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Lewis United claim victory against battling Banchory

Lewis United Youth 4

Cook 7, Foy 19, 40+1, Duncan 20

Banchory BC 2

Anderson 38, Christie 53

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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It truly was a tale of two halves as Lewis United Youth and Banchory Boys’ Club faced each other at Uniconn Park, but Lewis United proved to be the victors, with a 4-2 win. Their goals were scored by Cameron Cook, Liam Duncan and Mitchell Foy, who claimed two, while Banchory’s goals came from Harris Anderson and Sean Christie. 
As play got underway, Lewis United seemed the dominant force in attack but Banchory showed strong defence to deny the home side any goal scoring opportunities. However, a chance emerged through a free kick awarded to Lewis United 22 yards out. The kick was taken by Aaron Leslie and looked accurate but Banchory goalkeeper Craig McKay caught the ball to keep the scores level.
Banchory were able to create space through Nathan Davidson and Harris Anderson with some interchanging passes and quick pace, but Lewis United held their defence to prevent Banchory from making a shot at goal.
Lewis United had another chance from a free kick, this time taken by Kieran Simpson from the edge of the box but Banchory once again rallied their defences to prevent the home side from scoring. However, they soon had another chance when they were awarded a corner. Leslie sent the ball into the box and Cameron Cook chipped it in past McKay for Lewis United to take the lead.
Taking confidence from their score, Lewis United were keen to maintain their attacking form, with Liam Duncan trying to tap it in from the edge of the box. Although McKay deflected, the home side continued to press and Mitchell Foy tucked it in from just inside the box to increase their lead.
The visitors were not discouraged, mounting their own attack through Davidson and Sean Christie. Christie played the ball through for Davidson, who chased it down the wing but goal scorer Cook swept in to clear the danger. Anderson then tried tapping it in from out wide but Lewis United goalkeeper, Calum MacDonald, kept the ball out.
With a clearing kick, Lewis United made ground and Leslie shot from 30 yards out but McKay was able to push the ball up and over the crossbar. Christie and Fraser Strachan then drove the ball up field with their pace and passes but couldn’t penetrate the Lewis United defence.
Lewis United once again turned defence into attack, and Liam Norris put the ball through for Liam Duncan, who beat several defenders and then the goalkeeper to send it in and further extend their lead.
Banchory were quick to respond again, with Strachan putting the ball through into space for Christie but Lewis United held their defence. Tom Cuthbertson made another great run for the visitors but Foy cleared the danger before they could take advantage of the chance.
The home side put real pressure on Banchory, driving the ball forward. Duncan and teammate, David Edwards, took various shots at goal but couldn’t find the net. Although Lewis United made several breaks and created a number of chances, Banchory were able to hold their defence and eventually counterattack. They drove the ball up the field and into the box with a series of passes. Richie Isaac tried to chip the ball in but it was knocked away from the goal. Anderson ran into the box and headed the ball into the net to put Banchory on the score sheet.
However the home side were quick to respond as Foy chipped it from 25 yards and wide out to the right. The ball sailed straight over the head of McKay to further increase Lewis United’s lead.
The second half saw an early chance for Lewis United as Leslie chipped the ball from the edge of the box into the arms of McKay.
However Banchory appeared to be much more confident as the second half got underway. Anderson drove the ball forward but couldn’t make that final pass under the pressure of Lewis United’s defence. Rory Morrison and Davidson set up a great series of interchanging passes, and Morrison drove the ball up the wing but couldn’t get enough power behind his shot to send it into the goal.
Morrison was prominent in driving the ball forward and this was soon rewarded. His pass out wide to Anderson was passed back in to Christie, who shot from the edge of the box. The ball sailed over MacDonald’s head to increase Banchory’s score.
End to end play ensued, as Banchory drove the ball up field, and then Lewis United did the same. Aiden Taylor shot from out wide but hit the side of the net.
A free kick was awarded to Banchory and Luke Adamson stepped up to take it from 10 yards out of the half. Anderson received the kick on the edge of the box but it went inches over the crossbar.
Lewis United created some chances by driving the ball forward. Foy’s shot from inside the box came off the post while Taylor nudged the ball just wide. Foy set up some interchanging play with Brian Mair which allowed Gregory Barclay to chip the ball from just inside the box but his shot was wide.
However Banchory were looking strong in defence and attack, with Morrison, Sangster, Christie and Anderson setting up passes to gain territory but Morrison’s shot from 35 yards was wide of the net.
Foy was quick to respond to this danger, beating several defenders but his shot was wide of the goal.
The visitors pressed one more time with Christie driving the ball to challenge the Lewis United defence but his shot was caught by MacDonald. Taylor took one last chance for the home side but Sangster tapped it out of play to end the game with no more scores.


Lewis United Youth
Banchory BC
1. Calum MacDonald
2. James Crampshee
3. Brian Mair
5. James Robson
6. Kieran Simpson
7. Aiden Taylor
8. Cameron Cook
9. Gregory Barclay
10. Aaron Leslie
11. Liam Duncan
14. Liam Norris
15. Calum Mitchell
19. Mitchell Foy
24. David Edwards
1. Craig McKay
4. Rory Hector
5. Rory Morrison
6. Nathan Davidson
9. Connor Smith
10. Lyle McBain
11. Fraser Strachan
12. Aiden Sangster
14. Sean Christie
16. Tom Cuthbertson
20. Richie Isaac
22. Harris Anderson
24. Luke Adamason
Star Player
Lewis United Youth
Banchory BC
Liam Norris had an outstanding game, particularly in the first half. He was a prominent figure in the offensive play of Lewis United and created a number of chances, the best of which resulted in Liam Duncan's goal. He used his pace and footwork to put pressure on Banchory's defense and is an influential player for Lewis United.
Sean Christie had a fantastic first half, driving the ball forward for Banchory several times, and he was rewarded with his goal in the second half. However, Rory Morrison had a great second half, and he created many chances, including the opening for Christie's goal. They both had excellent games.
Magic Moment
Lewis United Youth
Banchory BC
The fourth goal for Lewis United was well worked, as they drove the ball back up the field. Foy made the shot from a difficult angle but got the curve of the ball just right and it arced over McKay's head. It was a great goal for them and a great way to end the first half.
Banchory had a fantastic second half. They came out with confidence and put some great passages of offensive and defensive play to press Lewis United. Christie's goal was a highlight for the team but for those watching, the entire second half was great from Banchory.
Club Views
Lewis United Youth
Banchory BC
I spoke with Bryan Morrison, one of the coaches from Lewis United. He said "We started off really well in the first 10/15 minutes. The boys looked hungry and were fighting for it. But then we seemed to take a foot off the pedal."

"We aim to keep challenging Albion in the league and just keep fighting to the end."

I spoke with assistant coach, Andy Smith, who described his team's performance as 'frustrating'. He told me, "We didn't start very well, but we grew into the game. We told the boys that if they'd given the same performance in the second half as we did in the first, then the game would have been a lot closer. In the second half, we restricted them a bit more but Lewis were the better team. We're proud of they boys for sticking at it."

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