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Dyce secure spot in SR Wood Trophy Final

Dyce BC 2

Lindon 8, Massie 69

Banks O'Dee Albion 1

Carter 40
  • Sunday, 15 March 2015
  • Pitmedden Road
  • Under 14´s
  • SR Wood Trophy

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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As the two top teams in their league, the SR Wood Trophy semi-final between Dyce BC and Banks O’Dee Albion was as competitive as it was expected to be. However it was Dyce who secured their spot in the final with a 2-1 victory. The home side’s goals came from Sean Lindon and Jamie Massie, while Banks O’Dee’s goal came from Adam Carter.
In the early stages of the game, both teams were competing for the ball and their chances, with Banks O’Dee dominating slightly offensively. Adam Carter took a number of shots at goal but couldn’t get the ball past Dyce goalkeeper, Ross Mowatt.
Instead it was Dyce who opened the scoring eight minutes in. The entire team rallied to put pressure on the Banks O’Dee defence, with Sean Lindon using his natural pace to gain territory on the right, before passing to Scott Hector on the left. From the edge of the box, Hector lofted the ball high, and Lindon struck the ball into the net to take his side into the lead.
Inspired by their lead, Dyce tried to extend it further through Jamie Massie whose long-range shot sailed straight to Banks O’Dee goalkeeper, Dawid Zdunczyk. However Banks O’Dee were also determined to make their chances. Greg Pirie made ground from around the halfway line and shot from the right of the box only to find the side of the net.
Soon after, Liam Mewse made a chance for the visitors with a great run but the Dyce defence rallied, managing to isolate Mewse and slowing play down so that when he was eventually able to take a shot, it was easily taken by Mowatt.
Both teams continued to make similar chances but neither could penetrate the strong defence of their opposition. Lindon, after a 50 yard run with the ball took a shot from wide to the right. Even with the difficult angle, the ball was only stopped by a well-placed Zdunczyk. Mewse responded to this attempt by the home side with another shot from just inside the box but hit the cross-bar, and another near chance for Carter was ruled out for offside before the shot could be taken.
Jamie Massie had a chance as he controlled the ball with little space and nearly found the net from the edge of the box, but the ball was juggled out by Zdunczyk. Another shot of his was also saved by Zdunczyk but it was Hector who had the last shot of the half, which he nudged just wide.
  • Half Time:
  • Dyce BC
  • 1-0
  • Banks O'Dee Albion
The second half started in much the same way as the first, with both teams competing fiercely for the ball. However, the first real chance of the half came in the form of a penalty to Banks O’Dee. Carter took the shot which found the top left corner of the net, beyond Mowatt’s reach, to draw things level.
Similarly to Dyce in the first half, Banks O’Dee took heart from their score and mounted a number of attacks. But Dyce’s defence held strong to prevent them from taking the lead. Their best chance came from a well-placed corner which Mowatt knocked away.
Dyce also had a good chance, as Liam Strath took a free kick from inside his own half. Massie received it and, despite his control of the ball, he couldn’t find the space to take the shot. Having to quickly rally in defence once more, Dyce prevented Jack Hamilton scoring with his shot from 40 yards out, and moments later forced Pirie to shoot wide of the goal.
A corner to Dyce gave them another chance, but Massie nudged the ball too far, giving the opportunity instead to Banks O’Dee. Strath was able to clear the danger of their visitors' counter attack and the game was still wide open.
With just minutes to go, it looked very likely that the game would go to extra time with both teams still fighting for their place in the final. Dyce were awarded a free kick 30 yards out. Calls for the ball from various teammates resounded but Massie backed himself and found the top right corner of the goal. The players were quick to celebrate in a huddle and head coach, Ronnie Cromar, dropped to the ground in joy and relief.
In three minutes of extra time, Banks O’Dee fought on but the final whistle blew to ensure Dyce’s place in the final.
  • Full Time:
  • Dyce BC
  • 2-1
  • Banks O'Dee Albion


Dyce BC
Banks O'Dee Albion
1. Ross Mowatt
2. Sean Lindon
3. Aaron Arnott
4. Matthew Morrison
5. Liam Strath
6. Jamie Massie
7. Scott Hector
9. Kyle Koss
11. Nathan Stewart
12. Ryan Anderson
14. Ethan Lane
15. Luke Emmett
18. Matthew Tough 19. Reece Watt
1. Dawid Zdunczyk
2. Josh Lumsden
3. Morgan Bruce
5. Michael Mitchell
6. Jack Hamilton
7. Andrew Mitchell
8. Fergie Reid
9. Adam Carter
10. Greg Pirie
11. Owen Duff
12. Ryan Blair
14. Damian Kalinowski
15. Liam Mewse
16. Matthew Owen
18. Joshua Gosling
20. Cor Degeus
Star Player
Dyce BC
Banks O'Dee Albion
There were really strong performances from many members of the team, including both of the goal scorers, but I'm awarding home star player to the team captain, Liam Strath. Liam set up a number of goal scoring opportunities with his long range kicks, especially from free kicks, but he also put in a massive defensive effort to deny Banks O'Dee some of the chances that they'd created. Throughout the game, he was heard to be encouraging his team mates and ensuring that they remain focused, certainly fulfilling his role as captain.
Several players made some great offensive efforts but I'm awarding away star player to goalkeeper, Dawid Zdunczyk. Dawid made some great saves while his team were under pressure to prevent Dyce from increasing the lead that they had. The two goals that Dyce scored could not have been saved and he generally read the play very well throughout to ensure that he was well placed to save the attempts at goal.
Magic Moment
Dyce BC
Banks O'Dee Albion
The home team's magic moment had to be their second goal. Jamie Massie angled the ball well, seeing it into the top right corner of the net. Instantly, the team were celebrating and their joy was clear for everyone to see as they congratulated their team mate on not just his goal, but on booking their place in the final.
For Banks O'Dee, most of the second half could be considered to be a magic moment. From scoring their penalty, the determination was back in their eyes and was evident in the way that they played. In particular, the two shots at goal in quick succession by Hamilton and Pirie showed their strong offensive play and the heart of the entire team, determined to make a comeback in the game.
Club Views
Dyce BC
Banks O'Dee Albion
I spoke with Ronnie Cromar, the manager for Dyce BC who was delighted with the result. He said, "The team this week have worked really well. They committed themselves perfectly today. We had a plan and they worked to it, and well done to all the boys and the coaches. Our plan worked and we're into the final of the SR Wood Trophy."

He added, "I thought we were the better team in the first half. They came back into the game with the penalty against us. They were the better team in the second half- we tired a little- but in the end, I think the best team won, though Albion is a very good team. They work hard and they're a strong team."

I spoke with one of Banks O'Dee's coaches, Greg Watson, who said, "It was a tight game. There wasn't a lot in it. Both teams had chances to win and Dyce took their chance. It could have gone either way."

When asked about the aims for the rest of the season, he said the team would focus on retaining their league title with the eight games that they have left this season.

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