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Aboyne clinch Aberdeenshire U18's Shield against Inverurie

Inverurie Academy 1

Smith 43, Wimbush 62, Bruce 90+4

Aboyne Academy 3

Donaldson 68
  • Friday, 24 April 2015
  • North Ellon Meadows
  • Under 18´s
  • Aberdeenshire U18's Shield

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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The final for the Aberdeenshire Shield was a competitive meeting between Inverurie and Aboyne with lots of support for both sides. However it was Aboyne who secured the trophy with a 3-1 victory. Their goals were scored by Greg Smith, Daniel Wimbush and Michael Bruce, while Inverurie’s goal was scored by Michael Donaldson.

After a late start due to the previous final between Inverurie and Fraserburgh U13’s going to extra time and penalties, the two teams came out fired up and ready to compete. Aboyne had the first goal scoring opportunity with a free kick from the edge of the box but Inverurie held their defence to deny them their chance.

Aboyne had more chances, with Hamish Ritchie putting the ball through for Ross Campbell. He took his shot from wide out to the right but hit the side of the net. Moments later saw a chance for Matthew Horner, whose shot from 25 yards went wide.

Inverurie then had a chance as Michael Watson stepped up to take a corner. His ball reached the edge of the box but Craig Mackie headed the ball over the crossbar. 

Aboyne then had another chance from a free kick within their own half but Inverurie maintained a strong defence and were quick to counterattack. This saw a period of end-to-end play as control of the ball went back and forth between the two teams. 

Daniel Wimbush drove the ball forward and crossed it to Kyle Harker, whose strike saw the ball over the crossbar. From Inverurie’s clearance, Stuart Hepburn drove the ball forward but Aboyne goalkeeper Ross Anderson got to the ball before a shot could be taken.

There were some chances for Inverurie, as Ben Green demonstrated some great footwork before putting the ball through for Rhys Simpson. However Simpson became isolated as Aboyne exerted pressure. Soon after, Watson took a free kick from about 32 yards which was deflected by the wall of defenders, and Aboyne were able to push Inverurie back before they could create any more chances.

Cameron MacIntosh drove the ball up the wing but was forced out of play. From the resulting corner, Inverurie held their defence strong to deny Aboyne any scoring opportunity. Even Campbell’s fancy footwork did not give the team the chance they were looking for.

Again, a period of end to end play ensued with both teams trying to drive the ball forward. Michael Bruce showed great footwork and control as he exerted pressure on Inverurie’s defence. However Inverurie put together some great interchanging play between Watson and Michael Donaldson but neither could find the goal. The ball was put out wide to Simpson but Aboyne were able to rally their defence and clear the danger.

Greg Smith drove the ball forward and Campbell and Bruce put a series of passes together but they could not get a shot at the goal.

Jordan Cooper crossed the ball into the box but Walls headed it wide. Soon after, Inverurie thought that they had scored as Walls’ shot bounced dangerously close to the line but Anderson kept the ball out. 

Both teams created chances when  Aboyne were awarded a penalty following an attempted tackle in the box. Smith sent the ball into bottom of the net to the right of the goalkeeper to open the scoring at the end of the first half.

  • Half Time:
  • Inverurie Academy
  • 0-1
  • Aboyne Academy

Inverurie were quick to exert pressure in the second half. From a corner, Watson sent the ball to the edge of the box, where Green headed it onto the crossbar before it was knocked away. A second corner gave them another chance but Jordan Cooper sent it wide. 

Inverurie were also awarded several free kicks and though they made ground, Aboyne held their defence to clear the danger.

The first chance of the half for Aboyne came through Wimbush, who drove the ball across. The ball was deflected into the net by a nearby defender to increase Aboyne’s lead.

Inverurie soon responded through a corner taken by Watson. His kick saw the ball into the box, where Donaldson headed it into the goal to take Inverurie onto the score sheet.

Aboyne were not going to let their lead slip from them and were soon on the attack again. Wimbush pressed forward but was called for offside before his shot was taken. MacIntosh then drove the ball forward and put it through for Wimbush, whose shot was caught by Inverurie goalkeeper, Morgan Cook.

Inverurie continued to look for that second goal that they needed to remain in contention for winning the Shield. Walls sent the ball to the edge of the box from wide out to the right and Donaldson shot but Anderson knocked it out and caught it on the bounce. 

As the end of the game drew near, Aboyne were shown a red card after seeing two yellows. His teammates got into position as they were awarded a corner but Aboyne cleared the danger and mounted their own attack, with Bruce driving the ball down the wing, only for his shot to go wide.

In one final passage of play, Bruce exerted pressure on Inverurie, slipping past their defence and the goalkeeper to slip the ball into the net and secure the Shield.

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  • Full Time:
  • Inverurie Academy
  • 1-3
  • Aboyne Academy


Inverurie Academy
Aboyne Academy
1. Morgan Cook
2. Ben Green
3. Jordan Cooper
4. Conor Strachan
5. Elliot Taylor
6. Daniel Littlejohn
7. Michael Walls
8. Michael Watson
9. Rhys Simpson
10. Cameron McArthur
11. Craig Mackie
12. Stuart Hepburn
14. Mitchell Cheyne
15. Craig Scott
16. Stewart Moir
17. Michael Donaldson
1. Ross Anderson
2. Matthew Horner
3. Dugal Cooper
4. Jack Nicoll
5. Greg Smith
6. Hamish Ritchie
7. Ross Campbell
8. Michael Bruce
9. Daniel Wimbush
10. Cameron MacIntosh
11. Kyle Harper
12. Tom Andrews
13. Danny Nicoll
14. Gavin McIver
15. Harry Cooper
Star Player
Inverurie Academy
Aboyne Academy
Michael Donaldson - Demonstrated some great attacking play throughout the game. He was involved in a number of the goal-scoring opportunities that Inverurie had during the game and was a prominent figure in attack.
Daniel 'Bush' Wimbush - Had a fantastic game. He set up a number of opportunities for his teammates as well as taking chances himself, as demonstrated by his cross into the box which resulted in a goal.
Magic Moment
Inverurie Academy
Aboyne Academy
Inverurie's magic moment was their goal. At 2-0 down, they did not lose confidence and continued to fight in the hope of winning the game and the Shield. They worked hard at the set piece throughout the game and this was rewarded with their goal.
Aboyne's final goal was clearly a magic moment for them, as was evident from their celebrations. Michael Bruce chased for the score and as soon as his shot found the net, they knew that they had won the Shield.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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