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Ellon Meadows make it two in a row

Colony Colts FC 2

Webster 16', 59'

Ellon Meadows FC 5

Moir 1', MacLeod 14', 53', Fraser 30', Bain 41'
  • Sunday, 30 August 2015
  • Davidson Park
  • Under 15´s
  • ADJFA League B Section Two

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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Colony Colts and Ellon Meadows FC met in warm conditions at Davidson Park. It was Ellon who proved triumphant, with a 5-2 win. Their goals were scored by Cameron Moir, Ross Fraser, Cameron Bain and two from Fraser MacLeod, while Colony’s goals both came from Callum Webster.

From the kick-off, Ellon Meadows showed their intent, with Calum Cummings putting the ball into space for Cameron Moir who shot from the edge of the box and found the top corner of the net to take the lead in the first minute of play.

The home side fought back, with Rory Gauld pushing the ball forward. Daniel Cowie then had a one-on-one with Ellon goalkeeper, Reece Lawrence, but his shot went over the crossbar. Colony continued to exchange some nice passes but could not penetrate Ellon’s defence.

Ellon were then able to push up field with a series of free kicks. Cummings pressed forward but Colony held their defence to clear the danger.

Colony were on the attack again, with Gauld running onto the ball only for Lawrence to get there first. Declan Abel then linked up with Callum Webster, who was able to shoot from 25 yards but his shot was wide.

However it was Ellon who were to have the next successful attempt, after Fraser MacLeod beat several defenders with a strong run from his own half, shooting from the edge of the box and finding the top of the net in the fourteenth minute to increase his side’s lead.

Yet Colony responded almost instantly, winning a corner from the right-hand side. Gauld crossed the ball into the box where Webster was waiting to put it into the corner of the net with sixteen minutes played.

Colony had another chance when Cowie lobbed the ball over Ellon’s defence but Ellon got to the ball before any Colony players could follow through. This gave the visitors a chance to drive the ball up field and Ross Fraser chased but Colony goalkeeper, Caleb Millar, got to the ball first.

Webster then created another chance for Colony, crossing the ball in from wide but Lawrence held under pressure from Colony’s Tom Adams. Logan Scott then shot from 35 yards only for the ball to clip the post.

Then in the thirtieth minute, Ellon mounted another attack. Fraser lured Millar from his goal and found the net to increase his side’s lead. 

Colony were to have the last chance of the half, with Adams and Cowie linking up but Cowie’s shot was wide.

  • Half Time:
  • Colony Colts FC
  • 1-3
  • Ellon Meadows FC

The visitors started the second half in the same way as the first. Cameron Bain lobbed the ball over the defence and through Millar’s hands to increase his side’s lead in the first minute of the second-half.

Colony had a chance to respond through a free-kick 10 yards into their own half. Scott’s strike found the box but Ellon were able to clear before any of his teammates could follow through.

End-to-end play ensued with neither team able to penetrate their opposition’s defence. Then Ellon made a break through Fraser. Colony cleared the initial danger but MacLeod was able to drive the ball forward and his shot from the edge of the box found the top corner of the net to add to his side’s score in the thirteenth minute of the second period.

The home side fought back with a drive from Abel which forced Ellon to concede the corner. The ball was crossed into the box but the visitors cleared. Abel, Adams and Webster were looking dangerous with their interchanging play, but they could not get the successful shot they were looking for.

Then Colony were awarded a penalty. Webster stepped up and sent the ball to the right of Lawrence to give his side their second goal in the nineteenth minute. 

Ellon continued to press their opponents, and Bain looked dangerous with a drive up the wing but his cross in came off the post and a second attempt was caught by Millar. Fraser then created a chance, running on and taking his shot but Millar held his ground to keep the ball out and the game ended with no further scoring.

  • Full Time:
  • Colony Colts FC
  • 2-5
  • Ellon Meadows FC


Colony Colts FC
Ellon Meadows FC
1. Caleb Millar
9. Tom Adams
14. Finn Simpson
15. Ben Cunningham
16. Declan Abel
17. Callum Webster
19. Max Wareing
20. Rory Gauld
22. Steven Davidson
23. Matthew Watson
24. Shaun McCabe
25. Logan Scott
27. Daniel Cowie
31. Keir Jamieson
33. William Smith
2. Lewis Watt
3. Fraser MacLeod
4. Cormac Paterson
5. Leon Hamilton
6. Joshua Grugeon
8. Fraser Bunkell
10. Ross Fraser
12. Jack Gibb
14. Mac Stephen
15. Cameron Moir
17. Calum Cummings
18. Grant Marshall
19. Lewis Ross
20. Cameron Bain
25. Reece Lawrence
Star Player
Colony Colts FC
Ellon Meadows FC
Rory Gauld - Showed his pace off early in the game and used this to make breaks and challenge Ellon's defence. This allowed him to run support lines and to help follow through in attack.
Ross Fraser - Had a great game, making a number of breaks and creating chances. His goal was well worked with his effort to lure Colony's goalkeeper away from the goal before taking his shot.
Magic Moment
Colony Colts FC
Ellon Meadows FC
Logan Scott's shot from 35 yards was a great moment, really showing the side's intent. Although the shot was not accurate, it was a fantastic effort and drew a reaction from the spectators.
Fraser MacLeod's first goal was very well worked as he broke from deep within his own half to beat several defenders and create an opening for the shot that he was looking for, rewarded with its accuracy.
Club Views
Colony Colts FC
Ellon Meadows FC
Colony Colts manager Chris Davidson said: "Congratulations to Ellon who played really well, scored a lot of good goals and showed some really encouraging signs of football at that level."

"I think we played reasonably well as well, particularly in the second half but there are plenty of opportunities for us to improve. We were a bit rash at times and lacked a bit of composure."

Davidson emphasised that the aims this season were more focused on his players than on the team's league position.

He said: "We want to continue to develop and improve as a team, and improve the individual skills of the players. I would like to see the players at this level learning to play the right way, with confidence. We want to give the teams in our league difficult games and a difficult season."

Morag Watt, coach of Ellon Meadows, said, "Overall they played very well. I was happy with a few areas but overall in the teamwork they showed today. We took our chances really well."

On their aims for this season, she said, "We want to drive on and push on further up the season. We're bringing in new players and hope to drive on from there. We're due to go to Barcelona in April time so we'll hopefully get a good string of results to take us through to that."

  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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