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Mossend Easter Festival 2017 - Photo requests

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YFS will be in attendance at Saturday's Mossend Easter Festival, to provide photo and video coverage for the seventh successive season. When it comes to photography, generally our mission is to get a team photo of each team, individual shot of each player and a selection of action shots. However, with this due to be the largest Mossend Easter Festival yet, we'll be changing things slightly to prioritise any individual who definitely wants their photo taken, to make sure that happens.
If your team would like its photo taken or an individual photo would like to have their photo taken, please fill out the short form below. Everyone who fills out the form will be offered a special discounted rate on photo purchases, which includes two boarded frame 8x6 prints - the team photo and their individual photo - for just £10. However, there's no obligation to buy. Just take a look at the photos when they are published and take advantage of the offer if you like. 

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