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Banks O'Dee Albion defeat Deveronvale to lift Belmont Trophy

Banks O'Dee Albion 6

Anderson 3, MacLeod 25, Imrie 27, McKenzie 38, Reid 44, Cameron 62

Deveronvale 0

  • Sunday, 10 May 2015
  • Colony Park
  • Under 15´s
  • Belmont Trophy

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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The final for the Belmont Trophy was valiantly fought out by Banks O’Dee Albion and Deveronvale at Colony Park. However, in a game far more competitive than the score may suggest, it was Banks O’Dee who lifted the trophy with a 6-0 win. Their goals were scored by Jevan Anderson, Hamish MacLeod, Cameron Imrie, Calum McKenzie, Mark Reid and Shaun Cameron.

Play got underway with a determined Deveronvale on the attack, pressing forward through Fergus Edwards. However Banks O’Dee goalkeeper Vitali Sahhalevits cleared the danger before a shot could be taken. 

Banks O’Dee were quick to press back and were soon awarded a free kick at 25 yards out. Jason Ritchie stepped up to find the box, where there were a number of headers before Deveronvale goalkeeper Craig Sutherland pushed it wide. Ritchie then stepped up for the resulting corner, finding the box once again where Jevan Anderson tapped it in from close range to open the scoring with only two minutes played.

Deveronvale were not put out and were soon exerting pressure as Lewis Buxton challenged Banks O’Dee’s defence, only to be called back for being offside. The side continued to press but Banks O’Dee held their defence to deny any scoring opportunities.

Play went from end to end, with Banks O’Dee’s Hamish MacLeod getting to the box and trying to flick it in but Sutherland kept it out and set his side up to counterattack. Lewis Strachan drove the ball down the wing, luring Sahhalevits away from his goal before crossing it in for Buxton. However, Banks O’Dee had defenders ready to clear the danger.

Deveronvale had more chances, with Keith Cruickshank taking a corner which reached the box but was caught by Sahhalevits. Then Mark Tait took another corner for the side but his shot went inches wide of the post.

Banks O’Dee took the ball to the other end of the pitch through a series of passes but struggled to penetrate Deveronvale’s defence. A free kick taken by Ritchie from 28 yards was only denied by Sutherland pushing it over the crossbar, followed by Ross Christie shooting from the edge of the box only for the ball to go wide. The side continued to look dangerous and press forward, but Mark Reid’s shot from just outside the box was caught by Sutherland.

Buxton drove the ball and was looking dangerous. As Banks O’Dee closed in, he passed to Tait who hit the ball from inside the box but it went into the hands of Sahhalevits.

Banks O’Dee were soon driving it back to the other end of the field with another series of passes. From the left edge of the box, MacLeod struck and found the top corner of the net to increase his side’s lead.

Moments later, the side were pressing again with Christie crossing the ball in for Cameron Imrie who struck just inside the box and also found the net to add another score.

Deveronvale responded with John Geddes pressing forward and shooting from 30 yards. Sahhalevits made the save and as Tait and Buxton continued to challenge, he cleared the danger. However it was not long before Buxton was pressing again and he put the ball through into space but Banks O’Dee cleared it before Deveronvale could take any shots.

They were soon at the other end again with Reid trying to shoot from the edge of the box. However Deveronvale were defending well, so he made the pass inside the box to McKenzie who sent it in to add one more score before half time.

  • Half Time:
  • Banks O'Dee Albion
  • 4-0
  • Deveronvale

Both teams came out determined in the second half, with MacLeod making an early shot from the edge of the box for Banks O’Dee only to hit the crossbar. This was soon followed with his opposite number, Buxton, luring Sahhalevits from the goal, only for his shot to be marginally wide.

Reid was soon running the ball forward again, getting to the box and slipping it past Sutherland to add another score early in the second half.

However Deveronvale did not look defeated, mounting a number of attacks to challenge their opponents. Ronan McQuade stepped up to take a free kick from 40 yards. Fergus Edwards ran onto the ball but Sahhalevits got there first to deny the scoring opportunity. 

Buxton then got into some space with a fantastic run and he shot from the corner of the box. The shot looked accurate but Sahhalevits just got to it to push it over the crossbar.

Banks O’Dee were attacking again but Deveronvale held their defence strong to deny any scoring opportunities and they were soon counterattacking. Samuel Cummings put a great ball through for Barclay Forsyth. Forsyth shot from 35 yards but again, Sahhalevits pushed it up over the crossbar. The resulting corner was also saved by the goalkeeper to prevent Deveronvale getting on the scoresheet.

Again, Banks O’Dee were soon at the other end where they had a series of chances but could not penetrate Deveronvale’s defence. However, they were awarded a penalty. Shaun Cameron sent it straight into the bottom corner of the net, to the left of substitute goalkeeper Arran Gollias to increase their lead. 

Both teams continued fighting and creating chances but both defences worked tirelessly. Leighton Duncan swept in to clear the danger for his side as Reid pressed forward, while Sahhalevits again had to make a spectacular save to deny Deveronvale scoring from a free kick taken just inside their own half.

In one last phase of play, Buxton made another break with the ball but was called for offside before he could shoot and the final whistle was blown.

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  • Full Time:
  • Banks O'Dee Albion
  • 6-0
  • Deveronvale


Banks O'Dee Albion
2. Jason Ritchie
3. Jevan Anderson
5. Logan Johnstone
6. Alasdair Shrive
8. Calum Beattie
9. Ross Christie
11. Fraser Bryce
12. Cameron Imrie
14. Ben Ross
15. Calum McKenzie
16. Joseph Bisset
17. Hamish MacLeod
18. Mark Reid
20. Shaun Cameron
21. Vitali Sahhalevits
1. Arran Gollias
2. Declan Smith
3. Leighton Duncan
4. Kian Beaton
5. Samuel Cummings
6. Fergus Edwards
7. Lewis Strachan
8. John Geddes
9. Ronan McQuade
10. Mark Tait
11. Keith Cruickshank
14. Barclay Forsyth
17. Lewis Buxton
18. Innes McKay
19. Cambell Brodie
21. Craig Sutherland
Star Player
Banks O'Dee Albion
Vitali Sahhalevits - Had a fantastic game. Deveronvale created a lot of chances and made several great shots and it was a credit to Sahhalevits that none of these shots came off. He made some truly spectacular saves, particularly in the second half.
Lewis Buxton - Was involved in a lot of the attacking play. He created chances for his teammates as well as taking shots himself, some of which were fantastic, and he was unfortunate not to score.
Magic Moment
Banks O'Dee Albion
The team's fourth goal was well worked with some great teamwork between Mark Reid and Calum McKenzie. It meant they ended the first half on a high and relieved some of the pressure for their second half. However, lifting the trophy was also clearly a magic moment for the team, parents and coaches.
Deveronvale had some fantastic shots throughout the game. Buxton's second-half shot from the corner of the box went only inches over the crossbar with a touch from Sahhalevits, and was a great effort, as was Barclay Forsyth's shot from 35 yards out. Their attacking play was fantastic throughout the game.
Club Views
Banks O'Dee Albion
Bruce McGregor, Banks O'Dee Albion manager, said: "I was very pleased with the performance and everyone played their part. We got an early goal which settled them and was great. All credit to Deveronvale who kept going, kept pushing us and tried their best."

Kev Smith, Deveronvale first team coach, said: "I thought our performance today was absolutely brilliant today and it was just disappointing that the score didn't reflect how well we played. Albion's keeper had some great saves and we did play well. We were just beaten by the better team on the day. We'll come back next year and hopefully do better."

He added, "We were B League two years ago. We're in A League and now we're in the final. The guys have done brilliantly!"

  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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