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Bayside Girls defeated by strong Jeanfield Swift side

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Jeanfield Swifts Girls
Bayside Girls
U13's SWF East Region Perth/Fife
17 March 2014
Both teams are amongst the favourites to finish in the top 4 and challenge for the title this season, with Perth based Jeanfield having a large, strong and varied squad. The sisters have players with u13 experience from last season including 2 x SFA East region performance squad players in their ranks. One of them was named in Youth Football Scotlands female team of the year for 2013 and her enrolment at Dundees SFA football school is a reflection of her talent. Jeanfield recorded a 9-1 away win against Lomond last week, so a tough game was expected. 
Our Bayside girls went into the game confident, having generally enjoyed a good run of form and performance in pre fixture games. The girls earned a decent result against local rivals Dunfermline last week in a game they dominated, but left coaches with performance issues to address. With one of the youngest 13s squads in the league, the girls only have 1 regional performance squad player, Lauren Smith. However, with present and future SFA advanced training squad players in our ranks, ambition and expectation is focussed on high targets.
Bayside team; 1: Alicia Yates, 8; Emma Petrie 7; Caitlin Wilson, 4; Rachel Bryson, 6; Grace Dewar, 10; Carys Allan, 5; Lauren Smith, 2; Jodie Fletcher. 
The pitch was firm and a refreshing improvement from last weeks surface although it is exposed to wind due to being situated in a large expanse of grass with mostly flat terrain for miles around.  Thankfully it was bright and sunny mainly with winds behaving themselves so football could be played fairly. 
Jeanfield kicked off the game after a clever decision from our Captain Wilson to swap ends, trying to unsettle Jeanfields preparation. Jeanfield were direct from kick off as expected, but their attack was defended
well by Wilson, her challenge going out for the games first corner. 
The game started off with lots of 1v1 situations, both sides trying to space out and pass their way around the pitch. Jeanfield were the more successful at this in the opening couple of minutes, although Smith did open them up early on when she received the ball after good one two work from Allan and Wilson. Her drive
up the right ended up with her running the ball out of the play, a frustrating end to a promising opportunity to get at goal. 
The battle ensued, with lots of touches from both sides. Bryson was on hand to defend well, and Dewar and
Petrie were running to cover as best they could. Captain Wilson was covering well, but coaches Allan, Morrison and Bryson were shouting to cover more. 
Allan played a lovely through ball from midfield to Smith who didn’t do enough to get past the defence. Jeanfield were more effective going into final third from midfield, comfortably defending against a lacklustre bayside attack to get the ball forward. With 5 minutes played, they found space on the right, drove to the bye line, and a lovely fast cut back across goal was met with a well-placed shot into goal from Jeanfields number 5. 
Our Bayside girls continued to fight hard and didn’t drop their heads after conceding. Allan played a brilliant through ball to Smith, who could only scuff her shot. Dewar followed up trying to get at the rebound but the keeper covered. 
Bayside continued to try and play a killer final through ball, without success. Petrie played a dangerous throw up the left that earned Bayside another at the corner but the throw was wasted, which really summed up our performance in first ten, decent work, no end product. 
The game continued at a good pace, with Jeanfield tackling and passing well throughout. A few chances were created and defended, sometimes desperately, by Bayside. Our girls countered well with 12 minutes played. Smith
received the ball from Bryson, held the ball up well and laid off to Wilson who had the right idea to drive out from middle wide, but again, the ball was ran out after being over hit. 
As the game progressed, Bryson continued to clear well, her marking and tackling mostly highly effective. Yates was busier than she had been the week before, and she held brilliantly when a shot came in from the games goal scorer. Yates is consistently delivering performances expected from older players and is a joy to see developing week in, week out.
Bayside were clearly lacking communications, maybe due to tiredness, maybe not. Comments from side-lines about not letting each other know were coming thick and fast as balls were lost in 50/50s most of the time during this stage. Smith was moved to her preferred wide right position with 15 minutes played as Jeanfield continued to dispossess and counter with relative ease. Bayside were holding out though, and occasional nice place suggested that more could come.
Yates was at her best and saved well with her foot in a 1v1 but the resulting corner was simply not defended at all, with a scrappy tap in scored to make it 2 nil to Jeanfield. 
Credit to the girls in Sky Blue for keeping their heads up after the second goal, a lovely ball from Smith on the right inside was cheekily hit first time through by Allan to Dewar, who was unfortunate to see her shot roll wide of the post. 
Bayside were playing better now, with purpose and drive resulting in possession being kept well and chances presenting themselves. Yates was on hand to save well yet again from close range to keep the score at 2 nil before making save of the match a minute later when she somehow managed to reach what appeared to be an unstoppable low drive with her outstretched foot. Yates was showing bravery and love for her team, using every
part of her body to protect her goal. 
Back at the other end, Dewar was on hand to defend well before brilliantly running up the left, out foxing 2 players and nearly scoring. Nobody was nearby to get to the rebound and Bayside were left to feel frustrated again. Bryson was proving to be solid at the back as the game approached half time, nothing was getting past her or Wilson, and she was clearing well.
Smith decided to shout for a welcomed change, Allan hearing this before playing a cracking diagonal ball from the middle out to the right. Smiths cross was too long but Dewar eventually collected the ball out wide on the left and played a lovely 1-2 with Petrie to get space to drive forward, but Jeanfield defended well and cleared. 
Yates saved again with her foot from the Sisters counter, her performance inspiring her team mates. From a Bayside break, Smith played a perfect through ball, but Allan took too heavy a touch and ran the ball
straight into the keeper. 
Wilson and Smith then linked up well with Smiths shot just wide of the target just before the ref blew for half time.
Half Time: Jeanfield 2-0 Bayside
The second half almost exploded into life, with what could have been an early contender for goal of the season! Smith drove forward straight from kick off, and breezed past 3 Jeanfield players, nutmegging one in the process to get a chance at goal, but her shot went wide and Jeanfield breathed a sigh of relief. 
Bayside had started the half well, and continued to threaten. The game was a healthy battle, lots of 50/50s, paces being matched and marking from both teams pretty good for their years. The wind had picked up a
bit and as it did, some slopping defending from bayside crept in to play. 
Jeanfield almost made it 3 nil early on, with their number 8 causing problems. Smith made a good run with 5 minutes of the second played, another fine through ball from Allan looking to be used well, but Smith could not get a touch and the ball ran out. 
Bayside were fighting well, determined to get back into the game and Smith again came close with a shot wide. With 7 minutes of the half played, Yates yet again saved well with her foot. Her save fell to a team mate who passed the ball back across the face of goal for the effective Jeanfield 8 to slot in and score. 
Bayside heads dropped, with a few wasted attacks following the third goal. An example of defeating themselves when a short throw was received and carelessly put out for a goal kick. Pressure and disappointment were showing.
Things were to go from bad to worse a moment later when a Jeanfield corner was reached by the impressive Yates, who uncharacteristically dropped the ball over her head and into her net.
It was the score and a mountain for the girls to climb with only 15 minutes left. Yates was forced to save yet again a minute later however and fear amongst the Bayside support that things could get a lot worse was starting to show. 
Despite this the girls did dig in and were encouraged by their coaches, with Allan almost scoring after a through ball from Smith. Dewar came close shortly after but the keeper clutched her effort firmly.
Last week saw Bryson play a key role in creating chances for the girls against Dunfermline, and it was Bryson who again made the breakthrough for us with 20 minutes of the second half played. After a superb run through the Jeanfield defence, Bryson glanced up, picked her spot and calmly passed an effort past the keeper.
Bayside then started to dictate play at 4-1 down, a half chance from Dewar after a throw was not far off. The game continued to be a battle. Smith earned a corner on the right which led to nothing, but with 24 minutes played, Dewar cut through to the bye line on the left beautifully and passed well to the oncoming Allan who slammed her shot from close range into the goal. 
It was just all too much too late however, but the score was finally reflecting play slightly fairer. Both teams were matching each other in the closing stages, but sloppy defending from Bayside yet again in the last minute saw the impressive Jeanfield number 8 set off through the middle with ease and pass the ball past the helpless Yates. 
Jeanfield are a good side who will be challenging for trophies this season, and deserved winners, but Bayside coaches and adults left Perth with a feeling Bayside beat themselves.
Full Time: Jeanfield 5-2 Bayside
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