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Forfar Farmington Blues prepare for season ahead

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Forfar Farmington Blues 13’s have had a wonderful season, with plenty of success which has stemmed from hard work from the players and some great coaching. The girls have not only won the league, but made it to the league cup final. They were narrowly defeated by a strong Dunfermline side, but this shows a lot of promise for the next season as the team will be moving into the eleven a side format.
The team’s success can be attested to the team’s great attitude, as they consistently worked hard to win all season. The girl’s work ethic has seen them to victory in the league, having gathered plenty of strong results. This will surely bring the girls confidence for next season, as they will continue to play their brilliant style of football which the coaches have made sure to encouraged the girls to play. The coaches have also had a big influence on the attitude of the girls. Jane McFarlane said “They train well and work hard for each other. We have a saying within the team, ‘Never lose to lack of effort’, and the girls really adhere to this.”
There are plenty of superb individuals in the squad, such as Lois Millar and Erin Thomson, who have helped the team acquire such fantastic results. But the season has definitely been a team effort, as each player is full of talent. Out of ten girls in which one is injured, seven are participating in the East Region girls training which shows the team have a remarkable amount of quality players. “To be honest, and I might be a bit bias, but I think all the girls are great players.” 
Forfar Farmington have improved from last season, and will continue to improve as they progress into the next. Their style of play will continue to get better and better as they improve with each game and each win. The coaches have really worked on installing great passing moves and methods into the team, and it really shows when watching the girls play. “We try to work on playing the game properly with lots of passing, switching the play, passing in triangles, one two’s, over laps and so on. This season the girls have had the opportunity to work on these things.”
There have also been plenty of highlights this season, including the 3-2 victory against Celtic Tayside which clinched the league for the girls. Jane McFarlane said about the game “The highlight which really counted was beating Celtic Tayside 3-2 in what essentially was the decider for the league. We were winning 3-0 at half time, playing great football and really coasting through the game. But the second half the nerves got to the girls. Celtic scored 2 goals in quick succession and with the momentum it looked like they would come through and win the game, but the girls defended like heroes. There was a big crowd at the game, you could really feel the tension. Everyone ran on the pitch when the ref blew for full time. It was a very exciting game.”
Next season is going to be a big challenge for the team, as they will move into a completely new set up. The coaches will need to build onto their existing squad with new players and bring in new tactics as they adapt to the big changes. But if this season is anything to go off of, they will do just fine. They coaches will still focus on bringing the right style of football into the team, which will hopefully carry on to be a success. “The girls have so much to learn as they move up from seven aside to eleven aside. Bigger pitch, bigger goal, new rules, it is going to be a massive learning curve. We can't be too focused on winning, although I'm sure that will still be important to the girls,” said Jane. “It is very important to the coaches that the girls continue to learn to play the game as it should be played.”

Michael Colville | YFS East Region Journalist
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