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Lewis United prevail in fierce first round battle

Paul Lawrie Foundation 0

Lewis United Youth 1

Foy 24
  • Sunday, 22 March 2015
  • Aulton
  • Under 15´s
  • Stonehaven Youth Trophy

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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In the Round 1 fixture of the Stonehaven Youth Trophy, postponed two weeks ago due to a waterlogged pitch, Paul Lawire Foundation and Lewis United Youth faced each other in a physical and competitive game. Lewis United clinched the victory at 1-0, with Mitchell Foy the sole scorer.
Kicking off in the drizzly conditions, the game started end to end. Lewis United created the first chance of the game through Mitchell Foy, who took the ball on a run to the edge of the box and set the shot up for teammate Scott Gray who aimed for the goal, only for Paul Lawrie goalkeeper Craig Ballantyne to keep it out. His clearance allowed Paul Lawrie to mount their own attack through Arron Esson, whose shot at goal was likewise saved by Lewis United goalkeeper, Calum MacDonald.
This opening phase of play was an indicator of what was to come as play went back and forth between the two teams. Lewis United were awarded a corner which was taken by Foy. James Robson tried to chip it in from the right of the box but it caught the side of the net. Moments later as play progressed to the other end of the pitch, Paul Lawrie were awarded a corner as well, taken by Cameron Ross. Though Ross found the box, Lewis United rallied their defence to deny Paul Lawrie a scoring opportunity.
Some fantastic interplay between Paul Lawrie’s Adam Joji and Scott Fraser set up a chance for Lloyd Brown but MacDonald saved the shot to keep the score level. Joji had another great run down the wing but Robson swept in to kick it out of play and Lewis United’s defence held strong. Foy responded with his own run but this time it was Paul Lawrie who were able to rally their defence.
However a penalty awarded to Lewis United would prove to be a turning point. Foy stepped up and sent the ball to the bottom of the net and the right of the goalkeeper, giving his team the lead.
Paul Lawrie were quick to respond as Esson shot from the centre of the box. MacDonald knocked the ball away from the goal towards Fraser who hit the post. Liam Norris then took his chance for Lewis United, shooting from 25 yards but Ballantyne dived to his left and kept it out of his goal.
Joji made another fantastic run but Lewis United held their defence and Foy was able to drive up the wing into the box only for his shot to be saved. Esson then made good yards down the wing before Robson forced him into touch.
  • Half Time:
  • Paul Lawrie Foundation
  • 0-1
  • Lewis United Youth
The two teams started the second half with the same competitive edge that had been evident in the first. Norris took an early shot from the edge of the box but it went straight into the arms of Ballantyne.
A throw in for Paul Lawrie was taken by Esson who saw the ball into the box but Lewis United defended well to prevent a score. Cameron Cook got power behind his kick to clear the danger.
Lewis United set up some fantastic interplay between Gray and Calum Mitchell, but neither could find the net. In another phase of play, Norris sent the ball into the box, from wide out on the right, to Harry Ogolvie but Paul Lawrie’s Michael Waite put in a great tackle, forcing the ball out of play to deny Lewis United the opportunity of increasing their lead.
Even as the players tired, they remained competitive, with Joji striking from 25 yards and wide to the left. However MacDonald made the save to prevent Paul Lawrie from drawing level. Robson was also kept on his toes, preventing a number of chances for Paul Lawrie.
However Lewis United were again mounting their own attacks. Aiden Taylor struck the ball from out wide into the box and Gregory Barclay shot at goal but Ballantyne jumped high, getting a hand to the ball to keep it out.
Paul Lawrie then drove the ball up field, for Cook to clear with yet another powerful boot. Waite was able to control the ball and take it into the box once again only for Barclay and Robosn to force it out of play.
Mitchell shot again for Lewis United but Ballantyne made another spectacular save, diving to his left to deny the score. This allowed Paul Lawrie one last chance. Esson’s run with the ball looked promising but Kieran Simpson put in a great tackle just before the final whistle, ending the game with no further goals.
  • Full Time:
  • Paul Lawrie Foundation
  • 0-1
  • Lewis United Youth


Paul Lawrie Foundation
Lewis United Youth
2. Michael Waite
6. Andrew Wood
8. Shaun Anderson
9. Cameron Ross
10. Jack Newcombe
11. Andrew Jamieson
12. Scott Fraser
14. Arron Esson
15. Max McBay
16. Omar Hamel
17. Lloyd Brown
18. Craig Ballantyne
19. Lee McAllister
20. Adam Joji
1. Calum MacDonald
2. James Crampshee
3. Brian Mair
4. Alan Oldroyd
5. James Robson
6. Kieran Simpson
7. Aiden Taylor
8. Cameron Cook
9. Gregory Barclay
12. Scott Gray
14. Liam Norris
15. Calum Mitchell
16. Harry Ogolvie
17. Alex Kelly
18. Jamie Morrison
19. Mitchell Foy
Star Player
Paul Lawrie Foundation
Lewis United Youth
My star player of the home team is goalkeeper Craig Ballantyne. Craig made some great saves, throwing himself around the goal mouth to deny the opposition a number of chances. He was determined not to allow Lewis United a chance to increase their lead and managed a number of great clearance kicks, which gave his teammates opportunities to mount their own attacks.
My away star player is awarded to Mitchell Foy. Mitchell was an ever present figure in the offensive play of his team, taking a number of shots at goal himself and setting up chances for his teammates. He also did some great defensive work throughout the game and never stopped looking for a second goal.
Magic Moment
Paul Lawrie Foundation
Lewis United Youth
The magic moment for the home team was Craig Ballantyne's last save of the game. Another goal for Lewis United would have ensured that there was no chance for Ballantyne's own team to come back into the game, as they had been fighting to do since their opponent's successful penalty. Ballantyne threw himself to the left to keep the ball out and give his team one last chance in the game.
The away team's magic moment had to be the final whistle which secured them their place in the second round. Having fought until the bitter end to maintain their lead, the end of the game ensured that they'd succeeded and the whistle must have been a welcome sound to the players and coaches.
Club Views
Paul Lawrie Foundation
Lewis United Youth
I spoke with Graeme Anderson, the coach for Peter Lawrie Foundation who described the result as "disappointing". He said, "The endeavour and commitment from us was second to none. The boys were giving their all." On their aims for the rest of the season, Graeme said "We want to finish as high up the league as possible, to get as many points on the board as possible and finish higher than last season."
I spoke with Keith Leslie, the coach of Lewis United Under 15's. He said, "I thought the boys played well, unlucky that we couldn't get the second goal that we were pushing for but overall we're happy to get through to the next round of the cup." On their aims for the rest of the season, he said "Hopefully, we can push Albion in the league and maybe overtake them, and hopefully we'll do well in the cup that we've just got into the next round of."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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