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Lichties' Martin excited by challenges ahead

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Duncan Martin has recently been called up to the Angus District team, and scored a tremendous goal against Dundee which is a great example of the kind of season Martin has had so far. Having played a major role in Arbroath FC Under 15’s great form, Martin is looking to be a promising young talent. 
Martin started his career at the age of nine with Montrose Vics. Raith Rovers noticed his potential at an early age and signed him. Martin played for Raith Rovers for two and a half seasons but couldn’t continue to travel to training. So, he was snapped up his now current team Arbroath FC and has now been there for two years.
Martin has had a fantastic season so far, having scored many goals and also set up plenty for the team. Martin said “This season has been good. I think I have worked hard and played well, I have scored goals and had assists and although it isn’t about the results it’s a great feeling when you do score.” One of Martin'Los highlights this season was the game against Kirriemuir. Martin not only scored a penalty but also scored the winning goal. “It was my best performance so far in attack and defence.”
Arbroath have also been enjoying their season, as they have had some terrific results. The team have worked hard, and have benefited from having great players in the side like Martin. “I think the team have been very competitive and played well together this season.” The team have had to face new challenges this season, and have handled them well. “We have been up against teams from all over Scotland who all play differently, so it has been good but challenging at times.” 
Duncan has continued to improve, by working hard and by continuing to work with the coaches at Arbroath. His development these past few seasons have shown that he has the promise to become a brilliant player. “I think I have improved this season, and would hope the coaches would say so too!” Duncan’s attitude has also been vital for him improving. “There’s always room to improve and it’s important to listen to the coaches in order to continue to develop.”
The future is bright for Duncan Martin as he continues to play well at the pro youth level, and hopefully Arbroath will continue their good form and have a successful season. “I’ve always loved and wanted to play football. I hope to develop my game further next season and continue to play at this level.”

Michael Colville | YFS East Region Journalist
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