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Monifieth make it into J. Cord final

Monifieth Athletic 3

Roche 67, Smith 70, Brown 82

Carnoustie Panmure 0

  • Sunday, 16 February 2014
  • Dawson Park
  • Under 19´s
  • J. Cord Cup

Michael Colville | YFS East Region Journalist
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The sun was shining at Dawson Park as Monifieth and Carnoustie prepared to battle it out for a spot in the J. Cord Cup final. The winner will be facing Celtic Boys who beat Dryburgh 2-1 in extra time. 
The game kicked off, and both teams were fired up. Everyone was on the attack, and keen to grab an early goal. Both teams looked dangerous in what was a great opening 10 minutes. 
Monifieth nearly took the lead in the 17th minute after Carnoustie goalkeeper Josh Allardyce saved a long range shot, the ball then fell to Steven Roberts who took a shot at goal but it went narrowly wide. 
Carnoustie showed some solid defending soon after when Ben Lindsay and Cameron Scott made a tremendous passing move into the box, but the Carnoustie defence cleared the ball well. Carnoustie countered straight away, Scott Gall dribbled past two players skilfully but was then tackled just outside the box.
Monifieth were passing the ball around well, and controlled a lot of the possession. But Carnoustie were defending well and looked like they looked dangerous when attacking on the break. 
One of Monifieth’s best chances came after Cameron Scott made a superb one two move into the box then chipped the keeper, but it went narrowly over the bar. 
Monifieth had another chance just before half time, after Gregor Dewar beat a player in the box then played it into Liam Smith whose shot skimmed the post. The half time whistle blew shortly after, Monifieth were attacking well and creating some brilliant chances but Carnoustie were defending well. 
  • Half Time:
  • Monifieth Athletic
  • 0-0
  • Carnoustie Panmure
Monifieth came into the second half, pressing the Carnoustie defence harder with faster passing moves. Carnoustie were still looking dangerous though but needed to create more chances. 
Carnoustie came close after they won a free kick in the 50th minute, the Monifieth defence cleared the ball but Scott Gall sent a powerful volley towards goal which went wide.
Carnoustie continued to defend well, with Jamie Reynolds cutting out plenty of close chances. But Monifieth nearly scored from a fantastic free kick from Gregor Smith. The shot dipped right towards the top corner but Josh Allardyce made an unbelievable save. 
Monifieth went 1-0 up though in the 67th minute, Ryan Roche got up in the air well then nodded a powerful header past the keeper. Monifieth capitalised on this pressure minutes later and scored a second. Scott Lloyd made an amazing run down the wing beating a few Carnoustie players, and then played the ball into Liam Smith who slotted it past the keeper with ease making it 2-0. 
Carnoustie were struggling to get back into the game after losing two goals so quickly, but continued to keep fighting for possession. Monifieth held the ball well and were still pressing to get a third.
The game was over in the 82nd minutes after Lewis Brown scored to make it 3-0. The Carnoustie keeper made a great save from a shout outside the box, but Brown got to the loose ball quickly and smacked it into the back of the net putting Monifieth comfortably in the lead.
The final whistle blew, and Monifieth claimed their place in the final. Carnoustie played well and put on a spectacular defensive performance after stopping plenty of tough chances. Monifieth were the better team though and scored three great goals, they always looked deadly when attacking and will surely make an entertaining final against Celtic Boys. 
  • Full Time:
  • Monifieth Athletic
  • 3-0
  • Carnoustie Panmure


Monifieth Athletic
Carnoustie Panmure

1. Greg Sturrock
2. Drew David Paterson
3. Graeme Dingwall
4. Craig Strachan
5. Gregor Smith
6. Lewis Brown
7. Jamie Armstrong
8. Owen Jamieson
9. Jonathan Bremner
10. Patrick Rowan
11. Liam Smith
12. Gregor Dewar
14. Scott Lloyd
15. Cameron Scott
16. Ben Lindsay
17.Steven Roberts

1. Josh Allardyce
2. Ryan Miller
3. Sean Fitzgerald
4. Jamie Reynolds
5. Scott Gall
6. Ryan Murison
7. Aaron Rice
8. Craig Futheringham
9. Cameron Stephen
10. Robbie McLean
11. Leo Connelly
12. Jason Soutar
13. Matty Gellatly

Star Player
Monifieth Athletic
Carnoustie Panmure
Liam Smith is my star player because he scored a superb goal and also created some close ones through out the game.
Jamie Reynolds was my star player because he was solid at the back and worked hard.
Magic Moment
Monifieth Athletic
Carnoustie Panmure
Ryan Roche's brilliant header which put Monifieth in the lead.
Josh Allardyce's superb free kick save in the second half.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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