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Bayside Girls prepare for first 13's season

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Last year was Bayside Girls 13’s first year with the SWF, and with a keen squad of players ready to take on the new season they look to set the league alight. 
Last season the girls won every single game, thanks to brilliant performances and an enthusiastic attitude. They also experienced home and away games for the first time which they clearly adapted to well. If the team can carry on this form and mentality into the next season then they should be able to look forward to a lot of success.
The team are currently going through their preseason and it looks to be going well according to head coach Steve Allen. “We currently train once a week which isn’t enough so we will change to twice per week from the end of March. At Bayside girls we have a great support team of parents and coaches and we have secured a full pre-season friendly fixture calendar with some well-established clubs travelling to Dunfermline. “
There is still work to be done though, as tactics are being applied and worked on before the season starts. Steve Allen says “In general we have been dedicating a lot of the training time to possession football and looking after the ball. This also includes going backwards if we have to retain the ball, something the girls need a bit more practice on. As much ball work as possible is key at a young age to improve their technique but to then add in match situations with more pressure applied the further they develop. Inconsistency is normal at a young age but we are starting to see the practice paying off and they are making the right decisions more often which is really rewarding for a coach.”
The coaches have some solid aspirations for the girls, because despite having a great season they still want to focus on the development of the players. “This is our first season of playing for points and trophies but we don’t want to get too caught up in that. We, first and foremost, want to see the continued progression from the girls that we have seen for the past few years and adding parts to their game that they have been working very hard to improve. If they do that then the coaches and parents will be very pleased and the season will take care of itself.”
The coaches also know how important teamwork is, and know this will be vital for winning matches and starting the season off well. “It`s very cliché but the coaches and I always promote a strong team ethic. No player can win the game by themselves so every player will be key in helping the team. Luckily we have a close group who socialise off the pitch also so teamwork comes naturally to friends.“
Bayside Girls still have some preseason games ahead, but their attitude and hard work is showing a lot of promise for the team and hopefully they will have a successful season ahead. 

Michael Colville | YFS East Region Journalist
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