Adam Smith claimed four, and Liam Duncan claimed five.

Both teams were quick to test each other, executing good ball control and demonstrating quick pace. However it was Newmachar who had the first chance with Reece Masson lobbing the ball into the box but Lewis United cleared the danger.

The home side were soon creating chances of their own, with Aaron Leslie putting the ball into space for Adam Smith who drove up the wing. However his shot from out wide to the left was picked up by Newmachar goalkeeper, Josh Chambers. 

Lewis United continued to press forward and Mitchell Foy shot from inside the box after luring Chambers from the goal mouth but it was cleared off the line by David Lamb.

The visitors faced a strong defence from Lewis United but were awarded a free kick in their own half. Caleb Wilson sent the ball deep into Lewis’ half where Masson and Lyall Campbell were waiting. The pair set up some interchanging play but Masson’s shot was caught by Lewis United goalkeeper, Euan Morrison.

Gregor Thom was soon on the attack again for Lewis United, pressing forward and shooting from twenty-five yards but he caught the post. His second shot was caught by Chambers. However, Thom was not put out and continued to challenge Newmachar’s defence, this time putting the ball through for Foy who passed back in to Thom only for his shot to go wide.

Newmachar then had another chance with a corner taken by David Lamb. He crossed the ball into the box where it was headed away by James Robson. However, Leon Williams controlled the ball at his feet and drove the ball back towards the box, exerting pressure on Lewis’ defence before they were able to clear it.

Smith then used his blistering pace to make his way up the field and beat several defenders, before luring Chambers from the goal mouth. He shot from just outside the box and found the net with ease to put his side in the lead in the twenty-third minute.

Then in the twenty-fifth minute, Foy shot from the edge of the box. Chambers pushed the ball to the crossbar but Liam Duncan was waiting in the box and tapped it into the net from the rebound.

The visitors were not to be put out, and Wilson made a great run to halfway before putting the ball through for Declan Robb. He drove the ball forward with both Masson and Campbell in support but Lewis United’s defence closed in to deny any opportunities for Newmachar to score.

Lewis United were soon creating chances of their own again with Duncan crossing to Foy who shot from inside the box only to find the framework. Soon after Foy was able to make a break and shot from the edge of the box, finding the top corner of the net in the thirty-second minute.

Again, only minutes later Lewis United were able to further extend their lead as Thom crossed the ball into the box for Duncan who put the ball into the back of the net with thirty-five minutes played.

Newmachar continued to create their own chances, earning another corner. This time Williams crossed the ball into the box but Lewis United cleared before the visitors could capitalise. However Connor Duncan made a great run from his own half before putting the ball through for Jacob Drummond but Lewis United held their defence well with David Edwards forcing the ball out of play to deny the scoring chance.

  • Half Time:
  • Lewis United Youth
  • 4-0
  • Newmachar United

Lewis United started the second half as they meant to go on, with Foy and Smith linking up before Smith shot from just inside the box and sending the ball under the goalkeeper to open the second half scoring in the forty-second minute.

Although Newmachar pressed back, Lewis United held their defence to deny the visitors from creating the chances that they were looking for before Cameron Cook was able to clear. 

End to end play ensued with Leiper, Thom, Foy and Calum Mitchel all linking well for the home side, while Robb, Drummond and Ryan Edmonds linked up for the visitors to exert pressure on the opposition but both defences held well.

However Leiper then made a great run down the middle of the pitch for Lewis and slipped it past Chambers in the fifty-fourth minute.

Lewis were soon on the attack again, with Foy beating several defenders to work his way into the box before sending it into the net in the fifty-eighth minute.

Newmachar then had a chance with a free kick in their own half which was taken by Joel Gillies but Lewis United held their defence to prevent any scoring chances. From their clearance, Smith broke through and lobbed the ball over Chambers and into the net to make it 8-0 with sixty-one minutes played.

The visitors continued to try and create their own chances, with Robb putting the ball into space. Drummond then showed his great footwork but was unable to penetrate Lewis United’s defence.

Once again, Smith used his pace to beat several defenders and the goalkeeper, shooting from the edge of the box and finding the back of the net in the sixty-third minute.

Newmachar exchanged a nice series of passes but again, Lewis held their defence and were able to pin Newmachar in their own half, before Kyle Smith shot from the edge of the box and found the bottom corner of the net for the home side in the sixty-sixth minute.

Lewis United wasted no time in setting up another attack with Leiper and Foy linking up. Foy then passed to Duncan who tapped it in with sixty-seven minutes played.

The home side did not allow Newmachar to rally their defences before pushing forward again and in the seventy-first minute, Edwards sent the ball under the feet of Chambers to extend their lead.

The goals were coming thick and fast for Lewis.  Thom shot from twenty-five yards but Chambers pushed it to the crossbar. Once again though, Duncan was waiting and struck the deflection into the net in the seventy-third minute.

The visitors kept fighting hard to create their own chances, and Edmonds drove the ball into the box but could not get the shot that he was looking for. Williams and Wilson set up some interchanging play and continued to press forward but Lewis held their defence.

The home side set up another attack, with Smith driving the ball into the box before sending it past Chambers in the seventy-sixth minute.

Lewis United continued to press, with Foy shooting from the edge of the box but Chambers raised both knees to keep the ball out. Duncan then shot as the deflected ball came to him but Chambers was able to push it wide. Foy then shot one more time but Chambers was on a roll and pushed it over the crossbar.

However the home side were able to claim one last goal with Thom driving the ball forward and putting it into the box for Duncan to send it in in the eighty-first minute.

Although Newmachar continued to press, with Williams looking dangerous on the edge of the box, Lewis were able to clear the danger just before the final whistle.

  • Full Time:
  • Lewis United Youth
  • 9-0
  • Newmachar United


Lewis United Youth
Newmachar United
1. Euan Morrison
3. Brian Mair
4. Jay Leiper
5. James Robson
6. Kyle Smith
7. Gregor Thom
8. Cameron Cook
9. Adam Smith
10. Aaron Leslie
11. Liam Duncan
15. Calum Mitchel
16. Adam Joji
17. Alex Kelly
18. Jamie Morrison
19. Mitchel Foy
20. David Edwards
1. Josh Chambers
2. Declan Robb
3. James Anderson
4. Caleb Wilson
5. Joel Gillies
6. David Lamb
7. Connor Duncan
8. Jacob Drummond
9. Paul Greig
10. Reece Masson
11. Leon Williams
12. Lyall Campbell
14. Ryan Edmonds
16. Robert Clemonts
Star Player
Lewis United Youth
Newmachar United
Gregor Thom was a prominent figure in Lewis United's attack, assisting with a number of the goals and creating chances of his own.
Caleb Wilson played well defensively but also assisted in creating chances for his teammates throughout the game.
Magic Moment
Lewis United Youth
Newmachar United
Lewis United's first goal was well worked by Adam Smith. His impressive pace was key and he used his intricate footwork to beat the defence and open the scoring.
Chambers made an excellent series of saves towards the end of the game through a continuous assault on the goal mouth by Lewis' attacking players, using his entire body to keep the ball out of the net.
Club Views
Lewis United Youth
Newmachar United
I spoke with Keith Leslie, coach of Lewis United Youth, who said, "It took us a while to get into the game. The first quarter of an hour just wasn't exactly what we would have liked but I think after the first fifteen minutes, we started to get the ball down at the feet and play a bit of football. Getting the first goal was important and we kicked on from there."

On their aims for this season, he said, "Hopefully we can push on. We haven't had a great start, we're a little bit disappointed with how the season has started for us league-wise. Hopefully we can get a run in the Scottish Cup and push on in the league."

I spoke with Paul Greig, manager of Newmachar United, who said, "I thought the first twenty-five minutes, we gave a good account of ourselves, we worked hard and looked to get in behind. Then the gulf between A and B League began to show."

On their aims for this season, he said, "Obviously we want a good cup run. This is our first defeat of the season. We're back to the Scottish Cup next week and are looking to progress there. We're sitting at the top of the B League. The aim is to win the B League, to get up to A League, to compete against teams like [Lewis] week in, week out, for the development."

  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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