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Scotland hold Iceland to draw in Championship Qualifier

Scotland 0

Iceland 0

  • Tuesday, 13 October 2015
  • Pittodrie Stadium
  • Under 21´s
  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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In their Championship Qualifier, Scotland and Iceland faced off at Pittodrie Stadium, the home of Aberdeen Football Club. Though the game ended in a 0-0 draw, there were plenty of chances for both teams to keep the crowd entertained.
Scotland held the early possession but struggled to penetrate a strong Iceland defence. However Ryan Christie was able to put the ball through for Sam Nicholson but he was ruled offside before he could take a shot at goal. 
However Scotland continued to press forward and Christie put another great ball through but this time Iceland goalkeeper, Frederik Schram, was able to clear before Nicholson or Jason Cummings could run onto it.
Iceland were then awarded a free kick ten yards into the Scotland half. Oliver Sigurjónsson sent the ball into the box but Scotland’s defence were able to clear before Aron Elís Þrándarson could get there.
Stephen Kingsley drove the ball up the wing for Scotland and sent it forward for Nicholson to run onto but Orri Sigurður Ómarsson put in a great clearance kick before he could take his chance.
Scotland kept the pressure on though, and Billy King crossed the ball into the box where Iceland’s Hjӧrtur Hermannsson cleared. However it came to Scotland’s Jason Cummings who shot from thirty yards but Schram caught to deny the scoring chance.
The visitors had a chance from a corner, taken by Sigurjónsson. He went for a short kick, passing to Árni Vilhjálmsson to set up some interchanging play before Sigurjónsson shot over the crossbar.
Iceland could not build much on this attack as Scotland pressed forward again and again. Cummings, Nicholson and Christie linked up well to gain territory, with Nicholson shooting from 25 yards only to be denied by Schram once more.
Following a fantastic run by Christie, Scotland were awarded a corner taken by Nicholson. His cross into the box was only kept out by a spectacular one-handed save by Schram.
The ball was then booted to the other end of the pitch and Iceland pressed forward. Ómarsson and Vilhjálmsson linked up before passing to Sigurjónsson, who put the ball into the box for Þrándarson but Scotland held their defence well to deny him the chance to take a shot at goal.
The visitors continued to press into Scotland’s half and were awarded a free kick just outside the box. Sigurjónsson and Bӧðvar Bӧðvarsson both looked as though they were going to take the kick. Bӧðvarsson feigned and Sigurjónsson saw his shot wide of the goal.
Following a break down the wing by Billy King which Bӧðvarsson swept in to clear, Scotland Captain, John McGinn, made a powerful shot from thirty-five yards which Schram had some difficulty in controlling to keep out.
Iceland were then awarded another free kick at twenty-five yards. Sigurjónsson made a short pass to Bӧðvarsson whose shot went wide of the goal.
King and Cummings set up some interchanging play to drive into the box before Cummings shot but was denied by Schram. McGinn then shot once more, this time from 25 yards but Schram was keeping his gloves warm and Scotland frustrated.
Hӧskuldur Gunnlaugsson put in a great cross-field kick for the visitors which Þrándarson ran onto before sending into the box. From there, Elías Már Ómarsson shot but Scotland goalkeeper, Jack Hamilton, deflected it before clearing.
Scotland created one last chance with Christie and King linking up to beat several defenders but King booted into the stands to bring the half to an end.
  • Half Time:
  • Scotland
  • 0-0
  • Iceland
The second half got underway with Scotland earning an early corner. Nicholson crossed the ball into the box where Christie headed it towards the goal but Schram punched it clear to deny the score.
However Iceland were soon pressing forward and Sigurjónsson shot from 35 yards only for the ball to sail inches wide.
Ómarsson made a fantastic run from deep within his own half before passing to Adam Örn Arnarsson who crossed the ball into the box for Þrándarson. He headed the ball towards the goal but Hamilton kept it out.
McGinn then beat several defenders and passed to Nicholson but Iceland rallied their defence to prevent any scoring opportunities. Cummings and King both made shots at goal but Schram showed great form to deny them the goal they were looking for.
However Hamilton was showing similarly impressive form at the other end, as Þrándarson chip from inside the box was also kept out so that the match remained goalless.
Christie then broke from within his own half but could not get the clear shot he was looking for. Nicholson then jinked round several defenders but his shot from the edge of the box was deflected by Hermannsson.
Iceland were looking dangerous, with Vilhjálmsson reaching the edge of the box and looking to shoot. However Dominic Hyam regained possession for the Scots and cleared though the visitors were soon on the attack again with Vidar Ari Jonsson pressing forward but he was unable to penetrate Scotland’s defence.
Scotland were not finished, with Christie curving the ball into the box but Schram caught it before any of the awaiting Scottish players could take a shot at goal.
Ari Jonsson made another break down the wing for the visitors but Nicholson challenged and cleared the danger before the final whistle.
  • Full Time:
  • Scotland
  • 0-0
  • Iceland


1. Jack Hamilton
2. Callum Paterson
3. Stephen Kingsley
4. John McGinn
5. Stuart Findlay
6. Jordan McGhee
7. Jay Fulton
9. Jason Cummings
10. Sam Nicholson
13. Ryam Christie
14. Lawrence Shankland
15. Declan McManus
17. Marcus Fraser
18. Charlie Telfer
19. Billy King
20. Donald Love
21. Ryan Fulton
22. Dominic Hyam
1. Frederik Schram
2. Adam Örn Arnarsson
3. Oliver Sigurjónsson
4. Orri Sigurður Ómarsson
5. Hjӧrtur Hermannsson
6. Bӧðvar Bӧðvarsson
7. Hӧskuldur Gunnlaugsson
8. Sindri Byӧrnsson
9. Elías Már Ómarsson
10. Aron Elís Þrándarson
11. Árni Vilhjálmsson
12. Ólafur Íshólm Ólafsson
13. Viktor Jónsson
14. Vidar Ari Jonsson
15. Heiðar Ӕgisson
16. Kristján Flóki Finnbogason
17. Daniel Leó Grétarsson
18. Þorri Geir Rúnarsson
Star Player
Ryan Christie - Had a great game making many breaks and creating chances for himself and his teammates.
Frederik Schram - Made some spectacular saves throughout the game against the an attacking Scotland side.
Magic Moment
John McGinn's first half shot from thirty-five yards was very impressive and only the skill of Schram denied what looked to be a certain score.
Elías Már Ómarsson's break from deep within his own half was very impressive as he beat several defenders and created a chance for his teammates.
Club Views
Ricky Sbragia, the manager of the Scotland U21's side, said after the game that the team were "very disappointed in the result".

He said, "It was fast and furious. We knew Iceland were going to be difficult. We had some good chances but we needed to convert those into goals."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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