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Donside Juveniles victorious in tale of two halves

Culter Colts 3

Holland 11' Grant 13' Tech Zong Zhi 67'

Donside Juvenile FC 4

Duncan 40' Dick 41' 64' Forsyth 60'
  • Sunday, 13 September 2015
  • Kaimhill
  • Under 13´s
  • ADJFA League B

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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Culter Colts and Donside Juveniles FC faced off in a competitive fixture which saw Donside Juveniles the victors with a 4-3 win. Culter Colts’ goals came from Stephen Holland, Kyle Grant and Ian Tech Zong Zhi, while Donside’s goals came from Callum Duncan, Harry Forsyth and two from James Dick.

The opening phases of play saw some nice interpassing from Donside Juveniles and an early shot at goal from Harry Forsyth at 25 yards but it went wide. 

Culter Colts were soon pressing forward through Drew Mackay, Kyle Grant and Peter Davidson but Donside held their defence to deny the home side any scoring opportunities before counterattacking through James Dick, who made a break down the wing but his shot was wide.

Then once again, Culter were able to press forward through captain Stephen Holland. He beat several defenders and shot from 25 yards into the side of the net.

The damp conditions made play difficult for both sides but Culter continued to press forward. Forsyth was particularly prominent in defence and was able to block a run by Holland to deny the home side another scoring chance.

However Culter were awarded a corner which Holland stepped up to take. He crossed the ball straight into the corner of the net to put his side in the lead in the 11th minute.

The home side continued to press forward with interchanging play and Grant followed through after a goal kick to slip the ball past Donside goalkeeper, Ethan Munro, to increase Culter’s lead in the 13th minute.

Eager not to concede more goals, Donside pressed forward, attempting to penetrate a strong Culter defence. Forsyth passed out wide to Josh Boston, who shot from wide on the left but Culter goalkeeper, Ross Sangster, smothered the ball. Donside then had a series of corners but Culter’s defence scrambled to clear the danger.

Culter then mounted another attack through Grant who shot from 25 yards and wide to the left but his shot was caught by Munro. The home side then had another chance following a long pass into space. Omid Hamedi raced to get there but Munro swept in to smother the ball.

Once again, Donside put together some nice interchanging play. Dick, along with Callum Duncan, Logan Tough and Keigan Mathers were all prominent in trying to create chances but they were unable to get a clear shot at the goal before half-time.

  • Half Time:
  • Culter Colts
  • 2-0
  • Donside Juvenile FC

The visitors made several breaks early on in the second half but Forsyth’s shot from 22 yards was caught by Sangster. The side continued to press however, and Boston soon had a chance with a shot from wide to the left. Sangster pushed the ball wide but Dick and Duncan were both waiting to follow through, and Duncan was able to tap it in past Sangster to put his team on the score sheet in the 40th minute.

Boston and Dick were soon on the attack again for Donside, with Boston beating several defenders and passing inside to Dick who slipped it past Sangster to draw the score level with 41 minutes played.

There were more chances for Donside through several corners but Culter held their defence well under pressure to deny any more scoring opportunities. Dick made several breaks and was able to shoot from the edge of the box, with Mathers sweeping in to offer support but Sangster was able to keep the ball out.

Culter were then creating chances of their own, with Davidson and Nicholas Milner trying to get a clear shot but Donside held their defence. From a corner, Holland crossed the ball into the box but Donside cleared the danger.

End-to-end play ensued with Forsyth putting a great ball through for Donside which was chased by Dick and Boston but Culter cleared and counterattacked. They were awarded a free kick taken by Holland from 35 yards but Munro made an excellent save to keep the ball out.

However, it was Donside who were next to score with Forsyth shooting from the edge of the box and the ball bouncing into the goal to put his side in the lead for the first time with sixty minutes played.

The visitors continued to press and Dick broke through the defence and crossed the ball in from 25 yards into the bottom corner of the net in the 64th minute to increase their lead.

Culter were down but not out, and Davidson broke down the wing, driving to the edge of the box to take his shot but Munro kept it out. With a chance from the corner, Grant crossed the ball into the box and Ian Tech Zong Zhi skimmed the ball with his head to knock it in in sixty-seventh minute.

The home side tried to create one last chance with a free kick from within their own half but Donside held their defence until the final whistle.

  • Full Time:
  • Culter Colts
  • 3-4
  • Donside Juvenile FC


Culter Colts
Donside Juvenile FC
1. Ross Sangster
2. Kieran Dawson
3. Sam Reid
4. Fergus Gault
5. Matthew Walton
6. Joe Reid
7. Kyle Grant
8. Omid Hamedi
9. Peter Davidson
10. Drew Mackay
11. Nicholas Milner
12. Finn Cameron
14. Stephen Holland
15. Ian Tech Zong Zhi
12. Ethan Munro
1. Sandy Watt
2. Daniel Ogden
3. Scott McAdie
4. Harry Forsyth
5. Logan Tough
6. Liam Harper
7. Keigan Mathers
8. Jamie Harper
9. Callum Duncan
14. Fin McKay
18. Daniel Brown
20. Gregor Bruce
22. Ralph Beswick
23. James Dick
24. Josh Boston
Star Player
Culter Colts
Donside Juvenile FC
Matthew Walton - Had a steady game for the home side and was one of the key figures in their defence. He was able to break down a number of Donside attacks and deny them chances.
Harry Forsyth - Was effective in both defence and attack for Donside, using his pace to make breaks and also to close down Culter's attacks.
Magic Moment
Culter Colts
Donside Juvenile FC
Kyle Grant's goal was well worked, and showed the vision that the side were playing with to create chances for themselves.
Donside's first goal came from interchanging play and highlighted the support that the players were providing for each other. They looked more confident after this score and it was an indication of their intent in attack.
Club Views
Culter Colts
Donside Juvenile FC
David Reid, manager of Culter Colts, said: "It was a performance of two halves. I thought Culter were justifiably 2-0 up at half-time and then, in the second half, Donside dominated most of the second half to go 4-2 up. We came back to make it 4-3, so I think the result was a fair result."

On their aims for this season, he said the main aim was to enjoy it. "We want to look back at the end of the season to see how much we have developed as a team and as individuals."

  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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