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FDS secure Scottish Cup progression on penalties


Mahoney 22' Coffey 36' 49' 82' Robertson 54'

Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC 5

Schrader 24' 53' Mutch 39' 75' Kewley 56'
  • 5-5 AET (FDS progress 4-3 on penalties)
  • Sunday, 20 September 2015
  • Kaimhill
  • Under 13´s
  • Scottish Youth FA Cup

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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The first round of the Scottish Cup got underway with a nail-biting fixture between FDS and Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC. With the score tied at 4-4 at full-time and 5-5 after extra-time, FDS secured their place in the second round on penalties. FDS’ goals were scored by Jago Mahoney, Thomas Robertson, and three from Logan Coffey, while Fraserburgh’s goals were scored by Kaiden Mutch, two by Ben Schrader and two by Tyler Kewley.

The beginning of the first half saw end-to-end play, before Kaiden Mutch made a break for Fraserburgh. However FDS held their defence to prevent him from creating any chances.

Thomas Robertson then made a break for FDS with Jago Mahoney running in support. Robertson made the shot himself from the edge of the box but it was kept out by Fraserburgh goalkeeper, Jake Richie.

Fraserburgh then had another chance as Lewis Stephen broke down the wing and lured FDS goalkeeper, Cai Shepherd, from the goal but his shot from wide to the left was wide of the goal. Tyler Kewley then put the ball into space but FDS’ Dillan Griffin cleared. However Ben Schrader took control of the ball for Fraserburgh and shot from 25 yards but it went over the crossbar.

The home side were pressing forward with Mahoney, Robertson and McKenzie Finnie all looking dangerous but none could get the clear shot that they were looking for. The side were awarded a corner in the twenty-second minute. Mahoney crossed the ball into the box where it was cleared by Kier Wilton. However it came back to Mahoney who found the net with his second cross-shot to give FDS the lead.

The visitors rallied quickly, and Schrader beat several defenders with Kaiden Mutch in support. However Schrader made it all the way, shooting from the edge of the box and slipping it past Shepherd to draw level in the twenty-fourth minute.

Fraserburgh continued to press, with Wilton shooting from 35 yards but the ball bounced into Shepherd’s hands.

FDS looked aggressive up front but Fraserburgh held their defence well. Christopher Brander shot from 30 yards, with Finnie chasing to follow through but Richie got there first to deny the scoring chance.

Mutch then made a break down the wing for Fraserburgh, and shot from the edge of the box. The ball came off the post and bounced dangerously close to the goal before FDS scrambled to clear the danger and end the half.

  • Half Time:
  • FDS
  • 1-1
  • Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC

From the kick-off, Kurtis Williams broke down the wing for FDS and crossed the ball into the box. Both Robertson and Logan Coffey were there, and Coffey tapped it in to reclaim his side’s lead in the first minute of the second half.

However Fraserburgh were quick to respond, with the side pressing forward and Mutch reaching the box to flick the ball into the net to draw level once again in the thirty-ninth minute.

End-to-end play ensued with both teams holding their defence to prevent their opposition from taking the lead. Fraserburgh then pressed forward through Gracjan Ziecik, Stuart Leggat and Mutch, before Mutch made a shot from inside the box but Shepherd kept it out.

FDS pressed forward through Robertson who put the ball into space. Coffey lobbed the ball over Richie and into the net for FDS to reclaim their lead in the forty-ninth minute.

Once again, Fraserburgh were looking for a response and they found the opportunity through a corner. Kewley crossed the ball into the box where Schrader was waiting to tap it in over the line to level the score once more in the fifty-third minute.

Yet play went straight to the other end, as Robertson broke down the wing and crossed the ball into the goal from wide to the right to take the lead once more with fifty-four minutes played.

However Fraserburgh soon had a chance to respond through a free kick at 30 yards. Kewley’s shot evaded the defence and went straight into the net to draw the score level once more in the fifty-sixth minute.

Trying to take the lead again, FDS  pressed forward and with the ball in space, Finnie chased and his blistering pace forced Fraserburgh to put the ball out of play.

Mutch then broke once more for the visitors but his shot was pushed out by Shepherd. However the ball was still in the box and Fraserburgh had players there to follow through but FDS cleared the danger. Mutch had one more chance but he lobbed the ball over the goal and the half ended with no further goals.

  • Full Time:
  • FDS
  • 4-4
  • Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC
With the score tied at full-time, extra-time got underway and FDS were soon on the attack. Jay Douglas shot from inside the box but struck the post.

Mutch then made a break for the visitors as he penetrated the defence and slipped it past Shepherd to put his side in the lead for the first time throughout the match five minutes into extra-time.

FDS pressed forward but could not penetrate Fraserburgh’s defence before the teams switched ends.

Once again, Mutch made a break but his shot from the edge of the box went straight into Shepherd’s hands.

Coffey then had a chance for the home side, with his shot from the centre of the box sailing straight past Richie into the back of the net to draw things level twelve minutes into extra-time.

FDS continued to create chances as Douglas and Samuel Hay threatened near the box but could not get the clear shot that they were looking for. Robertson also pressed forward but Wilton cleared the danger.

Following a break, Sion Geddes shot from the edge of the box. Shepherd parried the ball which bounced dangerously in the box before FDS cleared the danger and extra-time ended.

It was then down to penalties to see who would progress to the second round of the Scottish Cup and Fraserburgh went first with Tyler Kewley, who found the back of the net just to the left of Shepherd.

FDS had Callum Lorimer take their first penalty, and he sent the ball into the bottom corner of the net to the right of Richie.

Ben Schrader was next up for Fraserburgh but his shot was wide.

Logan Coffey then stepped up for FDS and he also sent the ball wide of the goal.

The visitors then had Stuart Morrice step up and he chipped the ball into the net above Shepherd’s reach.

It was then the turn of Thomas Robertson, who similarly found the top of the net beyond the reach of Richie.

Kaiden Mutch was the next player to represent Fraserburgh. His penalty agonisingly came off the post and bounced wide.

FDS then had Kurtis Williams take his penalty. He tucked the ball into the bottom of the corner of the net to the right of Richie.

The pressure was on for Lewis Stephen but he put it to the right of Shepherd to keep his team in with a chance.

Lewis Downing then stepped up for FDS, who also put the ball to the right of Richie to secure his side’s place in the second round of the Scottish Cup.

Final Result: 5-5 AET (FDS progress 4-3 on penalties)


Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC
1. Cai Shepherd
3. Dillan Griffin
4. Grant Mutch
5. Callum Lorimer
6. Christopher Brander
7. Logan Coffey
8. Oghenkaro Iredje
9. Jay Douglas
11. Lewis Downing
12. Jago Mahoney
14. Samuel Hay
15. McKenzie Finnie
16. Thomas Robertson
17. Kurtis Williams
1. Jake Richie
2. Stuart Morrice
4. Lewis Stephen
7. Tyler Kewley
8. Kier Wilton
9. Ruben Morrison
10. Kaiden Mutch
11. Ben Schrader
12. Stuart Leggat
15. Ryan Thoirs
16. Gracjan Ziecik
17. Sion Geddes
18. Matthew Nicol
Star Player
Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC
Thomas Robertson - had a great game, making several breaks and and creating chances for himself and his teammates, really putting Fraserburgh's defence to the test.
Matthew Nicol - played really well in defence, closing down FDS attacks and clearing danger for his side.
Magic Moment
Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC
FDS' magic moment came in the second half when Cai Shepherd saved a shot by Kaiden Mutch. With the ball still in the box and several Fraserburgh players ready to follow through, FDS held their defence very well to clear the danger of what looked like a great chance for Fraserburgh.
Fraserburgh's first goal showed the skill and teamwork of the players, as Kaiden Mutch ran a fantastic support line when Ben Schrader made his break. It really showcased the pace of these players as well as their awareness of each other.
Club Views
Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC
I spoke with Graham Mutch, head coach of FDS, who said, "It was a great game, a great Scottish Cup Tie. Both teams played well, it was full commitment from both teams and just a great game to watch."

On their aims for this season, he said, "We're just quite a new team in this league. We just want to grow stronger, develop the players in their roles as we still do a development year with them so we're hoping that we'll make them stronger and better players in the long run."
I spoke with Jason Mutch, one of the coaches of Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC, who said, "It was an absolutely fantastic performance. I thought the boys fought well and gave 100% and we were just a bit unlucky at the end there."

On their aims for this season, he said, "We'd like to finish as high as possible in the league, maybe get a good run in the cup, and hopefully get promotion."
Match Video Highlights
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