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Girls winter festivals kick off in the East

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This winter the SFA are running pre-season festivals for all girls teams to join. The festivals are aimed towards improving the girls pre-season with various five, seven and eleven a side tournaments. The first tournament, which was a 5 a side tournament at Soccerworld, happened this past Saturday. 
The festivals are free for all clubs in the region to join, as the SFA aims to help the teams pre-season. Plenty of matches have been set up, the 11’s and 13’s will play in seven a side games and the 15’s and 17’s will compete in 11 a side games. 
The first two festivals will be 5 a side based and set indoors, the idea being to promote pre-season fitness and help prepare the teams for the upcoming games. The rest of the festivals will be back outdoors and will focus on promoting tactical practice, helping the girls stay sharp for the season ahead.  
17 teams signed up for the first festival at Soccerworld, and a further 12 teams have signed up so far for the next one on the 25th of January. More and more teams are continuing to join the festival which is a great example of how dedicated the clubs are to making sure they have a strong pre-season.
The next festival will be a five a side tournament for the 15’s and 17’s at Soccerworld on the 25th January. Following that there will be a festival every week for a month starting on the 1st of February. 

Michael Colville | YFS East Region Journalist
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