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Glentanar FC see positive changes thanks to Quality Mark

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Yet another club reaping the benefits of the Scottish FA’s Quality Mark award scheme is Glentanar FC. But it is not only this scheme they are looking to take advantage of, but the Scottish Football Partnership also.

Club secretary and coach David Adams certainly thinks it has been helping enhance the club’s philosophy. "The ethos of the club is all about developing players,” he told Youth Football Scotland.

"Winning is nice but the main success of the club is gauged on the throughput of players and how we can get players into senior football, and really just try to get kids coming through from the youngest age group and going on to play adult football at whatever level they find, whether that’s playing with their friends in the park or whether it’s going on to Highland League or even further."

The positive atmosphere around the club is something Adams hopes can be continued into the upcoming season. "It’s high expectations in some places and really just trying to consolidate in others. We’ve got teams from 2005 through to 1997, so under-nines to under-19s at the moment.

"It’s always a little bit of a learning curve when you get into the new season because there’s a little bit of a turnover with new players and so on. In general we just want the teams to play good football and to progress to the best of their ability.”

Adams was keen to point out that they do not just want on-the-pitch maturity. He said: "I think the general thing is the kids like to be part of a team, so it helps them in school and so on. The club has a code of conduct for players, coaches and parents. So I think being part of a club helps in their general life as well and hopefully they’ll be balanced adults when they grow up."

Future development is particularly key to the club, and of the first things Adams told us was: “It’s really just trying to establish a love of football and hopefully that’s something they can take through into their adult life."

Many clubs have spoken about the development on the field and how it is helped their respective teams. But Adams, as secretary, was able to offer an off-the-field perspective.

"[The] structure of the club, it helps because we’ve got the right documentation in place. We get a lot of support from the SFA, things like in-services. In general I think it’s a good sort of framework that clubs run the right way.

"You know you’ve got all the right infrastructure like player protection and good coaching standards for the kids because all the coaches have to be going through the recognised coaching qualifications. The biggest thing is just ensuring we’re running things the right way."

The latter mentioned Scottish Football Partnership has been helping too, literally just off-the-pitch. "One of the issues we’ve got here is that the changing facilities are fairly limited. It’s a multi-sport venue so, Glentanar Juniors, they share the facility and we also share the facility with Aberdeenshire Rugby. So on Saturdays in particular its very busy, so we’ve had a situation where we’ve not able to play games because we couldn’t get adequate changing. So Scottish Football Partnership helped us put these containers in place which gives us basically two full size changing rooms and lets us make full use of the pitches we’ve got, so it’s been really helpful," Adams said.

Glentanar FC are a good example of reaping the benefits of the help that is offered to them, and a possibly a good instance of what other clubs can do to help improve themselves.

Andrew Petrie | YFS South East Region Journalist

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