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Inverness Street and Youth League season kicks off

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The Inverness Street and Youth League was a league formed back in the 1990s to provide football for the local kids of Inverness. The Street league is for players who fall into the first and second year category with the Youth League being for third and fourth years.

Over the years a wide majority of teams have featured in this much anticipated league. Balloan, Raigmore, Thistle Colts, Merkinch, and Nairn are the teams who feature most seasons while Kinmylies, Kingmills, Duncan Forbes,  Beauly and Glenurquhart have also participated in recent years.

This season, the Street League is made up of Balloan Rovers, Balloan Athletic, Balloan Fury, Merkinch, Kinmylies United, Kingsmills Thistle, Duncan Forbes and Thistle Colts. A week of action has been played so far in the League Cup. In Division A Duncan Forbes beat Thistle Colts while Balloan Rovers despatched Thistle with a convincing performance. Kingsmills played their first game which ended in a narrow 4-1 loss to the hands of Duncan Forbes. In division B, Balloan Fury lost to Kinmylies while Merkinch beat Balloan Athletic 7-2.

In the Youth League, the teams consist of Balloan Rovers, Balloan Athletic, Raigmore Rovers, Raigmore United, Thistle Colts, Stratton Thistle, Beauly, Duncan Forbes, Raigmore Athletic and Merkinch. The league Cup A kicked off last week with Balloan Rovers despatching Raigmore United with a comfortable 5-0 victory. Raigmore Rovers then beat Thistle Colts 4-1. In Division B, Balloan Athletic easily beat Duncan Forbes 8-1 and Beauly and Merkinch played out a tightly contested 2-2 draw.

Over the coming season Youth Football Scotland will be providing match coverage, photography and the occasional roundup from the Inverness Street and Youth League for the first time.


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