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Middlefield Wasps remain in contention for Winton Trophy

Byron Madrid 0

Middlefield Wasps 7

Burnett 10' 60' Walker 26' Bisset 32' 51' 54' Napier 57'
  • Sunday, 27 September 2015
  • Aulton
  • Under 14´s
  • Winton Trophy

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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In what proved to be quite a physical encounter, Byron Madrid and Middlefield Wasps met in the second round of the Winton Trophy. Middlefield secured progression to the next round with a 7-0 victory, with goals from Paul Walker, Lewis Napier, two from Jack Burnett and a hat trick from Cameron Bisset.

Byron’s Fawaz Aborde and Chris Aikamhanze demonstrated some interchanging play early on in the game but Middlefield held their defence well to deny any scoring opportunities.

The visitors then showed their prowess in attack, when Luke Scott beat several defenders and shot from the edge of the box. Byron goalkeeper, Jordan Kamwa, pushed it wide and the ball was cleared by the defence. 

The home side attacked again, this time through Ryan Davidson who shot from wide to the left but his shot was wide. However Byron were awarded a corner which was taken by Ross Falconer, who crossed it into the box from where Aikamhanze headed it just wide.

Middlefield began to press forward but Byron’s Jay Gaudie swept in to clear it. However moments later, Jack Burnett curved the ball in from 25 yards. Although Kamwa got his fingers to it, it was just too high for him to clear and Middlefield took the lead in the tenth minute.

End to end play ensued with both sides creating chances but both goalkeepers holding firm to deny them. Byron then penetrated Middlefield’s defence through Aikamhanze who drove the ball wide out to the left and crossed the ball into the box for Falconer who could not get a clear shot. However Falconer later shot from 30 yards but it was caught by Middlefield goalkeeper, Sean Patterson.

Middlefield’s Cameron Bisset demonstrated some fancy footwork to beat several defenders before the ball was smothered by Kamwa. Jack Gary Lappin then made a break down the wing from deep within his own half but the ball was cleared.

Once again, Aikamhanze penetrated the defence and this time made a shot himself from 25 yards but the ball was caught by Patterson. The home side were then awarded a free kick from 35 yards which was taken by Falconer. The crossed ball looked accurate but Patterson kept it out to prevent Byron from drawing level. 

The visitors were then on the attack again and Paul Walker shot from 30 yards to send the ball over Kamwa and into the net to increase his side’s lead in the twenty-sixth minute.

Only minutes later, Bisset once again beat several defenders and slipped it past Kamwa from inside the box in the thirty-second minute to make it 3-0 at half-time.

  • Half Time:
  • Byron Madrid
  • 0-3
  • Middlefield Wasps

The second half saw an early chance for Middlefield as Lappin put the ball through to the box but Kamwa got to it first. Soon after, Jordan MacLeod shot from the edge of the box and Kamwa pushed it wide. Middlefield were still on the attack though, with Ross Karim making a shot from 25 yards which Kamwa also managed to keep out.

As in the first half, Aborde and Aikamhanze put together some interchanging play but Middlefield held their defence well. Joshua Watson crossed the ball into the box for Kevin McDonald but it was cleared by the defence.

With play returning to the other end, Lappin made a long pass to Bisset who shot from wide to the left but could not find the goal. However a second attempt by Bisset moments later found the corner of the net to increase the visitors’ lead in the fifty-first minute.

Byron pressed forward through Aborde, Watson and McDonald but McDonald’s shot from 25 yards was caught by Patterson.

Middlefield were soon able to create more chances, with Tyler Carr’s cross from out wide finding Bisset in the box, who knocked it in to claim his hat trick in the fifty-fourth minute.

Bisset was soon causing problems for Byron again, this time crossing the ball in for Lewis Napier who chipped it in to add his own name to the score sheet in the fifty-seventh minute.

The home side were awarded a free kick from deep within their own half. Falconer gained territory for his side and McDonald shot from 10 yards into Byron’s half but the ball was kept out by Middlefield’s subbed goalkeeper, Matthew Middleton.

Burnett then made a strong run from within his own half and shot from 25 yards, sending it past Kamwa to make it 7-0 with sixty minutes played.

Middlefield had more chances but Kamwa made some spectacular saves to prevent them from scoring once more.

Aikamhamze made one last break for Byron, with McDonald in support but they were unable to penetrate the defence before the final whistle.

  • Full Time:
  • Byron Madrid
  • 0-7
  • Middlefield Wasps


Byron Madrid
Middlefield Wasps
19. Jordan Kamwa
1. Jackson O'Neill
2. Jay Gaudie
3. Lewis Brown
4. Sam Miller
5. Ryan Godfrey
6. Garvey Tombleson
7. Ryan Davidson
8. Ross Falconer
9. Fawaz Aborde
10. Nathan Marr
11. Joshua Watson
12. Brandon Alexander
14. Chris Aikamhanze
15. Gabriel Oghughu
16. Daniel McKay
18. Kevin McDonald
1. Sean Patterson
2. Jack Reid
3. Jack Gary Lappin
4. Liam Allan
6. Lewis Napier
7. Tyler Carr
8. Luke Scott
9. Jordan MacLeod
10. Keiran Robert Ewen
11. Finlay Runcie
12. Rory MacLeod
14. Ross Karim
15. Jack Burnett
16. Cameron Bisset
17. Paul Walker 20. Matthew Middleton
Star Player
Byron Madrid
Middlefield Wasps
Jay Gaudie - Gave a strong defensive performance throughout the game, closing down attacks to deny more scoring opportunities.
Cameron Bisset - In addition to his hat trick, he made some great breaks and assists to help his side to their victory.
Magic Moment
Byron Madrid
Middlefield Wasps
Byron gave a strong performance in the first half and had some great chances but could not penetrate Middlefield's defence.
Middlefield's last goal came from an almost length-of-the -pitch run from Jack Burnett and was particularly memorable.
Club Views
Byron Madrid
Middlefield Wasps
Scott Davidson, Byron Madrid manager, said: "I thought the first half was a pretty even game. I made a few changes in the second half and once we went a fourth goal down, the kids's heads went down. It was one of those games where we'll just move on."
"We just got promoted to the A league this season so just to stabilize ourselves in the A league and build from there."
Brad Burnett , co-manager of Middleton Wasps, said: "We did well. We could have passed the ball a bit better but we're reasonably satisfied. We've just beat an A team 7-0, so happy!"
On their aims for the rest of the season, he said, "We want to win everything- simple as that!"
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.

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